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Old 12-10-2018, 08:03 AM #1

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Angry C02 Extractor Poor Yields. Advise please!

I am a lead extractor in California and recently been having poor yields with my ExctractLabs 140 extraction machine. Up until a couple weeks ago I was harvesting very decent amounts of crude with this machine and now it's producing very very little crude compared to the usual yield output. And the little bit I do harvest is hideous to look at. My crude would come out nice fluffy and golden with the normal aroma of quality crude. It is now producing a dark brown color of crude and is immediately turning black as it is exposed to oxygen for a few minutes. Also the texture is like that of tar and the smell is not so appealing as it use to be. I do maintenance about twice a week and every day I do a 20 minute clean run after work. The other day as I was transferring C02 from the material vessel ( as I only run one vessel at a time) and when transferring from Vessel 2 to vessel 1 a tremendous amount of C02 pressure jolted the machine with a very loud boom. I already knew that one of the bottom cap O Rings had to have blown and it was the bottom Vessel 2. I opened the vessel to change out the spent material and at the bottom of the vessel was like hard yellow clay as if it had been shredded. Never seen anything like it and still having the same yield issues. I've cleaned out the recycler and and terp collector thinking they had to have some crude in it. Cause the crude has to be going somewhere and to my surprise, no crude in either tanks. I'm not sure as to what may be causing this problem. But I know it started when we got a new inventory of trim. We've tested the trim and most of it has the normal amount of THC percentage. But also noticed there is a lot more male plant material than female. Is this a mechanical problem or a trim/grind problem. Im at a standstill and am open to any input as to what may cause this kind of problem.
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Hey any updates on this? Did you discover what's wrong with the process?
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