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Do Men Assume Women Can't Grow?

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    Do Men Assume Women Can't Grow?

    Generally speaking of course.........................was recently thinking
    why there aren't more women growers online? and why men automatically
    on various mj sites that the poster is a guy? Can't begin to
    count how many messages I've received on other sites that all included
    such things as "bro" or "mate", oh yes, and "dude", not that it bothered
    me, always got a chuckle out of it. :p Perhaps it's because of all the electrical
    work, or if too, just the construction/modification necessary of an indoor growing area?????


    The reason we assume not many women grow is that we assume that not many women smoke.
    Most of us have had girlfriends or wives that didn't approve and it seems to me at least,that wemon that do smoke aren't as hardcore about it.
    The obvoius problem here is that we need more women like you that not only smoke and grow,but excell at it.



      Ahhhh shucks JLP, thanks for the compliment :p Just yesterday

      a girl was in SD who doesn't get high but she sure knew the strains

      and spoke very knowledgeably about our favorite herb

      She selected 8 different strains to grow. She couldn't

      have been but in her mid-30's



        In my world, who gardens and grows the flowers? Of course, it is the womenfolk. Who grows the squash, beans and taters? The menfolk.

        Why? I don't have a clue.

        When someone has some success at gardening, is it the male or female that jumps up and starts beating their chest, demanding everyone to look at what I've accomplished. With respect to MJ cultivation and the posts on OG, I'd hazard a guess that it would be the male.

        Maybe some of the female growers don't want to be confronted with a jungle of chest thumping gorillas. Take note that some gorillas are warm and cudley and like to snuggle.

        Just some thoughts!
        The man who says it can't be done shouldn't interfer with the one who is doing it.

        To be the best YOU can be, You are only competing with yourself.


          My wife is learning to grow, so she won't have to do without if anything ever happens to me, and so she can take care of things when I am out of town...


            I think the reason people use dude, man, ect. on the forums is because of the names people use for ID. Not to many are women.

            Smoking Jah Herb


              yea.... well... I think this's not a problemo Dutchel....(lmao...what a great new nick for dutchgrown... )...

              If least at 90% are users with penis....I think it's pretty normal to assume that the user is male... Generalizing and categorlizing... is a main requirements for humans in their daily life....

              caricature... If you don't learn that walking in front of a fast moving vehicle will damage you... and if you don't learn that it's same with every kinda car... you get burried very quickly....

              So this is a basic function for us humans to assume things....and if you'd go to a womens parfyme forum...... wouldn't it be egocentric to believe everyone should start writin different way...because one of the users may be a non-women.... IMO.... "when in Rome, do as the romans do".... no need to get insulted of sumthing that isn't there because of ya...

              that kinda feminist shit makes me problem with equality... but that's not the case... EVERYTHING doesn't have to have happened because of you.... so better to move on.... it's easier and faster....more effective... to communicate with generalizings...

              bwhahhaaaa..... I had myself caught... for rambling....

              People seems to think too often that everything is running only around themselves... this should be remembered....

              edit.... btw... I noticed sumthin... Dutchel... you're a woman? If so... I'm more than impressed... I wrote this answer believing you were a guy... good that there's chicks around too (flirty eye blink... )
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                ok, so why aren't there more women growing LL?

                after all, women have that nurturing, (nourishing) maternal instinct which is quite helpful tending to the plants:p

                nurturing = nur·tured, nur·tur·ing, nur·tures
                To nourish; feed.
                To educate; train.
                To help grow or develop; cultivate: nurture a student's talent.

                Usage: To Nurture, Nourish, Cherish. Nourish denotes to supply with food, or cause to grow; as, to nourish a plant, to nourish rebellion. To nurture is to train up with a fostering care, like that of a mother; as, to nurture into strength; to nurture in sound principles. To cherish is to hold and treat as dear; as, to cherish hopes or affections.

                One does not have to consume MJ in order to grow it, and grow well.

                I've never been insulted by being referred to as a guy online, just wanted to urge you GUYS through this discussion to URGE your girlfriend, wife, companion, etc. to join in this wonderful experience of growing. Quite simple really.



                  Actually my dear Dutchel... I've tried to inspire my girlfriend to start growin with me... but even she likes to smoke some times... she hasn't shown any interest for growin...

                  and second... I don't know why there isn't more women growin... my ex-girlfriend growed... but maybe it's because women are more law-abiding than men... yeah... this sounds logical....

                  I've given plants to women so that they'd grow em... but naah... this is rare...

                  Nice to know now.... :p
                  peace bro ... oh ...btw... DG...look at the edit at my first answer....


                    Maybe your being woman was the answer for you kindness... that I was wondering...

                    always welcoming people...


                      I think there's not as many female growers because women in general are more responsible than men. Women think much more about the ramifications of growing such as 'if I get caught they can take my children'

                      On another note, the female growers are steadily on the increase. My outdoor partner's wife has just quit her job and will be handling their indoor grow. Also, my girlfriend is in the middle of her first closet grow and doing a way better job than most guys would do.

                      Peace, UncleBud


                        thanks guys for your enlightening points of view

                        UncleBud, curious though, did they pick the interest up on
                        their own...if so, that's fantastic but I bet you're a good teacher

                        Yes, LL, I am



                          interesting topic dutchgrown...

                          i can say that there are quite a few ladies that either do their own or are partnered with someone that do a outdoor/greenhouse style grow here in northern california....
                          so many couples that stayed together from the 60's-70's that live in rural northern california grow...and it seems that the women for the most part are better than the men when it comes to the gardening
                          the men might brag on how is the big grower guy, but its really the womans soft nuturing touch that has the plants in the greenhouse growing at their best..

                          jason king mentions it in the cannabible 2.

                          i knew a couple who grew in the late 70's in my hometown..
                          she took care of all the sativas

                          i think when it comes to indoor growing it is more of a mens world in the states....its the outdoor grow is where you see the women really shine!

                          but i have heard in the netherlands, indoor growing is a major income for single mothers.....i can see quite a few houses outside of amsterdam that could have a small 1000 wt set up in the kelder or the attic of the house.

                          i hope my cousin who lives in west amsterdam has something like that...3 kids and her ex's dont send her a dime.

                          i will say, that my missus takes care of the or-kids (sp?) at the house, which are a major pain in the ass to grow....but my growroom is my growroom
                          i was growing before we met....and until we have space for a outdoor grow...i think the MJ growing is my job.....that doesnt mean she doesnt smoke more than me, because she does
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                            Well, quite honestly... I have never EVER met a female grower face to face.

                            I have however, met MANY women who smoke more than me.


                              A little interesting trivial for you. I once counted a few days trade at Indoor Jungle Supplies and noticed that 70% of customers were male and the grower, 10% of customers were female and the grower, and the remaining 20% were the growers girlfriends who came to get the stuff for their partners ( and those who i could not determine! ) .

                              Of those 20% 'grower girlfriends' over half were more fluent growers than their partners!
                              Anaesthesia of the masses.