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Old 03-13-2009, 06:34 PM #121
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before a big discussion over the sleaziest company in the world, if I remember correctly(?), this thread was about AN's nute charts?

Well, I was told by tech support on the phone NOT to follow any of an's charts or I would over feed my plants and they would die. LOL I couldn't believe it! Talk about self destructive greed. Is burning the shit out of my plants and killing them going to make me a return customer?

Not a fucking snowball's chance in hell. Also, it is still a total mystery why voodoo juice turns my leaves black and kills my plants. Maybe I should use it as weed killer in my lawn to try and recoup my $80 loss, plus the loss of dead plants. Not even people who cannot stand AN can explain this one. Obviously, that bottle got turfed. But out of curiosity I tried it on 4 different plants over a period of a year - all different strains.

another thing: why is it that every hydro shop I go to frowns when they hear the name advanced nutrients and says they are a bunch of shit? out of 6 hydro shops, not 1 recommends this company. my guess is because they have too many unhappy customers and who wants to lose a customer over some ferts when you can steer them towards GH or like 10 other company's.

I think these sleazy trash bag pirates from Abbotsford stealing recipes from other companies and also screwing their customers are just riding on hype and the fact that there are suckers born every minute.

Did I notice a difference with AN? Hell yes. I was out of pocket a lot more and my plants got screwed up. thanks but no thanks!

Here is an old news clip of Charles 'Reeferman' Scott when he was "Aryan of the year"
I am not 'outing' him. Everybody knows his name since his book interview in 2005 when he stupidly gave it. He has done everything to get into the public's eye including going on Jerry Springer and calling him a 'hook nosed kike' and the audience various other racial slurs. Real classy.

This is a buyer beware, of poor character and poor seeds.
.....reefs gear from last two years: diluted. overpriced. shitty germ rates/hermies. green beans.
For $120 -$180 per 10 seeds you could do a hell of a lot better.

This is $300 worth of seeds, can you guess the germ rate?
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