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Old 11-20-2017, 12:31 AM #51

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Originally Posted by Chonkski View Post
Great write up! I have been pumping out these bad boys for a while now..

Anyone have any experience with Agar Powder instead of Geletin, for a vegan friendly alternative?

Also, I'd like to share that it's always a good idea to experiment with fruit purees and other things than water as well.

I like using vanilla soy milk and raspberry purée, with plain Geletin

I will be trying out the Agar Agar within a week or so, and will report back if no one else has tried it.
How did it go for you?
Vegan here and looking to make a batch myself
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Old 12-20-2017, 08:06 PM #52

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Does anyone know why my gummies sweat a lot after I put them in the fridge? I put them in a small container, sealed with lid.. with powdered sugar. 20 mins later, there is a collection of white syrup (powdered sugar + whatever the gummies "sweat" out) at the bottom.

What did I do wrong? Am I storing them improperly? What should I do to move forward with this batch? and, how I avoid this problem in the future?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm new. I just need help.
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Old 01-21-2018, 03:31 AM #53

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Anybody else have the gummies leave bho in their teeth? Didn’t decarb like an idiot and I’m thinking this has something to do with it.
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Old 02-02-2018, 06:15 PM #54

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bilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nicebilko is just really nice
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