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The Fury2 by HealthyRips

Anyone else have one of these? I bought a ton of vapes and toys during all the 420 sales and I have to say, I am totally impressed with this tiny portable vape.

Really small. Fit's easily into your pocket and, better yet, hides really well in your hand while you're toking.

Pretty nice clouds. I like smoking so it's hard for any vape to provide what I want but I think 90+% of the people would be very happy with the clouds this vape creates.

Heatup time is less than 10 seconds and it cools down quickly so I guess you could call this an 'on demand' vape rather than a 'session' vape.

They just came out with 'dosing caps'. Small chambers made out of screen that you can pre-fill and drop into the vape chamber. This makes it even more suitable as an 'on demand' vape.

Well made. It's not killing anyone like the vape that was wrapped in Teflon (no names so I'm not bashing). And, they have some various 'approvals' and such. It seems they properly tested it and the company seems very solid. I don't know if they are or not but they don't seem like a 'mom and pop' operation (not that m and p ops are bad). They seem very professional and well organized.

How about customer service... OMG! is their (USA) site and I get same day shipping on anything I buy (only made 2 purchases) and customer service answers questions immediately. They also sell through various retailers so check your favorite online head shop in your country to see if they are available there. They may even have factory based sites in your country like or something.

Just can't say enough good about this little vape.

If I could say any one bad thing it would be that it does not have a removable battery and it's not a 510 thread. The battery life is pretty darn good and recharge time is very short so most users will find the battery more than suitable. I smoke 5 pounds a year which means I, pretty much chain smoke pot. So, for me, the battery not being swapable could present a problem. I do have an auxiliary charger and it works great on the Fury2 but if I'm going out, I just roll a dozen joints. It's easier and I am not a 'vape only' person.

Well, there's my opinion on the Fury2 by Healthy Rips. I must say, I am impressed, And, I hate everything.

Private note to Weird. Yeah, my Mom owns this company too and she still needs an operation so please buy a Fury2. LOL (j/k Love ya bud).

Private to mods: I think I am OK with a review but if naming the website was too much, please feel free to edit or drop me a line and I'll do it. Thanks On the other hand, if reviews are not allowed, ban me, delete my thread and whack my pee pee. Thanks again.
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