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what is that pressed weed in Asia?

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    Normally they are Thais, Laos and Cambodians, most of the stuff was garbage full of seeds and sticks very dark brown and didn't get you very high.. but i remember about 13 years ago maybe more we got some amazing batches of Laos or Cambodian the blocks where way smaller and not lumped together like bark layers and they had the lightest green you'll ever see, had virtually no seed or stems it was sticky and smelled amazing (I'm trying to remember the terps all i remember was musky peppery herbal spicey very earthy like nature) We got Blue, green and gold string 100g blocks i think?
    maybe more could of been 200g.

    Anyway they all had similarities but slight differences in tastes smells and highs.
    If i remember correctly the green and gold where the very best of the Asian imports.
    I'll never forget that famous Red grapefruit cut of NYCD or ever stop looking for it, 1 of the worlds best. -CONNOISSEUR GENETICS


      I had some outstanding compressed weed in Laos only a few years ago. Almost as good as the old Thai Stick, but without paranoia.