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She survived...

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    She survived...

    For my own peace, I write this where none of them are...

    This year nearly died, as a single working mother of three jobs- not fun needless to say.

    I hope to come back to this thread as I slowly recover. It's slow and so hard on me, but Namaste as many have been helped.

    To you folks, whom know who you are.... Not a single grant. We run off investments private or donations. Few and far between. So grow up, kids, retirees...

    ...and to the father whom forgot his sun..
    What does one say?

    We'll leave that for another day.

    Please wish me strength ladies as maybe only a woman has the knowing. To understand... And a few gents of course... The true stallions.
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    I hope things arent too tough for you. Stay strong, keep going. Love and kindnesses will come your way eventually

    Sending positive vibes!


      Electric shocked - 2 Time(s)


        don't trust people whose job it is to make needy people. life is ours, not vice versa.
        strain zombie says: straaaaaiiins

        "I think the prevailing attitudes.. ..that community is completely harmless and beneficial is wishful thinking at best, ignorant and delusional in many cases, and are the "snake oil" of the charlatan in the worst cases."

        where there is certainty, consideration is absent
        koala tea seeds


          Thanks for the support everyone. Sunshine through the rain clouds... Will keeps one going till the days get better. Life...!


            visualize abundance on a daily basis......

            best wishes for a speedy recovery and i hope you are surrounded by positive people.

            cyber hug


              Oh look, plants... Vegetales. Very nice. Yes, pictures like that stir my soul.
              I have a few blockages in my seven main portals of communication. Particularly my <3 seems solid rock. I use brain waves and attempt at epigenetic changes (using "todays'" terms) to get better, visualization is a great tool. I am reaping what was sown, so be it said. We'll see where the next crops take things. Methinks I'll be fine. Even Dantes seven loops and the trip back up havent deterred me, not ever have they. Try as they might.

              Thanks for the vegetales plantas energy Jahnice.



                Double-edged swords...

                Oh yes Mojave, so true...

                I've got the scars to prove how very double edged it can be. Some here may recall. Thanks for stopping by.



                  empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another

                  sympathy-fellings of pity or sorrow for someone else's misfortune


                    ...and hence... The double-edged sword. The distance between the two, empathy and sympathy, is as thin as a sword and the borders /edges in either direction very dangerous in deed.



                      Empathy - The ability to wear another's shoes.

                      Sympathy - The ability to see another's shoes.

                      Sympathizing is simple, too simple. Empathizing is hard, too hard.

                      Learning to properly use both for personal and population needs is the double edged sword. view, so to say.

                      I'm still being a workaholic, but most is manual labor which is just what this burnt out CEO, researcher and therapist needed.

                      The whole team is exhausted, Cannabis as medicine is hard to objectify through classic scientific method.

                      As if most of the tales, Shiva, vegetalistas, shamans, Karma and the sort. As if it were true, even more so on resin producing psychoactive plants, now deemed medicinal by the scientific community.

                      How does one bring about positive changes. It's evidently needed for us all. Every single one.


                        Sending positive vibes your way.


                          much love to you Acc
                          Nam myoho renge kyo !!
                          (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                          Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                          your bud

                          Peace/ Be here now

                          Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                          The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


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