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Hank Aaron, Longtime MLB home run king dies at 86

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    Hank Aaron, Longtime MLB home run king dies at 86

    Hank is the one man that Muhammad Ali said he idolized “more than myself.” He became known to the world as “Hammerin’ Hank.”

    Legendary Atlanta Brave and Major League Baseball record holder Hank Aaron died Friday at the age of 86, according to Aaron’s daughter.

    Aaron finished with 755 career home runs, holding the record for 40 years until he was passed by Barry Bonds in 2014. However, he has said the home run record wasn't his most important statistical accomplishment. Aaron still holds baseball's all-time record for most runs batted in, with 2,297!!

    Loved watching him play.

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    Oh Henry!! R.I.P. Hank ..He was the real deal


      RIP Bro

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        That which matters most


          Wow...saw him hit that record breaking homerun off Al Downing(TV, of course).

          RIP Hank


            Still the HR king IMO



              Beyond the game,

              a Hammer in time.

              Out of the park,, and into the beyond


                RIP great sportsman

                In volcanic soil we trust

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                  Always humble. RIP


                    Originally posted by yesum View Post
                    Always humble. RIP
                    most class act ever. will always consider him the champ, fuck steroid users...
                    smoking more pot is NOT the answer to my problems. my problem is that i need more problems that smoking more pot IS the answer to...