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    @Dank1: I think quantity is key here. The stuff these gangs ship goes in amounts of hundreds or thousands of kilos. It is grown in very large quantities, sometimes people are even forced to cooperate "or else"... Some of it is grown in parts of Eastern Europe because the local authorities are bribed or do not have the manpower to take on professional gangs of this scale. This has nothing to do with growers who are proud of their crop, these guys are in for it for only one reason and couldn't care less about the end-user. Usually the cannabis is only a part of their business. It's anyone's guess what other activities they participate in, but it's organised crime on a very large scale, not your average hoodlum.
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      @Moppel 650 a kilo, please elaborate on this because I know you usually get 4-6E per gram when selling it to a Coffeeshop. Is it up higher than 6E a gram now if so what is it, If you dont want to blurt it pm me with a number please.

      @Mad Scientist I dont think its cartel weed because we sometimes get cartel weed here in the US and the things that they do are let the plant fully seed, sometimes even pack males in with it, and usually soaked in neem oil. Not to mention that there is a constant shortage of weed in the UK, if there were hundreds of thousands of keys of this shit it would be world wide not only in the UK, it has to be some dumb ass English group who takes the time to seperate the buds and then spray them with whatever it is they spray it with.


        its easier to ship to the uk than the US.


          650 Euro a Kilo is 0,65 ct a gram not 6,5 euro a gram
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            Yea I know, I'm talking people growing for coffeeshops they get 4-6E per gram right? I have a friend who grows for Willy Wortels and thats what he brings in, I'm asking if they make more now since you said prices were up?

            I see your gallery what do you get paid per gram or kilo?
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              what kind of strain does your friend grow?
              It's good to be's nice to be nice....


                Don't worry that happened in Switzerland a couple months ago and now it's over. It should end soon like it did here. good luck
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                  Seems like it's here in Sweden too now, but it's not glass, it's sand. Gives you a "crunchy" aftertaste, you can feel the sand in your teeth.

                  Too bad they ruined a good strong weed with this sand shit. Here's a pic:


                    I miss the good old days when it was just formaldehyde and some poop du jour.

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                      Originally posted by Azra3l

                      This problem is all around EU I think...

                      In France, several studies with this weed have been performed and there's mostly:
                      -hairspray (to help the junk to stick )
                      And there have been several case of hospitalization due to inhalation of this glass powder in Nantes.

                      Other cases have been announced in:
                      -nederland (in a coffeeshop sadly )


                      Just great now some american dumbass is gonna get dollar signs in his head
                      and mirrors all over the us are gonna be breaking. Freakin dealers give us all a bad name.

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                        Originally posted by Dank1
                        @Mad Scientist I dont think its cartel weed because we sometimes get cartel weed here in the US and the things that they do are let the plant fully seed, sometimes even pack males in with it, and usually soaked in neem oil.
                        Nah these guys know what is in demand. The criminals I'm talking about definately use clones, so males and seeded plants are very, very unlikely. Anywhere in Europe actually.

                        Originally posted by Dank1
                        Not to mention that there is a constant shortage of weed in the UK, if there were hundreds of thousands of keys of this shit it would be world wide not only in the UK, it has to be some dumb ass English group who takes the time to seperate the buds and then spray them with whatever it is they spray it with.
                        Thing is that it's not only UK. It's Germany, France, Belgium... just about any country where these Dutch gangs have business going.

                        Of course I can't tell whether the weed discussed here is the same sh*t I'm talking about, but I do know for sure that these kind of 'treatments' are often used on Dutch weed destined for export. Maybe it was done on a small scale in the UK itself as you suggest, but the English sure aren't the only ones who do this. Unfortunately...
                        "A weed is no more than a flower in disguise."


                          yeah this shit's a fuckin joke. It's almost impossible to get shit that's not laced and even then it's always damp. Everyone round my area is smokin it up it and don't seem to be bothered. Sometimes it's blatantly coated in a white powdery substance and when u tap it loads of powder falls off or lately it's not got as much powder but it's suspiciously shiny with little what looks to be little shards of glass. I refuse it prefer to go cold turkey than inhale this shit.
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                            Freakin dealers give us all a bad name.
                            Not all dealers are shady man, I never did anything like that or ever would. All of us where I live are friends with our buyers and we would never put a friends health in danger, or try to rip them off. We also don't accept pot thats laced with anything regardless of what it is. You need to think of where most of us got our first bags from, a dealer.
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                              Hi boys,

                              havent been around for a while and sadly the reason i'm back is not due to some "happytime" thing like a new grow op or scoring kali mist on the streets at 6am out in the welsh moors but kinda more related to this skunk lacing problem in europe.

                              EDIT : shit no streets on the moors, sorry 'bout that lame j/k attempt

                              I'll tell you what i've discovered since i've heard about it for the first time, june i think.

                              This summer as Azra3l said at least 5 people in Nantes, France were hospitalized due to inhaling glassed weed.
                              Obviously this didnt make headlines coz no one talks about canabis here in france since it's "mediatisation" (as in the medias talking about it) can be interpreted as "promotion" and therefore become a criminal offense.Our laws are as retarded as it gets in europe.

                              The circ (french cannabis legalization advocates) heard of this, bought some of it near the belgian border and found out what Azra3l said.

                              That was in july. Then until mid september i personnally didnt hear anything about that (i have a lot of potsmoking friends living in big cities across france and apart from vague rumours nothing consistent was mentionned);on the 19th of sept a national weekly mag (The New Observer/Nouvel Observateur) publishes an article about that, stating that a french state drugs counselling authority (the "ofdt") had sent some samples off for analysis.

                              On october 16th they published a communiqué with the results, they found on samples from the Lille region (5 kms away from Belgium, about 150 from Holland) glass microballs "ranging from 0.02 to 0.3mm in diameter".
                              Two other samples showed "quartz alpha" (wtf gandalf weed??? ;-) ) and a last one showed glass wool fibers.

                              So there you have it. Money makes the world go round, no one complains so what the fuck can we expect from a "mafiosi"-style criminal sector such as pan-european skunk weeds.I'm surprised (actually half-surprised) and saddened by the comments about coffeeshops also selling the stuff. Should fuckin' arson them.

                              Scarier still, as usual, is the "official" conclusion :

                              "D’après les pneumologues interrogés par le réseau SINTES, ces particules, microbilles et quartz alpha, du fait de leur forme (arrondie dans le cas des microbilles ou de forme non spiculée -sans pointe- pour les cristaux de quartz), de leur taille, de leur adhérence et de leur nature ne devraient probablement pas entraîner de risque immédiat lors de l’inhalation. Ces éléments reflètent la situation à ce jour."

                              "According to lung specialists consulted by the street drugs monitoring authority (SINTES), these compounds, both microballs and alpha quartz, due to their shape (rounded and non-pointy), to their size, to their adherence (wtf?) and to their nature should not cause immediate risk following inhalation.These elements reflect the situation as of today."

                              Right, thanks Bud these fucks spent 7 or 8 years studying in order to help and heal people...YAh they did, i swear, they're doctors you see, they love you they're here to help. . . 'xcept when they're working with the govs.By concluding the communiqué this way they make it so that the government doesnt have to set up a warning campaign since there is no "immediate risk" therefore preventing public discussions and exchanges amongst the public and through the medias.

                              Seeing that France is amongst the 2 stoniest countries in Europe, seeing such irresponsibility from the authorities that are meant to protect people, i think its only fair to do and live as if the state didnt exist. Whats the point? I accept the "social contract" as long as i am protected, if the state treats its youth this way then it is clear that it is an enemy of the youth and of all citizens overall.This is the bakunins and makhnos in me speaking...
                              Fuck the State, fuck all states.OverGrow them in every possible way

                              Since october a lot of people around me have had the opportunity of scoring strange weed. A friend spent a weekend in Köln, Germany 2 weeks ago and had to encounter not 1 but 3 dealers before finding untouched herb...

                              To finish off it turns out last friday i had the immense privilege of actually scoring some of this strange herb, though i'm pretty sure its not laced with glass shards coz i dont get the "crunch" ey thing.I doubt microballs too, it looks like it was dipped in something then the thing dried/evaporated and left this slipping micropowder ; silicone might make sense here...

                              I have macros with my 5mpix canon cam, i'm gonna try to up one or two though a digiscope would have cleared things up, i feel i'm as close as my cam can but still can't fully make out what it is...

                              For fooks sake i thought i'd never say that but i miss my yummy commercial morrocan aya from 2 or 3 years ago ; bubbley, fudgey, very pine-ey and just 40 eees for 12g!

                              EDIT : if you HAVE to smoke that shit please use a "morrocan" style filter, also known to non-frenchs as the top 0.5-1 cm tip of a ciggy ; do not use paper tubes for filters...At least you'll inhale less stuff.But you shouldnt smoke it.period.

                              please DO contribute if you have info about this subject as it could, if european cannabis associations get their shit together, become an european-wide emotional trigger both medically and mediatically, if you'll excuse my french...

                              -toke or die muthafoogers-

                              Links/Sources :

                              First press article :


                              State sample conclusions :


                              For recent news i advise people to follow whats going on at


                              they are very pro and cover all aspects of cannabis globally from the suiss, relaxed side of things...

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                                i herd it was brix going round ?????????????????