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Old 04-19-2008, 12:54 PM #1
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Deep Chunk - Richard Williams Seed Co. - Sbay

Hey Ya'll, I had to post up some props to Seedbay, Gypsy, DG, the Kitties and most definitely Richard Williams Seed Co. I know the Sbay folk are busy w/ the 420 Cup, (puff, puff, pass) but it's outdoor season ya'll, best get busy yo!! :-)

I've been working w/ this Deep Chunk girl I picked up during a weekend special last year. I've run her for about 9 months now and wanted to throw out some props on these genetics. If you ever get a chance to grab up a pack of these, I would do so in a heartbeat. Not only a great standalone plant but has prolific breeding potential.

My Experience thus far is limited to the few beans I grew out late summer 07 and kept the 1 girl you see here in the photos. I have since run her a few times indoors and love it!!! She is a gorgeous specimen of a short stout indica plant, dense nugz and can be harvested 2x if you chop the main cola's at 55 days and let her run another 30 or so to let lower growth get some energy. ;-) She is not the biggest yeilder I've ever had but wow, Bell ringer and some pretty tasty pungent dank indica for sure. She purples up in cooler temps but you wont care if she does or doesn't when you toke her. ;-)

I just re-potted this years outdoor effort into a 5 gallon pot of soiless Black Gold, perlite and Worm Castings, Soil composted in Mayan Microzyme tea for a few weeks before the transplant. She'll get a healthy organic diet of Humboldt Nutrients and Microzyme tea. I haven't decided if I'll pre-bloom her indoor or not I may let nature determine her fate. :-)

The DC @ 6 weeks was the last effort in a very small 1/2 gallon pot. the 5 gal pot should be fun to watch.

I took this particular cut about 2 months ago from the seed mother. I will post up when the summer solstice begins and let you know how she develops. I've never run a pot this big since most of my girls are indoor but hope the summer season let's her blow up into a monster.

Great Job w/ these beans RWSC. Thanks Seedbay and Richard Williams for making them available!!!

I pollenated a cut of my DC female w/ Rez's OGK(A) x Sour Diesel Male. Should make for a good cross to play w/ next year. ;-) In any case, I am enjoying these genetics a great deal. I'm not sure how she compares to the original Tom HIll Cuts but she's not going anywhere for a long time!



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Old 04-20-2008, 01:32 PM #2

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club DC

great work, thanks for that report.
much appreciated, thanks also to Tom for allowing me to release those, glad someone had some luck with them!

Old 04-20-2008, 01:58 PM #3

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Does Sbay stock these at all?
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Old 04-22-2008, 03:16 PM #4

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got these awhile back
what's the best way to germinate big seeds like these?

Old 04-24-2008, 11:06 AM #5
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monkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nicemonkey5 is just really nice
richard williams , any chance these will be released again ??? anytime soon ??? please... monkey5
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Old 05-01-2008, 09:29 PM #6

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club DC

my next batch of DC and DC hybrids will be released this fall.
thanks again to Tom Hill for allowing me to release these.
Cheers, RIchard.

Old 05-04-2008, 05:09 PM #7

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Wait for the HTC release (Just had 10/10 for my HTC Skunk IBL). I had a 0/10 germ rate on my DC from Richard Williams (don't question my methods for germination) . Many others have had this problem with Deep Chunk from Richard Williams. I bought them from Seedbay. I suggest that everyone avoid purchasing any DC from Richard Williams.

I will re-post original message if I am ever compensated for bunk seeds by Richard Williams.

I like to know the genetic origin of the seeds I purchase. The Deep Warp was listed on Seedbay as "Time Warp x Deep Chunk." It is actually a three way cross of a Cambodian, Deep Chunk, and Time Warp. Don't be fooled. I had to do some research here at IC to figure that out.

Richard Williams Deep Wreck is also a three way cross. It is Tuck's Trainwreck x Afghani x Deep Chunk. Not the Arcata E-32 x Deep Chunk. Just thought I would save someone the trouble of finding that out the hard way.

Tough Love

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Old 05-04-2008, 05:37 PM #8

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dc hybrids

thanks for sharing your experiences.
You are correct that a fair number of folks had trouble germinating that batch of pure DC.
Others had success. I am not advocating that people buy more of that particular release as I am not sure either why that particular batch was low germ rate, I had 80% success before shipping them.
I point out however that I had official permission from Tom to release those which is not the case with HTC's unauthorized version. Others who complained about my DC release still got several keeper plants and went onto create their own hybrids without crediting me.
All in all I do regret releasing the pure DC, Ive had alot more fun with my hybrid releases.
Regarding being "fooled" about these crosses. I submitted accurate and complete descriptions of the genetic origins of Deep Warp and Deep Wreck,
both descriptions I submitted completely explained where the Warp side and Wreck side of these hybrids came from.
The "warp side" of deep warp came from TTW of cortes island and is indeed an f4 timewarpXcambodian
Im suprised you had a pheno that didnt finish early on the deep warp as all mine come in fast on that one.
On the Deep Wreck, you are slightly wrong. The Tuck Wreck I believe is trainwreck X afghan backcrossed to trainwreck. The deep wreck is a weeper creeper Tuck wreck pheno crossed to male DC's. I have always described it as such.
Best of luck to everyone with your DC and DC hybrids
and once again SORRY to everyone who had a bad germ rate with that one batch of DC.
Cheers, Richard.

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Old 05-04-2008, 05:43 PM #9

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Well, read this

This is what was listed at Seedbay. "Deep Chunk x Texada Time Warp." List the true genetics on your auctions and people won't be upset.

I would like a refund for the bunk pack of DC you sold me.

I did enjoy your Deep Warp.

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Old 05-04-2008, 06:14 PM #10

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auction descriptions.

hi Lancet,
I submit my releases in bulk sale format to seedbay along with my original description. I do not personally list /price these, that is Dutchgrown's department. Again as I am not the person listing them I have no way of personally processing a refund request, nor do I follow the auctions/check descriptions being used. I always do my best to completely accurately describe what I submit to seedbay in bulk and Im sure no-one intentionally deceived you.
Perhaps sometime down the road when I do another DC release I will submit is as a freebie to folks.

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