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Do Men Assume Women Can't Grow?

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    lol @ j..If i could meet a beautiful women that knew/and grew i wouldnt let her go..thats why so much of them r taken now..but im still on the hunt..what could be better than knowing u can leave and comeback 2 see healther plants ..i think its more of a gift and blessing


      You go girls, keep making us all jealous. I would be happy if my buds turned out just half as good as most of the ladies pics in here, keep it up, its all good as far as i am concerned.


        Originally posted by Dutchgrown View Post
        Generally speaking of course.........................was recently thinking
        why there aren't more women growers online? and why men automatically
        on various mj sites that the poster is a guy? Can't begin to
        count how many messages I've received on other sites that all included
        such things as "bro" or "mate", oh yes, and "dude", not that it bothered
        me, always got a chuckle out of it. :p Perhaps it's because of all the electrical
        work, or if too, just the construction/modification necessary of an indoor growing area?????

        You dont really know who's online, and unless you clearly state that your a female then your just another assumption. Personally i think your a better off as an assumption because there is no bias, others will rate you on your skill rather then with there Gender preferences or Emotional/Mental bias.

        Look around the majority of all Journals ( all sites) are done by men. How many grows have you watched and the pics are of some fat harry arm holding a bud or clasping a leaf or even some guy showing off a hot bodied lady with his gear ?

        People commenting and kissing ass about how women have a mothers touch and yata yata or saying men are better because they have greater experience or larger brains or yata yata yata, are very confused and have no understanding of the human species as a whole you cant determine a better science by gender. Growing is a sceince and science has no gender.

        Your only preference is determined by your conditioning and everyone can be persuaded by conditions so even asking yourself whos better is completely unfair and unrelated to the science of growing.

        Take care
        Best of luck in your gardens!
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        My best friend is a calculator named what if !

        May the gods piss on your plants.
        May the worms shit in your roots.
        May your yield be so heavy,
        it splits both your boots.
        May the high fucking toast you
        and the buzz leave you calm.
        May the smoke be so smooth,
        you can hit twice as long.

        *DISCLAIMER: My intent is to appear to be a part of the counter culture represented by this website, and everything I present is fabricated and/or embellished. I am, in reality, not actually a part of, or in any way involved in, said counter culture.


          Oh gosh, another thread to bump.

          I bet there are lots more lady growers today, than back in 2004.

          Been garden tending veggies since a little kid, from back in the days when kids got worked a bit. Have always been growing something, lots of houseplants even when living in town/city areas. All those plants seemed to do well in just 'dirt' with some added water.

          When the online stuff started happening (yes, there was a time before internet)not many gals, and suddenly 'gardening' had to be 'engineered' with pipes and lights and all sorts of special shit for a weed that grows just fine in all the former ways...outside in just dirt, indoors in potting mix, add water...done. So, maybe it was just a little intimidating for some gals.

          But i do think that the scare of getting kids and house taken away is what had that gals terrified. Still is that way in many areas of the world.


            as to the original post...i'm sure there are men that believe that women are not good growers. i know men that think the earth is flat, sure as hell doesn't mean they are right. not as many women grow as men, but they turn out some mighty fine cannabis. met a little old lady over toward NC in the mountains that grows year-round. she makes most of it into butter for elderly to bake with etc, but the buds are fire...👌
            smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...


              .... would love to know her secret of how she deals with the PM caused by alla the 'smoke' that pools in the mountains overnight.


                Originally posted by CosmicGiggle View Post
                .... would love to know her secret of how she deals with the PM caused by alla the 'smoke' that pools in the mountains overnight.
                i think her greenhouse is probably it. i've been told that she does grow some outside during the summer, but it is mostly greenhouse work. i hadn't thought about the fog maybe causing problems. good question.
                smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...