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Old 10-09-2006, 04:36 AM #11

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the list contains some omissions, mistakes and misunderstandings. Here are some additions, corrections and clarifications:

Hemp bears nuts. The seed is found within the nut.

A bud in the narrow definition is a certain non-sexual or sexual organ, for you know an unripe shoot or flower.

A flower is a staminate or a two-sexual organ.

Pistils and nut are enclosed by the bract. The bract is NOT a "small reduced leaflet in Cannabis that appears below a pair of calyxes".

Sinsemilla is mostly made up of parthenocarpic bracts. But the narrow definition of parthenocarpy is the development of seedless fruits, in the case of cannabis this was hollow nuts -- not nutless bracts.

The calyx is the "skin" of a bud. The calyx is NOT the bract. The staminate calyx' shelter the flower. In the case of hemp which is a dioecious species, one pistillate calyx is found below each bract.

As a comparison, pistillate hop (HUMULUS LUPULUS) grows big calyx'. A bunch of them form a cone-shaped fruit. I do not know if hop grows bracts at all. The translucent nut skins resemble the tiger-striped nut skins of hemp. Hop flowers look exactly like hemp flowers except for a rounder shape and slightly smaller size.

In monoecious species, say plants with two-sexual flowers, the pistillate parts are the innermost parts of the flower, while the staminate parts surround the pistillate parts.

A trichome is a tri-comet, a three-pike. It is not a hair, a thric. C, K and CH are interchangeable. T and TH are not. Practically, a trichome is a hard, sharp needle on a plant. It fights off predators. It is made of one cell and hardened by compounds containing silicon, calcium or carbon. The stinging nettle has trichomes filled with ant-acid. Trichomes of hemp cause the one-way rough feel of the leaves. They are NOT filled with resin and cannabiniods at all, unless you define it that way.

Resin glands are cells and inter-cell spaces which produce or accumulate resin.

Hemp has resin gland cells called latifers (from latis which means long), long cells within the plant tissue. It also has resin glands on the surface. Starting with one cell each they grow into clusters of 8 to 32 cells when they are finally raised on stalks. One such stalk is made of several epidermal cells and is soft, not hard like a trichome. The resin glands put resin into a ballon in front of the cells. When touched by anything, for instance by a predator, the ballon breaks and spills the resin fluid. When the ballon is left intact on the dying, drying plant, the resin hardens.


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taken from :


/kayliks/ (also calix)

• noun (pl. calyces /kayliseez/ or calyxes) 1 Botany the sepals of a flower, forming a protective layer around a flower in bud. 2 Zoology a cup-like cavity or structure.

— ORIGIN Greek kalux ‘case of a bud, husk’.
A calyx is not a "tubular sheath" or whatever pseudo-scientific non-sense. Truth is your friend.


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I don't know if this thread is open to suggestions but it would be cool if you added a definition for the s1 generation. Personally, I was confused about this for awhile.

From what I understand the s1 generation is the offspring that are created when a single plant hermies and pollinates itself. Is that right?
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Old 10-15-2006, 02:17 PM #14

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could be, dyren. I would like to point out that Mack's Feed F1 is the filial generation (off-spring or children in slack tongue) of Mack's Feed but not Mack's Feed itself.

The given-above definition of achene is not very descriptive. Simply said an achene is a nut as for example an almond complete with its hard shell. The fruit flesh of the apricot is called "accessory fruit" or "sweet paraphernalia".


Old 03-25-2007, 01:18 AM #15
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You may want to add :

- "Cubing" (see "Backcrossing"), the third backcross, cross fertilization between the second backcross and the same parent used in the first and second backcross.

- "Lamina", the expanded portion of a leaf.

- "Leaflet", unit of a compound leaf.

- "Trifoliate", leaves showing three leaflets, not to be confused with whorled leaf arrangement.

- "Inbreeding" ("linebreeding"), continued breeding of closely related individuals, usually to preserve specific traits within a line.

- "Intercrossing", cross fertilization between related parent plants. Synonym for "biparental inbreeding", as opposed to "uniparental inbreeding" ("Selfing").

- "Outcrossing", cross fertilization between totally unrelated parent plants, introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line.

- "Selfing" ("self-fertilization"), fertilization in which the two gametes are from the same individual. Usually a female parent plant is forced to produce a few male flowers for this.

- "S1", designates the generation obtained by selfing the parent plant,

- "S2" designates the generation obtained by selfing the S1 plant, etc.

- "Squaring" (see "Backcrossing"), the second backcross, cross fertilization between the first backcross and the same parent plant used in the first backcross.

You may want to be more precise about :

- "Backcrossing", cross fertilization between a hybrid and one of its parents or one individual genetically identical to one of its parents. Backcrossing is a form of biparental inbreeding.

- "F2" : progeny produced by inbreeding the first filial generation.
Your definition is too vague. The result of a cross between two F1 can be a new F1, if each parent plant is a different cross.

We could add many more.
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Old 06-12-2007, 10:09 PM #16

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wow this is a big help, especially to a newcomer such as me

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What is LST?

I keep seeing but I don't know what it stands for and I can't seem to find anyone who explains what it is specifically. Everyone seems to just be doing it.

"I will LST in a day or two."

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Old 08-10-2007, 09:37 PM #18

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it means Low Stress Training, in explanation changing the shape of a plant by gently bending the stems and fixing them in the new position with string or wire. It is mostly done in order to counteract the tendency of cannabis, especially the sativa sativa strains and plants grown without ~450 nm (blue) light, to grow high like a tower with long internodes and few side-branching.


Old 09-18-2007, 10:48 PM #19

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whats scrog????
all communication on this site is for educational purposes only...not meant to be factual or real!!!
all knowledge i have is from internet.....
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Old 02-17-2008, 11:05 AM #20
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Scrog (screen of green) is LST with a screen on top. A variation of Sog (sea of green) an indoor growing method which uses a number of plants (usually clones) of similar height to maintain an even canopy so that all buds get the same amount of light.

Scrog (generally) uses fewer plants, training the plant horizontally under the screen. Anything that grows above the screen gets pushed back under until buds start to form. Buds are allowed to live above the screen. Again, with an even canopy.
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