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Northern Marianas Islands

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    Northern Marianas Islands

    Anyone been? Saipan is the largest island. I heard they legalized recreational and medical last October. It's a US territory so American citizens can visit without a passport. Here's a link to a site that summarizes the gist of it.


    A 2012 report said their cannabis consumption rate is the 2nd highest in the world, 22% of the population. Palau was number one. I don't put a lot of credence to these sort of polls but at any rate the islands get very high.

    It seems like it would be a chill place to grow, close to the equator. It has a tropical rainforest wet monsoon climate so it rains almost every day. I think hoop houses would be necessary to pull anything off outside of a two month window in the dry season.

    Oh yes. Eventuall Tripweed ahoi!