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    Welcome Cactus Flower,

    i was encouraged to make my ICMAG account so i could judge at the 420.
    my husband and i had been to the ICMAG420 event in Amsterdam several times over the years, but i had never officially done any judging.
    i am glad i did and hopefully now i will feel alittle less like an outsider at the events.
    it is a great place to meet up with others who share the same interests and
    it is also liberating to have some knowledge that there are other women out their who love to smoke and garden.

    the 'Grand Dames' of the Cannabis world are Mila (Holland) and Mishka(France).
    if you ever get the chance to meet these wonderful weed women-grab it with both hands. they have paved the rocky road for us to follow.
    ONE LOVE to the ladies


      Mo girls required in this game, big up ya chest n welcome Cactus.
      P = G + E + GxE + error

      Originally posted by Brother Nature
      I love how this is a plant we've been breeding and manipulating for hundreds of years, if not more, in order to serve our needs yet we've only just recently started taking notes.


        Originally posted by Illuminate View Post
        Mo girls required in this game, big up ya chest n welcome Cactus.
        There's plenty here without being boxed in a specific forum.

        “Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ~Steve Maraboli~
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        afterthought autos
        We are passionate auto breeders growing organically 2008. We offer 37 autoflowering strains, 17 photoperiods, 14 CBD hemp hybrids via catalog in our decades of breeding expertise. afterthought autos - we are unique quality autoflower breeders for medical conditions and recreational stimulus. Auto breeding 15 years, we're running strong! We're on SEEDBAY again...trio of goodies - autos, photoperiods and CBD hemp strains!



          i don't consider the women's forum a box but community building


            This looks like a good thread to use an introduction thread instead of starting a new one.....I'll sticky it so it stays on top....please feel free to introduce yourself and say HIGH!!
            Thanks for the suggestion jahnice!

            Be Good Humans.....

            "If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they are." --Will Rogers


              thanks, Mrs.Babba,

              for being the Women's Forum MOD and sticking it out here on ICMAG for so long.

              a warm welcome to all the Ganja Girls, Ganja Goddesses and Weed Women and of the world!

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                That is right DAT!! There are female growers and smokers. About a third of the growers I know are female (even if they are caring for their and their husbands weed!!!) and do the same in quality as the male growers !!!!


                  oh goody, a cool cannabis gal!



                    welcome .. I hope you have a thick skin .. theres not enough grow gals here in my opinion.. don't let anyone give ya any crap...yeehaw
                    SML..iff mi spellin and centances suk and yoo don't lyke itt too fukkin bad;/?.....I once was asked what I would say upon getting to the gates of heaven??? m/r is a visitors badge an option??? I would like a few drinks at the bar... for real legalization not sum the weed or kiss my wont be getting my tax money..


                      Originally posted by CACTUSFLOWER View Post
                      Hi, thought I would introduce myself to the female growing community here and offer my support. Cannabis seems to be a male dominated world. What are some of the things you do or we could do to bring female growers and afficianados together as a supportive community? Thanx
                      Cannabis seems to be a male dominated world. ...Really maybe in your neck of the woods not in rocking London, actually its about the same, 50/50 even, tho some may dispute that
                      Omnes hortulani melius quam alia hortulani
                      all gardeners know better than other gardeners


                        Hello all,

                        Canadian sun growing organic gardener here , glad to find sisters with their own group. Any other Canadian women here, I'm in the east at 47º L north and summers are a little short so I tend to grow early finishing strains that I start off indoors and transplant outside first week of June, when they are up to three and even four feet. I do a lot of cuttings for friends in my area so this helps my plants get bushier and produce more branches and buds.

                        Hope to hear back form some of you.


                          Wow, I am really surprised at the lack of women growers using ICmag. They must have better sense than to post there activities online.


                            Originally posted by Stan G. View Post
                            Wow, I am really surprised at the lack of women growers using ICmag. They must have better sense than to post there activities online.
                            Growing is not a team sport. But supporting other growers without gender reference is. There are many wonderful lady types growing gardens quietly. We might poke our heads out once in a while to give advice, and ask for it, and there's certainly a level of internet anonymity that some of us appreciate to just skip right past the gender bias. Cheers to all the anonymous posters with lady parts!
                            Careful what you carry, 'cause the Man is wise- you are still an outlaw in their eyes. -Steely Dan

                            Judge not, O ye of glass condos, lest ye be stoned yourself. Or something. -Binkley


                              Hi welcome to the Mag... I'm Aspen... Not many of us around... But us girls can kill it too let me show ya... And I'm just decent..
                              sigpicLife should not be a journey to the grave with intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WoW What A Wild Ride" - Hunter S Thompson

                              GIRL'S GOT SKILLS come check out the thread everyone Strains = Gorilla Bubble 6, Gorilla Berry Diesel, Train Wreck this run.....
                              ( )

                              i could clock in for very little per hour and turn into a zombie thanks, since i've already been branded BAD by society i'll stick to what i do... QUOTE... STAR CRASH....