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Did This in soil. Do it now in coir. Works great.
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I don’t know how it works but it does. Had thousands of the little shits flying around. 8kw bloom plus grow = a lot of real estate. Plus I keep my flowering coco pots on the wet side.

The only change I made was switching from Hygrozyme to SLF-100. The rest of my system has been the same for years. I went from seeing hundreds of flyers in each room to the occasional flyer. They aren’t even a concern anymore.

All I can add is my experience, but it was recommended by a trusted friend who had the same experience. Can’t explain how, just happy as hell it works.

Originally Posted by 2011rex87 View Post
SLF-100 is an interesting product, but nothing in the product is listed to effect fungus gnats as far as I can see. Please inform us further on the specific enzymes in SLF-100 that are working to control or destroy the fungus gnat. The only information I found lists 2 enzymes that work on organic and inorganic plant matter and nutrient salts, but this dos combat ROOT ROT which is helpful.

The enzymes in SLF-100 have been proven to be an effective antagonist for pythium. Hydrolytic enzymes like cellulase and glucanase have been known to combat the pythium fungus.

"Glucanases are enzymes that break down a glucan, a polysaccharide made of several glucose sub-units."

"Cellulase is any of several enzymes produced chiefly by fungi, bacteria, and protozoans that catalyze cellulolysis, the decomposition of cellulose and of some related polysaccharides."

There are enzymes that control insects, such as chitinase.

"As chitin is a component of the cell walls of fungi and exoskeletal elements of some animals (including worms and arthropods), chitinases are generally found in organisms that either need to reshape their own chitin or dissolve and digest the chitin of fungi or animals."

If you do a search you can find commercially available products with chinitase in it. Look into this product and see if it can help you..
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