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Originally Posted by HydroGrowLeds View Post
As someone who has had my front door kicked in by a drug enforcement task force, who has been put on trial for growing medical marijuana with a legal medical card, and has had the police take my meds, cash, plants and all the equipment they could fit in their vans (not to mention items stolen from my safe), I feel for you. Very sorry to hear of your troubles, and I hope whatever legal battle is ahead for you in the courts is resolved without any criminal record or time spent.

While it's true that I love side-by-sides, I've also given away plenty of other lights for stand-alone grows. In an effort to help you rebuild your setup/get back on your feet, I'd really like to still get you a light for a stand-alone grow. So if you need something a little bigger than the XB140 to get you going again, let me know.
Wow! Sorry that all happened to u my friend.. Im glad to see u guys got past all that bs in the end.. Im sure it wqs a horrible process that u and your family hadta go threw... Its such a dramatic event that affects everyone in your family.. I dont no how them people can honestly wake up everyday and look themselves in the mirror and feel good bout all the harm they cause to ones family cause a person grows a dam plant to use for medicine instead of pills or other harmful drugs.. Ive grown for 20yrs this yr.. Ive been busted 3 times in 20yrs. This last time was cause my boys best friend lied and said it was ok for him to stay the night at our house cause hes a buddy to my 13yr old boy.. Well that kid snuck out of house and his parents reported him missing or runaway... We had no clue he did all that b4 he came here.. Well at 4am the cops came to just see if he was here cause they was checking all of his friends houses first. Well cop came here and we was shocked to find this out we had no clue.. Gave the boy to cop so he could take him home. As the cop is walkn away he says in rude remark to me what r u thinking?? I say what u mean? He said he smells weed so strong coming grom my house.. I said ya man i took a couple hits off a joint b4 i went to bed to help me sleep and with my migranes.. He says ok i got bigger fish to fry.. It freakd me out i cleand whole house of everything i had. I had 8 zips in my compost pile they didnt get. I was gonna b harvesting my last 3 plants i had on the day they came.. They got so lucky.. 2 hrs after they took my sons friend home they came back with warrant. They stoopd so low to go wake up my elderly landlords to tell them everything. They got the keys to my house from landlords.. They was to retarded to get open the doors using keys they had so they just chose to kick in the door. Well the 3 cops had no success on kicking in my front door even when they had keys. Lol. Bunch of wimps. They took turns trying to get door open. After 10 mins of kicking they tried garage door couldnt get that but messd it up. Then was able to kick in my other pos door. Guns drawn at me and family.. They said i had a large grow op going.. I said a large grow op of 3 plants??? Lol in my state under 5 plants is misdemeanor. But in 6 months it legal recreational so they didnt no wtf to do with me.. Basivally just took all of boards and 3 plants and left....? Then on our small town newspaper was a huge articles of lies bout me and my family saying they busted a large scale grow op and pics of them stsnding with my plants and sll of them was smiling..😠. They did say that the cops did say that the plants was sum the highest grade plants theyve seen in his 18yrs of ruining lives, i mean being a cop.. Now i got no tickets but they did ruin it for me and family cause they went to my landlords. 2 days after they went to owners i get a eviction notice...? All over 3 plants i use for me and wifes meds.. Not a drug dealer. But now its the battle in court. They did so many things wrong in the search, theres things wrong on the warrant, they made alot of mistakes.. Now gotta represent my self in court to fight this bs cause dont got thousands to give lawyers.. Morale of story is buy very good ventilation systems for your grow rooms and dont trust 13 yr old boys when they say theyre parents gave them permission to stay at ur house a night....... Sorry for drama on your thread but just hadta share my bs luck.. Thank u all they wont ever stop me from growing..
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Sounds like a pretty crummy deal BigTerps. I hope you at least can get a decent public defender appointed for you.

IT IS OFFICIAL - I have booked my flight and accommodations for China. I will be arriving August 3rd bright and early. I do expect assembly to begin prior to my arrival, but we have a lot of lights to build, so it will undoubtedly be ongoing when I arrive.

The Pre-Order sale price shown on our site will expire on August 1st. Remember you have 120 days from the day you receive your light to return it for a full refund if for any reason you are unsatisfied. In our history we have less than a 1% return rate, and of those returned most customers were exchanging for a larger panel. So if you want to try the best lights out there, get your order in during the next two weeks for the best price you're going to see on XB until Black Friday.
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