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Old 03-22-2013, 10:50 AM #1
Double F

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What are some cool businesses to set up?!?

DISCLAIMER - NO "Laundering" talk, just discussions of cool business one can setup NOT related to cannabis.

Hi im looking to start a business of some kind, because as a cannabis farmer (a tax paying one at that) i have to file taxes as self employed. well you cant exactly write down "ganja farmer" as your job description, so i want to find a business i can start that i can use as a job.

Ideally, im looking for a few aspects, they are as follows.

1. LOW STARTUP COSTS! i dont want to have to lease a big warehouse, buy expensive tow trucks, or invest 100k in machinery/inventory to start. need a business with low startup costs that deal in mostly cash. the less regulation the better.

2. AUTOMOBILE TAX DEDUCTION. i want to be able to deduct the expense of my monthly vehicle payment, as well as gas costs on taxes. This will easily save thousands in taxes for someone who is self employed and uses a truck for work.

3. NO EMPLOYEES. something where you are self employed and do all the work yourself.

SO, i came up with a few ideas, PLEASE ADD SOME MORE!.

1. Garbage Hauler/Mover - A close friend does this. he visits the dump once a week and keeps his receipts. he deducts all of his gasoline costs and vehicle costs, even repair bills for his truck. when he files taxes they dont even ask to see proof of anything except his costs. last year he deposited 50k in cash into his bank over a year and paid around 2-3k in income taxes, usually it would have been 5-6k but deductions really helped.

2. Handyman, Landscaping - Also know a few people who do this, most of them already licensed or unlicensed contractors. they use their truck for work, deduct the expense of tools, etc. how cool is it to buy a 500 dollar chainsaw and a 300 dollar powersaw and deduct them on your taxes!! you can do a "job" once a week and than deposit all that cash into the bank and claim it as income. if anyone asks for information on the jobs just give them an address to some property for sale and say you didnt get their ID, who checks ID for a contracting job anyways?!?!

3. Movers/Delivery - get a van or small box truck and say you do moves or special parts delivery, and get paid mostly cash for it. you could even lease the truck out to REAL movers and let them drive around in it when not in use. i wanted to get a van and put a "ABC auto parts delivery" or something like that, say i deliver car parts. it could explain having big cardboard boxes in the back of the van (filled with vacsealed pot hehe)

4. Limo/ Private Driver - i liked this one because i wanted to lease a brand new chevy tahoe and then slap the TC tags on the bumper and say i was a private driver. i would just deposit like 1200 in the bank every week and say i did a wine tour or drove some rich person. once again, "oops i dont ask for ID from my clients and i dont take credit cards its too confusing."

the only drawback to this business was high startup costs especially for fees. to have a TC plate in california costs like 3000 a year and you need to buy the super expensive insurance policy, but maybe those are tax deductible as well? you could deduct gas and car payment easily as well which would get that 3k in fees back i assume. would like more info on this. if done right, i could easily see driivng a "wine tours" limo up to the norcal mountains and bringing back untold amounts of herb. dress in a suit, have some printed out google maps of wineries, doubt CHP would even notice.

MODS- if any of this violates TOU please let me know first and i will edit my post. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE!
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Old 03-22-2013, 10:56 AM #2
Double F

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my current job is "used auto sales". im a car buying junkie and will buy around a dozen cars a year usually. i actually sell most for a loss or break even, but i keep an excel sheet with fake profits. i usually claim to make around 1-2k on each car and have been able to declare 20k a year in income from it. if they were to dig around they would fine most of the cars have been registered to me, etc. sometimes i just make cars up and say i made money on them. "yea i bought a chevy truck for 5k and sold it later that week for 6500, i didnt even bother to register or insure it and gave all paperwork to new owner so i dont have their information, i transfered title directly from seller to buyer." no one has even asked me btw, i just have that story lined up in case DMV or tax people ask.

CA laws state you have to have a license to sell over 8 cars a year. i get around this by using family members, i have six people in my family so i put cars in everybodys names. not really totally legal since DMV could try to make me pay licensing fees. i was a registered car dealer back in 2006 before i started growing, i stopped paying the yearly fees because it was too expensive.

i supplement this with automobile repair work, il claim to make 700 bucks for fixing a friends car, etc. whenever tax people say "please record your sales and keep paperwork" i tell them "damnit im too busy to keep records, i dont have time or patience for it, but il do it next time" usually seems to work.
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Old 03-22-2013, 11:05 AM #3

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computer repair/building/construction is a good small business. i have one i use. my geographic area isnt really that great for it, but it works on paper. no or low start up costs. no or low inventory. can inflate costs to be inline with whatever. networking is the most expensive service, i use that to my advantage. also, i admin several websites, that could be a "paid" service as well, that can be claimed as income. been doing this since 2005 with no issues.
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Old 03-22-2013, 06:06 PM #4
RM - aquagrower
displaced OGer

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I've been in construction for years (legit).

Theoretically, I could buy materials and pay labor in cash and deposit checks from jobs in the bank. Visit accountant at tax time. Write off all labor/materials/milage/home office costs/child care/health insurance/etc. Pay tax on profit.
Originally Posted by heath robinson View Post
There are no secrets here, one thing I can tell you is all grows are governed by "Blackmans law of limiting factors" this states that if a chemical process is affected by more than one factor, then its rate will be determined by the factor which has the lowest value.

In growing terms this means if you have perfect lighting, great air exchange perfect room temps, but high root temps, the limiting factor would be root temps which would reduce dissolved oxygen available to the root zone meaning the yield would suffer.

When you look at your grow try and remember "Blackmans law" and identify which part of your grow is the "limiting factor"
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Old 03-23-2013, 07:07 PM #5

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Movers/Limo/Drivers... you're looking at insurance costs. No good. Depending on your area... already may be a lock on this kind of business.

And to add to starting a business... you're looking at it from the wrong angle.

You want to identify a problem within your community and come up with a solution/remedy to that problem. Market research. You can't just say "oh, X sounds like a good plan. Lets implement it." That's how business fail. If there's no demand, you're shit out of luck.

My advice is... start a business which can operate on its own and generate legit revenue. Good things will follow. Setting up a "no show/no work" businesses is a terrible idea. Once anybody starts digging... you're fucked... and looking at tax evasion/fraud/etc.

Remember, you're starting a legit business.
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Old 03-25-2013, 08:28 PM #6
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First Idea: Second-hand store.

The short of it

a. acquire road-side land and structure
b. scout thrift stores in urban areas for deals on quality products
c. return scouted products to your location
d. mark at prices to accrue a profit

I suggest this because it could be as small as you would like. Shirts, jeans, hats, books, electronics. Or. Wooden tables, matching chairs, mirrors, dressers. Yes there are many thrift stores and no they are all not quality. If you took the time to get the quality I would think that your shop would become known as that unique second hand shop. People just wait to spend money, and if they see good deals most are conditioned to think if they did not buy it as such and such a price it would make them a fool.

Second Idea: Campground

If you have acreage, especially wooded, consider the possibility of a campground. Investment might be: wo/mens bathroom, lobby, electrical hook-ups, small camp-supply store, clearing spots to camp, paving/graveling looped road. Many campgrounds charge $25/night for a bare site and more for hookups. This idea would be especially attractive if you are near natural attractions like hiking, fishing, boating ect.

if these interest you I would be willing to explore them in detail as I have been turning them over in my mind for a time before seeing this thread

also - first post. Hi IC
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Old 03-26-2013, 07:32 PM #7
arnold layne

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i've been working as a self employed tile setter/remodeler for years.
lots of write offs.

as a side business, i buy and sell high end musical equipment.
not at all uncommon to spend or make $5k+ on pro quality studio monitors or vintage gibson les pauls.

selling stuff on ebay requires no store front, and $$$ is handled thru paypal, then transferred to my bank acct.
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Old 03-26-2013, 09:01 PM #8
New Member

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simple coffee shop. bought in pastries. cash only. 9-5. rental location. cheap setup, companies will throw all of the equiptment and signage at you just to sell their product.

one man show if you want it to be.
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Old 03-26-2013, 09:02 PM #9
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Originally Posted by TomHill View Post
Or one of my personal all time favorite spin-offs on the pet rock... The magnificent ordained guru Double F will sell you "blessed rocks" for the low low price of $300 each, cash only to my pobox if you please, I can see the website now,,, whaaat...?

this i like lol
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Old 03-26-2013, 09:13 PM #10
Born-Again Hillbilly

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Best way to be legit for the taxman is to form an LLC or other corporation. After a couple years, a very small one-person business will attract attention. Look up "hobby vs. business"- they want to avoid people claiming a hobby as a business and getting deductions. Incorporating and showing revenue are good ways to cross this hurdle. Only costs a couple hundred to do an LLC.

I do consulting work and have a custom clothing company. I fit in the niche of making t-shirts and other apparel at lower cost than embroidery, and without the minimums of screen printing. Very easy to set up, and I'm actually busier than I'd like to be with it. I only do outside sales, so I can claim mileage when I visit clients. I also claim one room in my house and a few other things. I set up at events with my table and make custom shirts on the spot. Mostly cash, I do take CC's with the phone though- handy for dealing with businesses too.

See a need, fill a need! Even if you only do it for "play", do it well.
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