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    Some Sri Lankan Sativa growing like a Lion


      Originally posted by vostok View Post
      I havn't returned to Sri since the government murdered all the Tamils in the massacre a few years ago, better cleaner and more honest places to go , these days
      Yup, agreed!
      Stoner4life we are thinking of you!


        Hi I spent a month on the beaches about 6 years ago, can’t remember the names of the top of my head, the weed was awful in fact worse than awful a joke an insult, they wanted 10 dollars for a bunch of sticks(literally a bunch of sticks) and all the beach dudes had the same. I bought once got about 4 joints once had cleaned the sticks of mostly leaf. Would not recommend going to Sri Lanka. Better going to kerela in south India or Karnataka, south India much cheaper better weed . In fact after 30 years of travelling and smoking Sri Lanka is worst country I’ve been. Any more questions or need information let me know.