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Old 04-02-2018, 05:09 PM #11
Sticky buds

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No.. Still planning the blumats, etc.. Really? They said that about other tents with a square print? Faark.. That's not good! This time claim to have designed it in concert with gavita to use the SR reflector so I can only hope that it's genuinely suited..
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Old 04-02-2018, 05:16 PM #12
Dog Star
Why so Sirius!!

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Belive me bro before they advertised Q models as perfect print for Gavita lights...

like 120 Q was perfect for those 750 W model,150 Q for 1000 DE... but dont worry
too much,i think you can made it normaly in 110 x 180,you still have better height
than mine tent... 240cm helps a lot... i will love to have this height for mine plants,
looks like tent where you can pull some weights if you made everything good
and addapt all elements in your favor..
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Old 04-02-2018, 05:45 PM #13
Sticky buds

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Yea I hope so.. I am still not happy with the height as you might have gathered from my other thread... I can only grow 80cm tall plants if I stick to the 90cm recommended height from canopy :( Hard with the stretch of OG...
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Old 04-03-2018, 08:27 AM #14
Sticky buds

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Is this what I need to connect to a Rez? It says it has a "stop on one side".. There are others with stops on 2 sides.. "auto stops" which stops the water on both sides.. Wtf? Water only flows one way right? So why on both sides? And the auto stop means I can just disconnect it and the water stops? (It only mentions that in the 2 stop version) Wow! I'm not sure if I can use this if I need a pressure reducer though..? Will save me having to use a seperate on off valve/disconnect I would imagine?
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Old 10-12-2018, 01:17 AM #15
Blumat Answers

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Originally Posted by Sticky buds View Post
Hi, I am thinking of buying a mammoth G1 tent (110cm x 180cm x 240cm) with 15 x 5 gallon pots (30.5cm wide) (3 rows of 5) and using blumats.. I am hoping that three rows instead of two will not make it too difficult.. I was planning on running 8mm white tubing down to a T splitter over each row of 3 plants then running 3mm tubing Down to a 4 way splitter then a Y splitter at each plant with 2 carrots per pot.. Thing is the distance from the 4 way splitter will be longer for the outside row of plants.. Will this be too long a distance for 3mm tubing? Should I only use 1 carrot per pot with drippers? It is to be a gravity fed system and I noticed that they sell different kits for gravity fed systems so is that what I need? What's the difference? I don't think they supply a pressure reducer in the gravity fed kits but they do recommended using them in gravity fed systems so do I need a pressure reducer? What size rez would you guys recommend? How high Do I need to keep it? They recommend 3 feet apparently.. Is that above the ground or above plant level? Will it be OK to run the line into the inlet hole In the tent which seems very low and is on one side of the tent (not in the middle) or do I need to add another hole in the middle & higher in the tent? Thank you
In regards to your blumat questions:

Best to run the 8mm tubing across the top of each row of plants, or on the floor of the tent. Each blumat carrot comes with a 8mm to 3mm tee, so you can just add them next to each pot. One carrot will be fine for each 5 gallon pot, but I recommend three distribution drippers.
You do not need the pressure reducer when using a gravity system of this size.

The rule of thumb for res height is one vertical foot above the soil level, for every 10 horizontal feet you wish to travel, so three feet would be fine. Also, it is ok to run the tubing through the hole on the floor. There will be enough pressure to bring the water up to the soil level surface.

You could get away with a small 5 gallon res if you put a float valve on it, or are willing to check it every day. But I would want to use something larger, at least 20 gallons.
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Old 10-12-2018, 03:59 AM #16

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I use 5 gallon bucket suspended at the ceiling, with a larger 30 gallon res on the floor. Pond pump on a short cycle time is used to supply water to 5 gallon. The 5 gallon supply inlet is positioned above a drain hose back to the larger res. The goal is to maintain consistent water level, and thus pressure, in the 5 gallon.

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