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Hemp in North Carolina

So, its been a few years since I've been here, and a whole lot has changed, but I had to come back because this is single-handedly the most responsive and helpful community I've had the pleasure to use as a resource. Let's talk.

North Carolina started its Hemp Pilot Program last year and I have a decent opportunity so I've got a few questions, which may also be relayed to some local farmers that have already dove in.

First off, hydroponics; efficient for hemp production?

I could definitely see hydroponic production of cdb flowers being entirely worthwhile, but would it be misguided of me to get the most bang out of a system to focus on flower production over stalk/leaf growth?


What strains would be most productive indoors/outdoors, and what strains are best for fibers/ cbd/ terpenes?

Plant training;

Is it as useful to train hemp plants similar to the ways I've learned to train marijuana plants in the past (i.e. scrog, tying down, topping, etc.)?

These are just the first few off the top of my head. Any extra tips, questions, insights, whatever, will go a very long way. Thanks in advance.

Here's a little info I've pulled about the hemp program in NC, will post some other links as a follow-up as I sift through some of the stuff I've stumbled upon.
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Any licensed growers or processors here?
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