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    Hello Chim,

    Thanks for the message. I need some time to think about things. To calm down actually.
    Someone actually reminded me today you're not like the many. We'll see..., all sorts of misperceived intentions.

    Either way thanks. I don't believe in flat planets so no one dropped of the side of ours but I get what you're saying.

    There's some things that need to be said... But not today.

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      NAMASTE! Mr. B... Ty!



        market fresh...... yellowness


          Beautiful. Yellow the color associated with our life bringing sun. Nice! Thank you. N.


            While I may not know what your going through. Here's to getting better. I always feel like time will heal ones pain.
            Also here is a song that I like a lot. She has a beautiful singing voice. And this song captured my heart & sole.

            I also feel that music with good vocals is just as powerful at healing ones pain as anything else is. Maybe just my opinion.



              Les vengo a contar mi historia y como sobreviví.
              Fui bulímica en mi adolescencia, estaba en un tratamiento psicológico, debido a mi trastorno de ansiedad, bajo autoestima, depresión y la distorsión de la realidad sobre mi cuerpo.
              Estaba en un etapa tan deprimente, no hablaba con nadie y mi familia preocupada por la perdida de peso. sin hablar de lo mal que me veía.
              Sin darme cuenta de lo que estaba padeciendo, busque informarme por Internet y pude determinar la locura de enfermedad que estaba acabando con mi vida.
              Y en el ultimo vomito después de haberme comido una pizza casi muero.
              Mi familia me interno en un hospital y ya estoy bien.
              Sanando cicatrices, aprendiendo del pasado y tratando de olvidarlo.
              Espero les guste mi historia porque Yo sobreviví a Mi.

              Translation to English:

              I come to tell you my story and how I survived.
              I was bulimic in my adolescence, I was in a psychological treatment, because of my anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, depression and the distortion of reality on my body.
              I was in such a depressing stage, I didn't talk to anyone and my family worried about weight loss. Not to mention how bad I looked.
              Without realizing what I was suffering, look for information on the Internet I could determine the insanity of illness that was ending my life.
              And in the last vomit after eating a pizza I almost died.
              My family interned me in a hospital and I'm fine.
              Healing scars, learning from the past and trying to forget it.
              I hope you like my story because I survived my.
              Best regards
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