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Old 02-16-2005, 03:49 PM #31
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So far it's the only one that gets me really wild and crazy. I can get really freaky after a good kush sometimes too!
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Old 02-16-2005, 09:57 PM #32

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bosshoggin will become famous soon enough

so i guess i am ordering some mazar and some kush you smoked any sativas that did the same?
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Old 03-18-2005, 03:22 AM #33

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K ladies (U 2 Blue! LOL)

Bear with me, been through the mill with 5 of the fair sex. First 2 - young, imature and impetuous with no real understanding of what they were smoking or why. MJ was not the major cause of going our seperate ways, maturing was - as we got older we realized our needs were going in different directions.

#3 drank and smoked anything with anyone anytime anyplace - enough said for reasons the relationship didn't work!

#4 started smoking with me when we were dating but stopped after we got married and I stopped while we were together - only smoked at occasional reunions out of range of her glare. When things got so bad I would volunteer for overtime all the time just so I didn't have to go home we realized it was over.

#5 eats, sings, dances, smokes and loves exactly everything that I do! My true partner in life and beyond - she tries not to smoke every day but never does anything to make me feel like I have to change anything I want to do. We love the sativas and our porn!

Now - what was the question???!!

Old 05-21-2005, 06:47 AM #34

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#5 eats, sings, dances, smokes and loves exactly everything that I do! My true partner in life and beyond - she tries not to smoke every day but never does anything to make me feel like I have to change anything I want to do. We love the sativas and our porn!
Sounds about perfect to Me

Gotta' be friends above all else...

Old 05-21-2005, 10:28 AM #35

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i hope you ladies dont mind me tossing in my experiences here ..
so ive found , if you grow heaps of weed , and it practically rules your life as it can ,.. its best not to have much of a love life , women deserve more than that i think ,,
i recall a mate at the beginning of a relationship saying to the lady , "im not sure i have time for a girlfriend ,, i can really only spare half an hour a week ..."" cracked me up .. mind you they are still together , just lead seperate lives a lot ..
so i guess for me its a bit the same , and that wouldnt be fair to a partener ,,

Old 05-21-2005, 01:07 PM #36

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My other 1/2 does not smoke like i do.. But she will puff every now & then..
It has to be scheduled though. Like for example before a movie we leave the lil one with auntie.. Then she will puff. So no. It doesnt affect our relationship at all she is cool with it. Although sometimes every now & then. She will ask me would you be able to ever stop smoking MJ. I simply say i dont need to.. LOL.. BTW she is not asking me to stop. She is just, asking me If i would be able to.. Anyhow thats my 2 pennies.. peace.

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Old 05-25-2005, 11:49 PM #37
The HighLander
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We first got married we both smoked and I informed her I would till I die. But she stopped several years ago and things haven't been the same. Yes it can and did put a wall between us I'm makin plans for next years 420, ask her if she was going, hell no!! Life is still good
There can only be one
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Old 05-26-2005, 01:53 AM #38

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Well, being a Single parent for the last 15 years... (Daughter is 16). Prior to retirement from the Marine Corps, Cannabis did not come into play whatsoever. Hell, come to think about it, Girlfriends didn't either... LOL My daughter took All of my free time. I didn't have time to find a suitable girl friend, let alone devote the time needed to establish and maintain a relationship. Those of you who are single parents know exactly what I am talking about.

However, since retirement (March 98), I have had two relatively serious relationships... Both of the women loved Marijuana and could smoke me under the table in a heartbeat. Quite frankly, the good herb had nothing whatsoever to do with the eventual death of either one of the relationships. As a matter of fact, I think that it had a very positive impact on both our love lives as well as our ability to communicate with each other. The relationships were doomed from the start... I'm a stubborn SOB who has a tough time compromising. Completely blind, my point of view was the only one of any importance.

To make matters worse, I seem to be attracted to, and eventually fall head over heals with only those women sharing my damned flaws... I could be counted on, from the beginning of a relationship, to completely ignore any obvious signs of incompatability. Favoring fantasy, I'd dismiss reality- regardless of how blatent it was presented. Usually by the time I was able to see through the fog of infactuation, it was too late to avoid hurt feelings...etc. .. LOL

A couple of years ago, I met a woman, whom in no time at all, became a very good friend. I guess if you want to be crass in the description of our friendship, you could call her my "Sport Fuck." Perhaps in the first few months of our friendship, I looked at us in at vulgar, yet wonderfully simple way... I see her now as a dear friend who I care for very much and I know that she feels the same about me. She is an absolute godsend to me. We enjoy a very healthy friendship/relationship that has been built around total honesty, solid communication, respect, and probably most importantly... We have fun. Good old belly busting laughing with almost consistant ear to ear smiles... LOL She is a great lady, who by the way absolutely loves marijuana . Like most of the woman that I have been close to, she is able to completely smoke my dumb ass under the table... :laugh: - what is it with you women anyway???.

The beauty of this friendship/relationship is that there are no commitments, promises, jealousy or ulterior motives. We enjoy each other’s company. We also enjoy the occasional romp in the hay when circumstances allow - (I have NEVER had a woman stay over night in my house with my daughter here and I won't until she graduates from high school). When we do play "kissy face & feely body,” Marijuana is ALWAYS involved! Before the initiations, during and in-between the various stages of foreplay and of course there is always that obligatory "pin joint" enjoyed with a glass of wine or a nice cold beer after our passion has been played out

You might be thinking that I am in a relationship and refuse to acknowledge it... NOPE, you are wrong... This REALLY is a friendship, nothing more, nothing less. We have discussed the possibility of moving in together or actually proclaiming our commitment to each other. We ALWAYS come to the mutual opinion that we are both pretty much set in our ways and neither one of us are willing to compromise enough to afford a healthy, happy relationship.

If we are together for the whole weekend, by Sunday afternoon we are both pretty tired of each other. LOL The beauty of this friendship is that we part company on a Sunday afternoon and sometimes don't call each other for a week, sometimes even two weeks.. .LOL

IMHO, we would not be able to discuss the reality of a relationship, nor would we be open or honest enough with each other if it were not for our beloved herb. If not for marijuana, we would have probably tried to make a go of it a while back and by now would be mortal enemies... :smile:

Do I get jealous..... Absolutely. She does as well.... However, we have both concluded that this arrangement is the only way we can maintain this friendship/relationship. If somebody does come along - for her, or me… We have both agreed to simply back off.

I sometimes think that with every flip of the calendar, chances of finding my soul mate get dimmer and dimmer. We are both aware and have discussed the fact that with each passing day, we get a little bit more stubborn and set in our ways. Our ability to compromise dwindles with each passing season. We can get into some VERY in-depth discussions while enjoying the various varieties of Herb that makes it way out of my "torture chamber." Cannabis is a wonderful thing.

I know you are thinking that we should hook up, if we can get along and agree on all these things that we have a future. I can’t put into words how wrong that is... LOL We are like Oil and water. I’m 45 and she is 36. I'm done pushing my way up the ladder. She is working on her PhD in developmental education. She wants to settle down with a big, beautiful house, I want to sell my house when Daughter graduates, build a small cabin on a forty acre tract I bought down here in the South as well as build one up North on 80 acres that I have in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I want to travel as well as winter and summer in the respective north/south cabins... She doesn't like traveling.... LOL I could go on and on and on...

Marijuana has had nothing but a positive effect on our friendship as well as our feelings for each other. It has aided our mutual understanding of each other's wants, desires and dreams. Somehow, it magically creates a space that both of us enjoy occupying at that particular moment.

I think that if both parties can enjoy the benefits that result in the consumption of cannabis, a temporary bridge is created. For a short time, our ability to listen, comprehend, understand, reason and compromise is tuned into the same frequency. It's a wonderful thing if you can live in the moment.

Whether smoking or vaporizing marijuana, the fact that we both posses the ability to completely ignore yesterday or tomorrow, significantly enhances our ability to live in the moment... Thus providing additional fuel that only helps maintain the sucessful friendship/relationship we have enjoyed over the past couple of years... :smile:

While the ecstasy is obviously provisional, the understanding, empathy and personal knowledge that we learn about and from each other are definitely retained. Every little bit we learn about the other, regardless of it's "importance" only serves to strengthen our friendship. Believe it or not, It also reinforces the decision to not commit or "Try" to make a serious relationship out of what we both know could only end in disaster.

Okay... all done spouting' off this end... I better hit "post reply” before I read this and simply delete the entire thing... LOL Damn... That was pretty long winded! Moral of the story..... I love Cannabis!

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Old 05-26-2005, 03:09 AM #39

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Do I get jealous..... Absolutely. She does as well.... However, we have both concluded that this arrangement is the only way we can maintain this friendship/relationship. If somebody does come along - for her, or me… We have both agreed to simply back off.- gunns

dude, not to be a buzz kill, seriously, but that usually isnt the case, i mean, it almost always turns out something more... but whatever

Old 05-26-2005, 03:15 AM #40

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Oh, I didn't say it would be easy.... However, age does assist in the ability to think things through prior to simply acting out of anger - or Jealousy...

I'd probably be a wreck for a couple of weeks if all of a sudden she announced she was in love with somebody else... Or - I may breathe a sigh of relief. Honestly, I don't know.

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