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Israel - How to get weed on Telegrass like a pro (Guide)

Greetings, travelers.

Some background first: "Telegrass" is an Israeli weed community, built over the "Telegram" app. It uses the secure communication provided by telegram to create a market for buying and selling weed.
It started around 1 year ago and since then blow up and as of today have over 7,000 verified dealers (Dealers undergo verification process to make it harder for scammers and thieves to register) and over 100,000 buyers.

Since there aren't any English guides to Telegrass i thought i'll write one and share some tips on how to use it effectively:
  1. First you should download the Telegram app (there are mobile\desktop\web versions) and create an account

  2. Next step is to start a conversation with the Telegrass bot
    (There should be a /start button, or just type /start in the chat)
    By default the Bot's language is Hebrew but you can change it to English from the initial menu.

  3. Next step is to join a relevant "cannabis market" channel, The Telegrass cannabis market is divided to several such channels according to geographical location.
    So let's say you want to buy some weed in Tel-Aviv center (Tel-Aviv has 3 groups): From the initial menu go to Dealers -> Cannabis Dealers -> Dealers by location -> Center -> Tel-Aviv -> Tel-Aviv Center.

    I Imagine that's where most tourists go so here's a quick link for you:

    Be sure to mute the channel as soon as you join since it gets spammed constantly with adverts from dealers.

  4. From here you can browse through the adverts to find a dealer, or use the search function if your looking for something particular.
    At the end of this guide i'll give my "pro" tip for this step, that'll help you find the highest potential dealers easily.
    Each advert has 3 buttons attached: First one is to write a review about the dealer, second is see that dealers reviews, third is to start a regular chat with the dealer.
    You should always take a look at the dealer's reviews before making an order - dealers that have multiple positive reviews are much more likely to stand up to their advertisement.

  5. Once you've settled on a dealer start a secret chat with him (not a regular chat) to make the arrangement.
    Dealers will require you to verify yourself, which usually involves sending a selfie, an ID and Facebook link. this is done to ensure that buyers aren't undercovers, and that if any slips by their details could be published for the rest of the community.

    Some dealers are more strict and might ask for more intrusive information... keep in mind there's a ton of other dealers so don't feel forced to provide anything your uncomfortable with.
That pretty much covers the basics of using Telegrass, nothing special.
So what's the "pro" tip i promised? it's actually quite simple, but most people don't know about it.

Telegrass has a dedicated statistics channel, where each month they upload the 50 highest rated dealers in each location.
That channel can be found here:

The top rated dealers are much more likely to have good weed, good prices and good service, and are very unlikely to scam you (they care about their ratings, and Telegrass management removes and shames scammers).
Lots of the dealers on the top have hundreds of reviews and months of activity on the platform
So, especially for new clients \ tourists, this is the best place to start looking for a dealer.

Now, keep in mind that there are different kinds of dealers... some are focused on cheap prices, others on high quality, some are in-between etc... Being rated 1st doesn't mean the best weed it just means the highest reviews.
My suggestion is to take the time to look through several of them before deciding, to find a dealer that most suits your preferences.
The way you do that is just search their username to find their ads on the channels you joined, and glace through their reviews (which will be positive duh but might give you some more clue on what your getting)

I can tell you from my experience that since i started using this list to find dealers I've been buying the best weed I've ever had, some are even better then medical (Tikkun-Olam) IMO

That's it, turned out a bit longer then i wanted but hopefully i covered everything, feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Good luck and enjoy your travels!
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