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Q&A: Vertical scrogging

Hello everyone!

I decided to start a generic thread for Questions and Answers about vertical scroging.

I have not used standard scrog nor v. scrog so these questions might be really basic.

How well do differents strains cope with vscrogging? Specific interest in 'The doctor' 'Chanell +'?. Dose indica or indica dominants? Sativa or sativa dominants affect how well strain would worki with vscrogging? . This would be key issue for me

I have option to build 'standard' setup or dounut with vertical scrot and pulb in middle. Initial plant would give 50% more. I do like the design as it really utilizes light - I fear what percentage of potential strains I would be cutting out if I limit myself with this design. (Medical use - still searching)

How much space should I reserve for colas?

Is there much difference (in bud quality or quantaty) between colas that grow directly toward light (0 deg angle) and colas that grow toward and upward (say.. at 45 deg angle) so side of cola gets plenty of light too? Or what would be advised orientation for colas in v.scrog?
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Critical+ will be a good choice to run in a vert scrog. In my experience, The Doctor, not so much. I planted to 10 packs of The Doctor, and every plant was trash. Slow growing, no stretch, just a horrible variety in my opinion.

Hybrid type plants worl best for a vert scrog. Full on "sativa's may present a challenge, because of the stretch. But that can be controlled, just a lot more work. When I ran a vert scrog, I had two levels of plants. One level at floor level, and another about 5' off the floor. Built a shelf for the plants to sit on for the upper level of plants.

I had bare bulbs hanging. A 600 up top and a 400 below it. I lined the walls with the green plastic/gray plastic netting that comes on a roll at the big box stores. Used that netting to pull branches back and secure to.

For my "door"/entrance in the room, I made a wall on hinges. Lined that wall with netting. Plant on the floor was on a homemade dolly with wheels on the bottom. So when opened the door/wall, the plant and all moved with it.

My best piece of advice I can give you, is pay attention working around bare hanging bulbs that are on. Cause you touch one with your bare skin, you're gonna know it. And have a physical reminder for awhile.

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My plants are a little thin after almost 2mnths veg should I scrog?
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