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Old 05-17-2019, 03:16 AM #81

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My point is about whether or not we would have already noticed anti-cancer effects from cannabis. If cannabis had been used in research on cancer patients and on cancer prevention as a potential treatment or prophylactic for the last 70 years, then yes, I believe we would have noticed already. But we weren’t looking at any of that, we were looking for harms it could cause: results counter to the goals of the research would have led to scrapping such data, not going public with it.

Since cannabis has been deemed a Schedule I drug, there are few scientific/scholarly studies and correlating experiences. Until 1937, cannabis was widely used for other conditions. However, Israel is the leader in cannabis applications and cancer.

Now, fast forward to Nixon signing Nixon created the new DEA agency by executive order No. 11727, signed July 7, 1973. He had talked about the problem of drug abuse and trafficking since taking office in 1968, including a 1971 “special message” to Congress.

“The problem has assumed the dimensions of a national emergency,” he said in that message. The agency started with 1,470 agents and a budget of less than $75 million. It now has about 5,000 agents and a budget of more than $2 billion.

Nixon’s executive order also gave oversight of anti-drug efforts to the attorney general. John Mitchell, who held the position at the time, created a “schedule” of drugs as part of the 1970 Controlled Substance Act. Mitchell, later disgraced during the Watergate scandal, included marijuana on the list of drugs with no medical benefit and a high probability of abuse and addiction. That remains today.

My great, great uncle had liver cancer in 1931....they opened him up as chemo/radiation was not available at that time. They thought it was from toxins (mustard gas?) from WWI.

I know for a fact RSO works. Have a friend that had Stage III Prostate cancer....he did brachytherapy- seeds, internal radiation therapy and chemo but RSO and tinctures used daily. His docs remarked how quickly the cancer numbers decreased. Another battled both pancreatic/liver cancer 4 years ago and finally succumbed in January, but during his time, tumors decreased, liver was clean. I wish I'd have known he needed more (lived in TX), as the RSO showed definite progress on battling 2 horrific cancers. Unfortunately, my friend resorted to alcohol to quell the pain and suffering.
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All true...sorry about your friend. Cancer has taken my parents and my closest friends

Part of what’s driving me here in the opening days of the last volume of my life is the desire not to lose more any earlier than I have to, and I feel that cannabis is a big, if subtle, player in its control/elimination.

Do I think that means I have anything figured out? Absolutely not. Mostly I think it means, as you pointed out, there’s a great deal of research, field work (literally), still to be done before we are much closer to understanding cannabis than we are now. I’m convinced that cannabis is capable of doing amazing things, and I’ve experienced its quality as medicine. I could be proved wrong, of course, but it would take solid evidence *and* a solid argument.

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cancer - 2018

Striking lung cancer response to self-administration of cannabidiol: A case report and literature review

1974 - antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids

2016 - anticancer mechanism of cannabinoids

all boils down to = your endocannabinoid system is your cancer defense system...

how you treat it, what you provide ECS determines so much...

a steady diet that does not support ECS is known as severe endocannabinoid deficiencies

lipid based signalling deficiencies lead into less cellular signalling in ECS ( cancer)
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