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Old 01-24-2019, 02:17 AM #1

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Questions about a sog grow

Hey Growers
I have until now been growing 4-5 plants at a time, which i to the best of my abilities have been trying to train. The problem is i cant really move my plants as they are in an ebb and flood setup, and space is limited, so i often find myself running out of space as the plants i have grown havent been very stable and thus have very different growth rates (white widow xl auto from dinafem). I have tried using SCROG, but i havent had any major succes with that technique as i often run into above mentioned problems.

For the last couple of runs i have gotten a yield of roughly 300 grams for a 9 week period from start to finish, by topping the main stem at around 5-6 nodes so i get 2 main colas, and then i have trimmed everything off which didnt get direct light. This usually leaves me with a total of 6-12 branches per plant with dense buds, but the 2 main colas are yielding alot better than most of the side branches. Only 1 or 2 sidebranches in a grow can even compare to the main colas.

I have now gotten hold of some auto white widow seeds from RQS. I intend to plant 10 plants at once, top them at 5th or 6th node and then proceed to trim off everything else so all plants ends with 2 colas and nothing else. So i guess you could call it an agressive sog.

My setup:
i have a 90x90x180 cm tent, and im running a diy ebb and flood system built from ikea boxes. The box the plants are sat in is roughly 55x80 cm, and plants shouldnt extend beyond those measurements as this will make water changes etc very hard, so the effective growarea should be considered 55x80 cm. Nutrients is given and ph is adjusted correctly.
Plants are running 20/4 from start to finish, and the table is flooded twice a day for 15 minutes each.
My light source are 2 viparspectra led "600w" lamps (

This leads me to my questions:
1: Do you think that i will achieve a good result with the 2 cola sog as mentioned, or would i be better off planting fewer plants and instead let them have more sidebranches.

2: I have some problems with temperature and humidity, which i know stunts my grow a bit, but its not fixable as it would require an aircondition unit and thats not possible, but how is 300 gram per 9 weeks of growth? is it "acceptable", or should i be able to achieve more? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
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Old 01-31-2019, 07:48 PM #2
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1. You can achieve great results with only 2, or even 1, cola(s). Commonly referred to as Lollipop SOG (Img 1). Theoretically, more numbers means a quicker grow because you don't have to wait for the recovery from training/pruning(topping). But it also comes with added maintenance - more plants = more roots + more branches = annoying overcrowding unless meticulously maintained. (Picture having three toy dogs versus one standard dog - you'll feed them the same, but have to pick up three little shits rather than one large.)

As inferred above, having one plant with many stems will most likely take longer because of the stress/recovery time. However, everything will Certainly finish at the same time (given proper light penetration), nutrient uptake/growth rate/root maintenance will be constant. Branch maintenance is streamlined if using proper pruning and training techniques. One plant is also far less subject to overcrowding because it is absorbing light, water, and nutrients and allocating those resources for its own means...not in competition with other individuals. Also, there is a very warming sense of reward when you have one plant with a beautiful candelabra of even pillars (Img 2).

2. Typically, efficiency of a grow is measured in grams/watt, not duration. So, you're running 520 true watts - 300/520 = ~.58g/1W. Not bad, but definitely not great for an LED. (If you were to take it's "equivalency", 1200W, you'd be seeing .25g/W....not so great at all.) You can expect to see about .8G/1W typically and 1G/1W is often pretty easily achievable.

Certainly try to address your climate issues. If you can't, try to add CO2. Plants can handle higher temperatures with the presence of supplemental CO2.
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