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Easy feeding control with a membrane


This is how you can easily control feeding process while avoiding daily complications, and with just watering.
I'm using these small containers made from semi-permeable osmotic membrane, filled with 20g-30g of nutrients on my choice.
Then, I put this container in a rootzone 10cm aside and 10cm in deep.
Some not very smart people ironicaly name it "Smart" membrane. But I can tell you this one is really smart, as osmotic process prevents from overfeeding and hunger. It creates different concentration of various nutrients in a very localized area of a root zone. This is most healthy condition for roots and soil microflora (you should know it from books). Unlike other methods, when someone forces plant to "eat" what is thought appropriate, my method allowes plant to choose what macro- and micro-elements to consume. This is like you provide a menu, instead of just food. You'll never feel any chemicals in MJ final product.
Also, in a case of localized feeding, roots are devided into high-salt and low-salt strands. This is helping them to split the tasks they are normally performing simultaniousely - water supply and nutrients supply. Now, when each strand is doing its own job, the plant is growing much faster and healthier.
One osmotic container can feed one bush for 6-9 months, then needs to be replaced. So, tell me what you think.

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How much have you tested it?

From the pics, it looks like your using a single pouch. Doesn't that lean the root growth to one side, or have you tried two or more to equalize distribution?

What about layers of different feeds, such as more N toward top, more P toward bottom? Or does the concept lean more towards not having to do all that?
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