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Purple Bubbleberry genetics?

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    Purple Bubbleberry genetics?

    Hello! I'm working on a Research project right now revolving around a strain known as Purple Bubbleberry, I've been looking absolutely everywhere with no information found and seemingly no places I can purchase the seeds. I was wondering if anybody here would either have any ideas as to where I can get more information or if you might know the genetics of this rare strain, or any shops that might carry it.

    I've turned up a little information this far, it seemed somewhat common up in the new england area of the US yet none of the dispensaries that I've contacted have been able to provide me with any information despite confirmation of having carried it before.

    maybe it is just the renamed nagasaki nightmare
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      That could be it... I have nothing to go off of saying it's not and it would fit the name quite well. Also the Nagasaki Nightmare nugs do look very similar to the pics I have of the PB ones.


        lvpk would be my guess
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