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Old 10-23-2017, 09:04 PM #11

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I add one uncoated tablet per gallon of water, crush it up and mix to dissolve, I believe mine are 325mg pills. No clue if it actually helps other than consistent reading that it does. I have found silica to help with general plant health issues, beefier plants just seem to hold up better.

Those are both used in coco, though I am fairly sure I have seen both mentioned as being beneficial preventative measures in soil as well.
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Antifungal regimes.

I tested many of the products you are talking about on 816, seed grown plants. I had three treatment groups and a control spread across 6 strains (n=204)



Don't waste your time or money. Control your environment. Don't have too dense a conopy. Reduce RH if possible. HEPA filter intake if indoor/greenhouse. Maybe sulfer and sodium bicarb can help (but if copper didn't I doubt they will much).

Hydrogen peroxide isn't going to kill spores of B. cinerea if its under ~.5 percent. Botrytis can handle growing in relatively high concentrations of H2O2, and it is actually a virulence factor of B. cinerea which it produces in order to kill plant tissue.

I had never heard of Flint. It is a Strobilurin which acts on the electron transport chain in fungal mitochondria (apparently targeting a fungal variant of coenzyme Q : cytochrome c – oxidoreductase different enough from than ours to not cross react since we also have this in our mitochondria). Sounds interesting.
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