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Old 11-05-2018, 02:02 AM #1

Join Date: Aug 2011
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SirSkunk's coco tent grow

Hello and welcome folks. I have been a rather silent lurker on this site for years. This is technically my first indoor grow, so all comments and concerns are very much welcome.

Growing in a 2x4x5 tent, with 4" carbon scrubber and 4" intake box with replaceable hepa filter. two small fans inside, temps stay around 78-81F during the day, 35-40% humidity. Truthfully, I need another thermostat so I can snake it in from the outside, to take nighttime temps/humi.

The medium is Big City hydro coco mix in 2gal pots. Light is a GC 315 CMH turned down to 245w due to heat issues. I hand water twice a day at PH 5.7, 8ml cyco bloom A&B, 8ml cyco potash, 1ml Calmag plus, to a good runoff.

The strains are two Purple Cadillac's, two Blueberry Muffins from Dark Heart Nursery and 1 unknown seed I just call Paris.

Now, what originally started this grow was a single seed that was found in an eighth of Paris OG bud from Cru Cannabis a distribution company here in Norcal. Maybe 3 months ago I cracked this seed and was very impressed by it's growth speed, structure and smell. The first month of her life was in not ideal conditions. She was living in a solo cup in miracle grow cactus soil, living in front of the window. I honestly just popped her for fun, because well, I love cannabis and just having it around even if I am not going to see her all the way through. But something about her was special, her heavy smell in particular. So I invested in some equipment and here we are technically all 5, on day 15 of flower.

So here's where I would really love some input. After i transplanted her in coco, she naturally just blew the fuck up. So much, even after supper cropping, LSTing, and two rounds of topping. She is the oldest out of the group and def the biggest. So much so, I have to either remove her from the tent to not compromise the other four's quality. Or keep her in and maybe keep the next biggest plant. Space is def the issue here. Rookie mistake I know. I honestly did not expect Paris to get this large. I did happen to take two clones of Paris. One is about 4 weeks old and the other 12 days.

So what do you folks think, Should I not waste this unknown beauty I call Paris, and take out 2 or 3 of the Purple caddy's or Blueberry Muffs? OR Say goodbye to her, be glad I have two clones and finish flowering the 2 BBM and 2 PC's. Any other options you can think of? Thank you all for any input and who took the time to read this.

Current status: Paris is in the living room in front of a window, and the 2 BBM and 2 PC's are in the tent.

pic 1: Paris
pic 2: Paris
pic 3: tent shot. left side purple caddy, right blueberry muffin
pic 4: bbm
pic 5: purple caddy

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Old 11-05-2018, 03:14 AM #2

Join Date: Aug 2011
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Paris close up
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Old 11-07-2018, 08:29 AM #3

Join Date: Aug 2011
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feel free to delete this post
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Old 11-07-2018, 09:58 AM #4

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Smile sorry for delay

Looking good bro! Thanks for the written notes. The details you have given are very helpful. If it were me, I would run the ones you have in the tent now and run the clones later. Those plants in the tent look good! I'm interested in coco grows! YOU look like a good place to park and learn from. I hope to ride with you all the way on this thread. Thanks for sharing!
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Old 11-14-2018, 04:29 AM #5

Join Date: Aug 2011
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SirSkunk is on a distinguished road
Thanks Creeperpark! I have to say, this is my first coco grow. So I am def learning myself. So far this has been a fun medium and a fun grow in general. I feed twice a day and spray my plants once a day for pest, mold, mites etc.

I have decided to just run the four that were in the tent. Right now we sit on day 24 of flower. There is two Blueberry Muffin's from Humboldt seeds, and two Purple Cadillac's from DHN. I'll throw some pics up here tonight of the current status. Any feedback is always welcome!
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