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SSH, slow growth during veg. Thread Tools Search this Thread
Old 12-19-2009, 08:49 PM #1
70's rock

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SSH, slow growth during veg.

My SSH grew really slow in veg, i would say it was about half the size of other plants i've grown after 4 weeks of veg. I'm wondering if it's strain dependant, cause i can't figure out what's wrong... Temps are ok, around 28C, ph is good, around 6,0 (i grow in coco), ventilation is good, and lights are good, used cfls in the beginning, then a 250w MH. There were no overwatering, overfeeding or underfeeding. I rinced the coco well before planting my girl.

Before this, plants were a bit pale due to bad preparation of the medium, this time colour was good from the start.

Pic one is day 45 of veg, after this she started growing quicker. The general condition of the plant shows youhow she looked all through the grow. She looks very healthy to me. I veged about 10 days after this shot. Second pic is day 16 in flower.

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