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Old 10-17-2005, 01:09 PM #1

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Cannabis Decoction/tisane

One of the troubles with making a tea tisane from cannabis is that the resins are "crystally" and cause irritation and even pain for some in the throat and gut. Then the "green" from the plant material is really not pleasant at all.

Then you need to do a decoction for the way the resin is structured or use alcohol to melt it and then you have a brown alcoholic fluid that isn't very nice.

Well, we figured out a combination process to make it nice.

You don't extract the "green" but rather a nice mild flavor of the strain but not noticeably "pot" smelling and the potency is extracted intact and clear golden yellow, not oxidized and turned brown.

Tea is good for folks that can't or don't want to smoke or vape and is a godsend for those who are on oxygen. This is nice for sipping and keeping a good steady level in your system without having to be really inebriated (unless ya wanna, and boy oh boy ya can!). Also, cannabis has some wonderful healing and anti inflammatory qualities in the foliage you don't get from smoking.

Tea also works sublingually for those who cannot swallow such as those whose mouth and throat are injured and as with radiation treatment too. They can hold it in their mouth allowing it to absorb into mouth tissues and then spit out, or put it on a cotton ball and then into the mouth against the cheek tissues. "Jello Jigglers" made up with this tea is great for slow release in the cheek if the person can swallow some as the geletain is nourishing too.

It is good topically such as in a compress for aches and joint pain. It's so wonderful for hot skin from radiation treatment as well as burns where the skin is intact. This also works as an enema fluid to help with severe nausea and End of Life relief.

So, figured out a "tea cure" that is a combination of a fermenting tobacco cure, herb preserving, hay curing, and green tea curing. It changes the structure of the plant material and resin. It takes about a year to get it to develop.

Otherwise, I said all that to say that by going thru the process to figure it out we were then able to shorten it to give a nice enough result that is a slighly green, fragrant, herbally tasting tea from regularly dry and cured bud. We found that indoor grown or deep shade grown plants don't have a leaf cuticle thick enough to work well so you need to water cure and dry it first. Remember to adjust for the concentrated potency.

You can add this tea to other drinks as well as use it as a base in other recipes or ready-made mixes for "Cannabis Fast Food" such as soup (canned concentrate or dry where you add water), rice, stuffings, jellos, puddings, juice concentrates, mixes, powdered or canned, cake or muffins or pancakes and so on. Pretty much wherever water is in the recipe.

It is awesome in hot mulled cider as the flavors are really complementary, or as a "fortifier" for wine. We like it better than"Green Dragon". If you want to "go gourmet", you HAVE to do the full cure for yourself at least once (don't worry it becomes an awesome smoke as well). The result from "tea cured" bud is a clear, slightly yellow fluid with just the middle green fragrance of the strain. With a very good wine it is remarkable.

Store this covered in the fridge away from air and light to protect potency. Don't keep it more than a week as it could breed mold, or go rancid and such.

What you do is to take the amount of bud you would use to make a joint for yourself, 1 tablespoon or 1 gram max for 8 ounces of tea. Remember to consider the dry bud will take up water and swell up. Break bud up and remove big stems, don't need to grind. Put this into a small container or baggie and add a teaspoon(no more is required and you could cause a fire with too much) of everclear (best) or good vodka, keeping container closed, shake it to distribute and let it sit to "sweat" for 5 minutes. Longer and you get too much "green" which is unpleasant.

If you want to try to make it more potent by adding more bud just remember that there is a saturation point with the water. I figured this ratio out to be the best.

Process the sweated bud in an Expresso Maker according to directions for the amount you want(the alcohol is burned off) and use the liquid as you want in recipes or straight.

Note: This can be equal to smoking the same amount so be aware as you go along.

Sip, holding or swishing it in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow. (As with old fashioned "Sipping Waters")

It works a little slower than smoking, faster than eating whole bud. Take a little, say about a teaspoon, every 10 to 15 minutes to guage it for yourself at first.

I found a single serving, stove top type maker that works fine for this. Also, in-between batches I just use a good scalding rinse, store in the fridge and my "cure" builds up nicely in the maker. You may want to dedicate it for cannabis only. Otherwise clean your maker really well after use.

Hope this is helpful and makes sense. I tried to put enough information in to understand the process but not too much.


P.S. If you want, you can dry the bud you used to smoke afterwards, but you will find that you really have extracted all the potency.

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Thanks for the guidance...

This information is top notch, thanks for sharing with us. Your grasp of the importance of cannabis as medicine is awesome!

Keep up the great work and if you can spare the time, share more with us.

Thanks again, with Peace,
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Thanks, we hope it helps. I don't know if we have anything else new other than we are fooling around with blends and harvest dates to see what that brings.

Boy you can't have much more fun than smoking and tea together. Truely an "immersion" experience, LOL.

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Does it helps in any health issues having tea
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