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Old 11-23-2017, 11:22 PM #1

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Post Automation growing system


I've built, with success, an automated system to grow tomatos and letuce at home, I'm not a marijuana recurrent user, only at summer time and some parties... this vegetables were relatively easy, I can have same proportions of everything everyday and they grow well...
But now I want to push myself with my automation system to something that needs more values for growing success, and growing marijuana seems to me a good choice.

So mainly would be great to have some tips were I can find info like:
- how many main growing phases marijuana have
- in each of those phases how much hours of light, how much humidity on the air, how much degrees on the soil, how much moisture on soil, temperatures during the day and during the light or no light hours, and all of the values how much time each
- even height of the plant can be useful for each phase where water or light would change

Any help would be really appreciated,...
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Old 11-24-2017, 01:18 AM #2

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Care to share pictures of your automated tomato and lettuce setup?
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Old 11-25-2017, 10:21 PM #3

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Growing phases I can tell you now, whats interesting automationwise, and that's when flipping the lights to a 12h lights on/off cycle, triggering Cannabis second, of two main phases, the flowering phase, producing those buds you're after. The other questions any decent growing guide will answer.
And, also here you got the answer to ALL your questions ;-):
(Always wanted to post a link like that sorry )

Also, it would be fun and kind of you if you were to share info on both your automated tomato-growing system and the coming progress of your cannabis grow! :-) .

Actually tomatoes is a plant with requirements very close to cannabis. You probably just have to tweak it a little, what would be the more "values? I guess you me the "IF's/In" and not the "DO's/Out"?.
And what do you mean with "built, with success"? They didn't die? (Sorry, kidding, just wish you'd share more! ;-)) Automated cloning system and dosing nutrients based on actual status of the plants?

Anyhow, cannabis uses the same nutrients as tomatoes, even in quite similar amounts, you could probably as I've said, just tweak things a little, and with similar nutrient needs ,if you use dosing pumps(peristaltic?), can use the same equipment. An automated tomato-growing system IS an automated cannabis-growing system, just without changing the light cycle from 24h/24h light to 12h/24hlight, and thats actually the one thing I don't recommend automating, If not going 24h/24h light from start, cause that is hard to optimally automate. Knowing the plants, how they have behaved, and how they look is what you must measure to do that.
Other viable option, which I guess is your choice for other vegetables as well, is to know your genetics. With cannabis always grow clones of the same genetics so you know beforehand how they will behave.

So just take your automated tomato-grow system. Replace the tomatoes with cannabis clones from a known high yielding plant of the caracteristiques you wish for, and start tweaking the system. And read lots of growquides/watch grow guides, and read grow-diaries/different forum threads on! :-) AND, post and share here and you probably will get answers to any more questions that comes up during your progress. Sharing is caring! ;-)

And, just one question here... What automation system are you using. DIY electronics? IC? PLC(Like me )? I'm also automating my grow, though not on the scale I get the feeling you got in mind. Check my grow diary. Haven't gotten any far yet though. But things will come...

Also I'm a little dissapointed. Interesting thread-start, but I wanted to answer more automation questions! ;-) Anyhow that's the part we both seem to know. Also if you have any more precise questions Ill answer if I know the answer!

Also, if you share pics and info of your tomato grow like greenfox suggests, It will be easier, and I and probably others will be happy to help tweaking/or point out what would be different as to cannabis's needs. Also it would be really fun and interesting to see how you solved it!

Happy growing!
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