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Old 04-05-2018, 12:11 AM #1

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A watering solution maybe.

Ok folks.
I am planning to grow soon outdoors.A couple of plants.In the forest.Not a water source near.But i can take 1.5 litre bottle with me when i go jogging there.I live in mediteranean are so it gets pretty hot and dry.
So i am hoping i can get away with this 1.5 litre
I have been reading threads about the problem of watering when it comes to outdoors.
So i had this idea and i want your opinions.
This is for ppl who hike, jogg etc
What if...
Presoak polymers to get them expanded ,
Get a biiiig bucket/pot and place a thick layer of the expanded crystals on bottom.
Mix some crystals with soil and top the bucket/pot with that mix
Dig a hole in the ground and place in there the bucket/pot.
Now there is that issue.Do you make holes on the bottom of your bucket/pot ?
If you dont.Then i assume less waterings. I remind you i am talking about summer in the mediteranean.Rly hot and dry.Really intense sun.
So the whole point is to be able to sustain life with small amounts of water 3 times per week lets say.Or even everyday.But a litre ,litre and a half.Sth u could carry with you without looking weird
Any opinions are apreciated
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Old 04-05-2018, 04:22 PM #2

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I would use polymers in the ground. No need for a lot. The pot would dry much quicker I'd think then the actual sorry. Plus if the pant is needing water it'll stretch it's roots in search of it. Just dog a big hole and use the polymers as directed. If you use too much it'll swell the hole and your plant can topple
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use drainpipe to allot water deeper, make proper mulch layer or use some kind of waterproof nylon around the stem to prevent evaporation( make some holes on it ofc.)
you can put something in the bottom of the hole if the soil has high drainage, you need to check the soil before adding anything to it.. each soiltype has unique needings to adjust it..
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ive kind of tossed this idea around from the basis of a hugelkulture and big mature cactus steaks

i live in socal and cactus grows well here go figure. meditereannean (sp) climate as well

hugelkultures are mounds built with sticks and logs and general refuse from the land.
the cactus steaks are full of water, i mean packed

so theoretically putting a bunch of these in the soil mix what have you, at the bottom, or making a mound and placing them at different levels....would provide long term water source of decomposition. maybe?

seems like it would work

not that you would want to pack in cactus in your bag..

food for thought. i have a few experiments going with these exact conditions.

good luck and have fun
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What i have been doing might not be feasible for you. But i carry plastic 55 gallon drum( painted of course) into my spot after deer seasons. I hide up under thick brush under trees. And pile sticks up around it. I use solor timer on an extension up towards the light. It kicks on every day for 5 minutes allowing couple gallons get to the plants. I usually have it filled before spring. And it lasts for roughly 25 days then i have to refill. But i have to check every couple weeks so I bring water with me to try to keep it topped off. If you want your plants to yield good they need plenty of water on those hot days. I hope it helps. And i understand its not feasible for every guerrilla situation. But if you live in the country with not alot of people around it can be helpful.
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