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Old 04-23-2008, 08:03 AM #1
Mourning the loss of my dog......


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2008 Oregon Guerrilla Outdoor Adventure, with your host BACKCOUNTRY

Hello everyone! Its that time again! Time to beat the brush, beat the cops, the deer, the woodrats, and the mold, once again!

I am sure most know me, so I won't go into a long explaination.......

I will give a run down of my climate normals, and what it is doing this year

Normally, my planting season starts in late April/early May, high temps are usually in the mid-upper 60s, this year however I have been having highs in the 40-50s and lows below freezing many nights through late April. I have had snow several times in the last couple weeks, which is very strange and pretty much unheard of.

I usually have a warmish/mild spring to help with getting starts going outdoors(I avoid starting plants indoors for my familys compfort), but this year I have had few warm weeks, and lots of cold/dark ones.

I started my first waves of seedlings in mid-march, when the weather wasn't too bad(for march), but week after week of cold weather followed, and many of the first wave became stunted, or died. Some did survive, but I was forced to plant a second wave later on to replace the dead and un-healthy.

The big downfall is that I am not able to sex my plants like I did last year, by placeing them outside early to bloom under the naturally short days of mid-spring. Now if I want to sex them, I'll be forced to do it the old fashioned way by covering them and uncovering them everyday to shorten the day length.

The problem is, my normal time for planting out is rapidly approching, and none of my seedlings are ready for sexing. This means I'll have to move my plant-out time back further into late May/early June, or else plant out lots of unsexed plants.

My original plan was to plant out 3 plots with 4 plants each, and hook them up each to their own automatic irrigation system, but without guarranteed females its not practical.
I have decided to try and get some of the older first wave of seedlings sexed, and just put out one or two 3 or 4 plant plots with a system, and use the rest of the seedlings to establish stand alone grows in the deep mountains on spring water seeps and next to year round creeks.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that my summer climate is very dry, the rains shut off from July to mid September, and the temps go into the 90s or better most of the time, so I have to either provide water artificially, or else find places where groundwater seeps up naturally or where year round creeks flow, which are there to be found in the mountains, but very rare, and sometimes already exploited by other growers.

One good thing is that a indoor grower freind of mine is going to provide me with "God bud" clone in late May/June, these will be used for breeding with my personal varieties, and I will also be using them to test out some self-watering planter prototypes.

So this is the plan:
1. Plant out 4-8 of my oldest sexed seedlings in 1-2 automaticly irrigated plots by May 20th.

2. Plant the remaining seedlings unsexed in multiple stand alone grows in the mountains. I'll continue to start more seedlings and plant them out in similar fashion until its getting to late to do more in late June.

3. I'll plant 4-6 God bud clones in self-watering planters in Late May.

There you go! Hopefully this much changed plan will be able to go as planned with no more changes. The long range forcast seems to indicate that this summer will be normal, without the cool temps I had last year, we will see.
OK, here are the seedlings I have going, and how I got them started:

For germination, I start by folding a paper towel 3 times, and wetting it. Then I lay my seeds to be germinated on it.

Now I fold the paper towel one more time, and slide it into a ziplock bag marked with the strain name.

Now I take the bag and tack it to the wall at eye level in a area of the house where it is comfortable warm enough to wear a T-shirt. I check the bag everyday until I see white roots starting to poke through the seed pods, it usually takes 1-4 days.

In this picture I show a variety of started seeds, the 2 seeds at the end of the pen are perfect length, the seeds around the pen are acceptable, the seeds on the far right are getting a bit too long and will be hard to handle without damaging the delicate roots.

Now I get some 16oz Solo cups, I trim a small sliver off the corners of each as shown, and mark the cup with the name of the strain.

Now I fill the cups with a good quality potting soil meant specificly for seedlings, in this case Jiffy brand seedling mix, but almost and potting soil will work. I thoroghly wet the soil, and fill the cups firmly but not to packed.

Now I use a pen to poke a hole into the soil for the sprouted seed.

Now I carefully place the seed with the root down, and carefully pack soil around it until the seed pod is just visable at the surface.

Here is what my first wave looked like a couple day ago, before transplanting to quart planters, they are about 6 weeks old.

Here is a Train wreck x (C99xOR95) seedling and its new home, now that the seedlings are established, I am using a cheaper, coarser potting soil.

Now I'll give it the first feeding of its life, good old Miracle grow! If you don't approve, I don't want to hear it, cuz I've heard it all!

Here is the first wave survivors, mostly TWx(C99xOR95), they seem to be tough plants!

Another pic of the largest TWx(C99xOR95).

OK, the adventure is officially on!!!
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Old 04-23-2008, 08:20 AM #2

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Sweet! i'm for sure tagging this one..

GOOD LUCK from another PNW grower...
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Old 04-23-2008, 08:27 AM #3
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Been waiting for this one for some time now...
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Old 04-23-2008, 11:41 AM #4

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I've just come out of hibernation today and one of my many 'sensais' just happens to post ! Awesome! I'll be here and ... shhh ... growing right along with ya!

Here's to a safe and productive summer!
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Old 04-23-2008, 12:36 PM #5
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Nice to see you getting started BC. Sorry to hear about your weather. My temps have been similar. My girl I have outside for a spring harvest just started turning purple the last few days. Temps near freezing... This weekends forecast is near 85 though. You look like your off to a good start. Why don't you take a few cuttings off your plants then switch those to 12/12 to sex? Maybe you don't have an indoor grow space. Good luck to some Fat bushes and lots of sun this year man.


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Old 04-23-2008, 12:44 PM #6

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Sweet, time to go, though I've had an early bunch out since early April, too. Southeastern/Southcentral Oregon checking in here. Lots of moisture and unsettled, unpredictable weather this spring may delay planting time on a couple of spots but it seems like we have the makings of a good season so far. I foresee a wetter than average season with decent temps. If September is as terrible as it was in '07 though, there could be some loss.

This year it's all about the OG Kush X (OG Kush X Blueberry), but the Chemdog BX#1s are looking super vigorous out of the gate. Hashberrys ain't hardly slackin' either. I've been lugging and digging all winter, but I might just have to dig a couple more holes today.

I wonder how deep the snow is on the mountain today...

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Old 04-23-2008, 12:45 PM #7

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Looking forward to following this one BC. Much respect for your approach and your plant selection. Keep Oregon green.

Old 04-23-2008, 12:49 PM #8

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Hey Backcountry

Your threads are always so detailed. There aren't many growers here that haven't learned something from them.

Were on similar schedules. I am just planting my first wave out and the second popped through the soil today.
I lIke the vigor seen in seed grown plants so I have struggled with your sexing issue. In the last year or two, i have begun pre growing indoors under 14 hrs of light and Im seeing real preflowers on indica and indica dominant plants at about 30 days consistently. I try to time that 30 day period so that it ends on the week i can set them out under natural light and that daylength exceeds 14 hrs, so they get the signal to go ahead and grow. Its been somewhat effective.

Another possibility may be to plant 2 unsexed plants in one hole with the roots about a foot apart and then cut the male. If they both are female, im able to tie them apart and let them go. Because of water demands that may not work for you but you could cut it up for clones and get a couple ounces off each clone i guess.

This issue has pushed me toward femminized seeds. This is my second year because performance last year was exceptional. Cuts half the work out.

What is OR95?

Heres hoping for unexpected summer rains and big potent yields for you!!. Good luck!

Old 04-23-2008, 01:02 PM #9

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What's up dude. Good to see you around for another season. It has been "freezing balls" here in California (for California), night temperatures are abnormally low. I'm going clones this season for sake of ease, but I too, like silverback, enjoy watching the rigorous growth of a plant from seed. We'll see how the clones do... Look for my thread coming up in the next few weeks. Time to head out to the field...
I fell.
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Old 04-23-2008, 01:21 PM #10

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hello backcountry, im also in southern oregon and weather sucks, my plants this year are 3 feet now and ready to go outside as soon as the weather breaks. good luck to you,
DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY.................. Meher Baba.
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