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R.I.P. Elemental..

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    R.I.P. Elemental..

    Unfortunately I have bad news for the icmag family, especially to those who knew him best and all the people that have been close in recent years...

    Elemental unfortunately is no longer with us.

    He was a passionate person and a talented grower as few..always ready to joke and make you laugh. Really nice and always with a kind word and advice for all.

    I knew he believed in God and now I like to imagine him in heaven with his plants and his dogs, happy and smiling as the last time I saw him.

    Thanks Ele, thanks for having been a REAL FRIEND, for never judging me and for all that you taught me.

    R.I.P Elemental

    R.I.P Elemental

    Originally posted by DocLeaf
    Elemental is one of the finest Bubblehash Makers in the world! He's one of the Italian Stallions! Cannabis Activists,, Philanthropists,,, International Online Moderator and Journalist.. A Really Nice Guy.. Respected by the community and all the ppl he taught how to brew guano tea and make bubble to the best standards

    Casey Jones / Mota - 400w HPS

    Rosin-solventless oil

    BlueBerry Bubblehash

    Rest in peace, my friend. You will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

    Riposa in pace amico mio, mi mancherai tantissimo e non ti scorderò mai.

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    R.I.P Elemental


      WTF? are you serious?

      I'm shocked and greatly saddened by this news... I loved thay guys attitude to growing and life in general, his threads were always a pleasure to read :(

      Bless you Elemental at peace mate :(
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        R.I.P. my little brother... you are my little bro forever.... i'm sad....
        ".... nasce dall'unione della terra con il sole, io la fumo dentro una cartina perchè so che pure lei lo vuole..." SXM


          heart breaker .. RIP elemental

          galatians 6:7

          The shape it takes could be yours to choose

          What you may win, what you may lose
          Sativa is manna from heaven - BLueGrassToker

          Nobody every told me I found out for myself, you've got to believe in foolish miracles - o. osborne

          Although the masters make the rules
          For the wise men and the fools
          I got nothing, Ma, to live up to - b. Dylan


            brilliant person,brilliant grower...RIP buddy


              it's always sad to see a young person go so early,,,RIP
              # Oh the snot has caked against my pants
              It has turned into crystal...#


                So sad! we lost a great person, a great grower, a great FRIEND!

                ciao Ele


                  ti portero' sempre nel mio cuore
                  ciao amico :'(


                    fuck no, tell this is spam?

                    he was a true devoted soul and i will miss him like a brother

                    overgrow heaven my friend. peace to family and close friends
                    .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

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                      Rest In Peace Br'o!



                        Incredibly sad

                        God bless in heaven




                            I don't know what to say ....... I'm shocked................ he will truly be missed.

                            condolences to his friends and family, you are all in my payers.
                            What's poppin'?! click here


                              you were a good kid Elemental with a massive heart for others around you,your family and friends must be proud...the Buddha's Sister will always remind me of you and your love for this sacred plant... rest easy my friend.