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Smoking weed while pregnant?

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    Smoking weed while pregnant?


    I do not mean to intrude, and I ran a search to no avail.

    I am not pregnant, nor is anyone close to me.

    This is a friend of a friend, who is very pregnant ( not sure how far along ), and she is smoking weed. Good weed. (My Casey Jones)

    I for one do not agree with her choice, and now feel bad about being the catalyst.

    I also want my friend to talk to her (not my place), but I want to know if this is as dangerous to the fetus, as i think it is...

    TIA, and I once again am sorry to intrude...
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    I also wouldn't recommend to smoke while pregnant for baby sake. I don't know is it ok or not but better safe then sorry . And u shouldn't feel bad, because after all this is hers decisionis to smoke your CJ .
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      Smoke is smoke, doesnt matter what kind.

      Have babies been borne to potsmokers that were just fine? Sure
      Does this work for everyone? Probably not

      Keep in mind that people used to smoke and drink while pregnant and thought it was totally cool up until like 30 or so years ago...for what that's worth.

      Then you have to take into account the "i didnt know i was pregnant" girl is notorious for this bullshit. She smoked cigs, and weed, and drank alcohol (sometimes) up until probably 6-7 months into the pregnancy, and my babies are incredibly healthy. Am i saying that just because my kids are healthy, all will be healthy? Absolutely not. Am i happy that she "partied" while pregnant? no fucking way

      Her friend is a crackhead who just gave birth last week, and i feel terrible for that little boy. He was born about 2-3 months early, and weighed like 3 lbs. She was more worried about getting another fix than giving birth when she first started having contractions. They did a blood test on the baby and sure enough, tested positive for weed, crack, alcohol, and ....herpes. Worst beginning of life ever. He's been in an incubator for a week, and i'm pretty sure CYS is going to take her baby. I say Good

      Her other friend smoked weed (but quit cigs) the whole pregnancy, up until they went in for the delivery, and he's like a little zombie now. Cute as hell, but definitely different.

      Ok, let the ladies give their experiences now
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        Don't smoke anything while preggers ever! Sober as a ghost!
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          Another vote here for absolutely nothing while pregnant. Nothing.

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            Not very surprising, smoking cannabis While Pregnant Can Harm Developing Fetal Brain.

            During pregnancy, THC passes from the woman's bloodstream to her baby through the placenta. Cannabis is not known to cause birth defects, but there are now concerns that it may affect the baby's brain and nervous system development.

            The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in cannabis targets the receptors and signaling systems in the brain. For the brain to develop normally, this signaling process should occur unhindered.

            Research studies indicate that unborn babies exposed to cannabis may be more likely to exhibit behavioral changes as older children. These children may be more impulsive, hyperactive and have attention difficulties, affecting their learning ability. Some studies have found that babies born to women who used marijuana regularly during pregnancy tend to be lighter in weight, shorter in length and have a smaller head circumference at birth.

            However, having smoked/consumed cannabis prior to actually giving birth is not that bad/damaging, and may relieve "birthing pains".

            I've read that the Indians use to consume cannabis prior to giving birth for that very reason.. Though I thought cannabis was indigenous to the America's until the Spaniards introduced it. I was always kind of confused/puzzled about that.

            Google "smoking cannabis while pregneant, brain devolpment" for more info.

            Edit: Being a baby in the mothers womb is said to be like being in a Isolation/depravation/floatation tank, that alone must be pretty damn trippy, Introduce cannabis, and that would really be a fu*ked up experience. I've always wanted to try the Isolation tank, it sound's like it would be a neat experience.

            An isolation tank is a lightless, soundproof tank in which subjects float in salinated water at skin temperature. Such tanks are now used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine. I've heard your able to trip out and have visions.
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              I'm not a chick, but i saw that thread on the front page in the forums section and i just have to say. It is a really bad idea to smoke anything while pregnant!
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                I am sure its not a good idea to smoke weed when pregnant, but, I went to nursing school with a women who smoked weed during one of her pregnancies and not during the other. She has two girls. One is an honor student, the other average intelligence. She smoked during the honor students pregnancy. Go figure...
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                  This woman I knew 20 years ago was a full blown pothead. She got pregnant and took off the first trimester. Started smoking after that once a day to eliminate her morning sickness. And the baby was healthy. Hell, the kid is going to a big name university now.

                  Not saying it's right or wrong, I would assume smoking while pregnant is bad but I honestly wonder just really how bad!?! If I were you Bobby, I would leave it alone...
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                    a good friend of mine was recently pregnant, she basically told the doctor she could only quit weed or cigarettes, one or the other. the doctor told her that she should quit smoking the ciggs, and that it was cool to use mj as an occassional pain reliever due to cramps and whatnot.

                    i know for a fact that my mom smoked while i was pregnant. those were heady times


                      We all know you shouldnt do it,baby needs no toxins while developing.But.....we all know someone who does or did and there kid turned out ok!!Hell,mom told me she used to love sniffin gas on a rag when she was preggers with me and I didnt turneded out so bad But I say have some control,help your infant,and abstain.


                        Ok well I smoked when I was was 25 yrs ago,not that that matters but it really helped with morning sickness....I also smoked cigs which really pisses me off that I didnt quit those damn things!!...I have years later....its a personal choice on what you feel comfortable with. I agree, any kind of smoke is bad and if I had to do it again I wouldnt smoke anything when preggers but my daughter is happy healthy and very smart. Like I said its a personal choice!

                        Be Good Humans.....

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                          Bobby, you are asking for trouble! Stay out of it. It's none of your business! Refuse to hook em up if it bothers you.

                          Ever hear of "kill the messenger"? You can't win this one!


                            I think the benefit of a few vape rips, at key moments, can far out weigh any negative effects on baby or mother
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                              My wife smoked during the last (third) pregnancy, and not at all during the first two. Our third child is just as bright as the first two, and develops just as quickly. There was a study done by the University of Idaho (USA) that actually proved that nothing was passed from the mother to the fetus through the placenta, allowing the mothers to consume cannabis at their leisure. Studies were performed on actual pregnant college females during all stages of pregnancy.

                              Anyways... I say its the individual's choice. But I dont think it has any harmful effects personally.