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Anybody else in this state growing??? Thread Tools
Old 08-04-2018, 11:35 PM #1

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Anybody else in this state growing???

If so , I would love to see what all y'all are growing.... And just generally talk about the state of things here....

Get out of those woods and show what you're doing.....
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Nope, not at all. Never have, never will.

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We're here, we're just taking it slow and easy. I'm currently growing a lot of CBD varieties, Charlotte's Angel and some others from Dutch Passion, hand watering in coco. There are a lot of people in our state that would love an alternative to opioids booze and cigarettes, it's coming soon.

But yeah, 2 years after it was legalized here, it's still a barren wasteland.
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Old 01-31-2019, 11:16 PM #4

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Arkansas is one of the slowest "do nothin" places on earth. Everyone is a flake. If you grow, you know what I mean. Partners who want to reap benefits without contributing. Old "friends" claiming they can move weight and taking out hefty fronts with a dozen excuses lined up. The only people I was ever able to work with were females.

I've got farmers asking me about getting into hemp. Well, you're about 5 years behind already. They like to do a lot of "thinkin about" and not a lot of "doin". No one has even asked what a hemp permit costs. They just sit around and do nothing,while other regions have already dominated production.

No one is even asking for clarification on the caregiver situation, going on 3 years now. There's no mention if a patient can sign their grow rights to a caregiver,which is the only way a collective/co-op could function, with the entire 5 production licenses and 30 retail permits going to giant out of state chain location investors.

I have family in a population 1000 town in AR. And out of the 30 dispensaries across the state, of course there's one opening 24 miles away. We all know what that means. Just another Arizona
Garbage shit for sale, illegal to grow. A strategic shit show, and no one is even fighting back. The Arkansas way.
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