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How can I clean my kief screen? Thread Tools Search this Thread
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Originally Posted by Chamba
I usually sift, dry whole buds and don't have this problem.

what do you do with the buds once the outer trichomes have been shaken off? sell them?
after that, I lightly grind the buds for another kief run, then into the BHO tube.

After that I sell the kiefed twice / BHO buds to 12 year olds

lol, joking on the last part obviously. I never sell any of my precious buds

thanks for the help everyone!
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on a re-read I think my post could of been taken negatively, when it was meant with no malace at all.....good one Smellthefunk420!...thanks for taking the HIGH road!

I've butaned double sifted ganja before ...I've also bubble bagged/ice hashed sifted material too...but usually I just dry sift the material and again and again until 95+% has been removed from the plant material..

i use two or three mesh sizes and always re-sift the resin three times of over each screen

I like dry sifting best (rather than disolving trichomes in petro-chemicals or standing on a wet floor while using electrical equipement!)'s suits my stoned mind, it's ten times faster, safe, has the best high, best taste etc etc

there's a thousand methods to extract trichomes from ganja....they all usually boil down to a question of quality versus quantity

Happy Dry Sifting!

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