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  • Montuno
    Originally posted by Cannavore View Post
    (((the kalergi plan)))
    F.R.A.C. : "La cospiranoia" :


    We accept resumes to pilot chemtrails,
    the company that offers it: S.A IV Reich.
    This is not a joke, this is not a fake,
    we live in four, five, one fahrenheit.

    God does not exist but I understand that there is something:
    a computer with someone hitting play,
    ashtrays with joints accompanying a bimbai (rum&cola),
    whatever has Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Line.

    I downloaded an application for my cell phone
    that detects Traffic Guardias Civiles and UFOs on a radar;
    I gave my email to the New Acropolis people,
    as a thank you, they gave me a pen.

    I met Pimentel and Sánchez Dragó,
    I poured a little piece of cardboard (LSD) in his coffee
    to check that they see what I see:
    Carmen Porter dancing dancehall.


    I do not know if I believe in the Beyond,
    I don't even know if I believe in the afterlife.
    In the case that it exists, I don't know what will happen
    I don't know if in the Beyond you have to pay a fee to enter.

    I have seen in the street several robocops
    who have everything but education;
    the virtual education system is in place,
    I have enrolled in the Tavistock Institute.

    We are going to found at last the paranormal group:
    debates, colloquiums and sidereal gatherings;
    once a year during their cultural week:
    güijas, psychophonies, dominoes and carnival.

    Some claim and claim to be the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of
    the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of a certain Rudolf Hess.
    ...Of Rudolf what?!? Of Rudolf Hess ?
    ...only a certain Karlos Puest sounds familiar to me.


    Illuminati with tomati in a bathrobe,
    Marichalánnunaki, Rafa Pal, Miguel Rix;
    the missing link, that's Paquirrín,
    the neighborhood of Fernando Carmona Ortiz.

    Bring out the umbrella for the Haarp project;
    also wellies, albal paper cap,
    nuclear mask to be able to breathe.
    This is the conspiracy and its Carnival costume.

    To the liquidi comes Batoski-hipster with Trosky hairstyle,
    beware that today Lewandoski has jumped.
    We are protected by Gadafi's karatekas just in case,
    I'm added in the WhatsApp of the Stasi.

    If one day the leader with Rome (The Pope) gets mad,
    he's going to get fed up with rabid dogs from North Korea.
    merge with VOX (Spanish Trump's ultraright force) and now form Vox Marley.


    je, je, je...

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  • Cannavore
    (((the kalergi plan)))

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  • Brother Nature
    Meth's a hell ova drug aye...

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  • waveguide
    OK i'm on page 6, no surprises,

    also from wales, lived in arizona for 4 decades. to be welsh ("enemy") means to have been not english for the last 900 years. in recent memory wales hasn't suffered under england as blacks in the states have for example but it is a constant oppression. to be not yourself. welsh not. there are so many snubs in british media against wales and so many ways that people have been made to suffer for being welsh. one may be fortunate enough to be oblivious but there is still an existing defiance in wales to be not english, as i see it.

    i think it's something we share with the west papuan people. i have to admit, i'm beginning to think they are better at music. i've lived in arizona a long time.

    so we can be sensitive to every time we are told not to be ourselves.

    the whole kalergi plan sounds like science fiction (i mean, h.g. wells wrote 20,000 leagues about industrialists starting wars to sell arms in the 1890's) given the scope of execution over generations but of course people have no idea about things they don't know about.

    and this is exactly the thing.

    you see, as said, i'm from wales, lived in arizona, arizona. for four decades.

    when you lose your heritage, it is replaced with what?
    with google. being welsh, coming from a place where you walk on stones laid a thousand or more years ago.
    to what. this shit was laid last week.

    if you lose your heritage you could end up believing some atrocious bullshit. being led by the fing knows son.

    things you don't know. things yo uodn;t see. but we see it all, on the television.

    even if i show you the real fucker all you see is the television.

    in WW2 all the radios in the factories the women worked in were LOUD enough to inhibit conversation and promote a state of constant aural reception, which would be transmitted to the subsequent generation.

    you can't use senses you've been convinced you don't have. you lose your cultural connection to spirit, you lose attentiveness outside of technologically reproducible frequencies. pwned holmes. a rat in a cage. hit with shit you don't even know exists you can't see and if you do you deny it.

    but yeah, the kalergi plan. losing your heritage means losing an authority greater than the state, or charles in charge or whatever you're supposed to pay attention to.
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  • waveguide
    o Gee i guess i'm still typing..

    back in '09 i was also on those bastards on the indigo children circuit, documented masons hitting people with HSS to guide them to seek instruction. you can see the keytracking.

    edit i said people i mean kids. they fuck with kids for sure.

    teenagers recruited there to white eagle lodge in crestone colorado for drugs group sex and making spirit science propaganda videos to make all your kids gay.

    mrs. white eagle feather was in the news recently, the corpse at the "love has won!" i think it was cult in the news recently for keeping the dead body.

    i could go on about mkultra and children but it would get real miserable.

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  • waveguide
    just read the first post and the last page,

    just checking th' forum after infrequent use so noticed this thread i suppose, i read gypsy as a fair shake so i'll add this to the thread,

    i became (i guess) a TI/targeted individual in '05, was in that state when i started posting here. a few years later i left the u.s. on an emergency passport. the passport guarantor was my congresswoman and classmate g. giffords who was shot in the head a year later.

    i mean i've been through all sorts of things i don't expect anyone to understand, eg. before my flight out of the u.s. i woke up with a vertical incision on my eyeball and the "mysterious black dot" that appeared in my vision in 2005 that my perps/stalkers said and acted like was a camera (since people told me what i was looking at). the 2011 presidential bioethics committee has a submitted 200 page MRI report from another optic implantee. one of the primary testimonies there was given by james walbert, who is basically the celebrity TI since his implantation was acknowledged by u.s. court in a roundabout way (and reported in u.s.a. today in 2002).

    we got to pal up, james liked chemdawg.

    but yeah i mean talk about stuff i could tell you you don't need to hear. i can only infer so much from experience (i prefer to be considerate and never certain) too much freemasonry in my life and in everybody's day to day life without them really giving a shit about it. too much of the less overt methods used. et c. tiresome fuckwits

    and because i don't know when to shut up,

    big part of my life spent in audio dsp/development. i've had my own experiences with the world and don't like to accredit any belief systems because my experience of life is ITW so to speak. anyway, for a larf i thought i'd play a joke and synthesize some procedural rap music, something that sounds and moves like a human voice but isn't saying anything. i rolled together some cheasy beats and rendered the "voice like" material, the idea was that my pals would be straining to figure out what they were saying.

    having worked extensively with procedural audio and art methods for decades this was fairly trivial to achieve, and i knew that occasionally probability would place a sound here and there that made a word or phrase, but the result i got was coherent throughout. even though this also has precedence in augury, w.s. burroughs "cut-up method" seeming to predict the future, EVP and so on, it was still pretty shocking to experience firsthand because it talked to me.

    but yeah i made a couple of albums like that to fully demonstrate, and i don't see why anyone using the same methods wouldn't have the same result. i thought it was kind of neat. nobody really wants to know. "when you cut into the present, the future leaks through". several years ago now.

    but it's the long life lived with the experiences one goes through that cultivates i suppose awareness. not everyone's bag for sure. i can't say anything anyone's going to listen to. do what you gotta do holmes. and each back in the closet lays.

    i was following the youtube translation algorithm for a song out of west papua the other day, something like, there are stories of love and there are stories, it seems you do not know the pillar of love, because now everybody's dead.

    oh yeah buddy and "i might"

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  • buzzmobile
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  • buzzmobile
    Originally posted by nice fella View Post
    Click image for larger version Name:	suicide.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	17941424

    Statement Regarding False and Inaccurate Reports Concerning Professor Derek Hook

    September 2, 2021
    In addition to Duquesne University's statement below, the Reuters media fact-check department has published the following article on the false accusations made against Professor Derek Hook: Fact Check-Duquesne University Professor Did Not Endorse Suicide in Lecture.

    The statement attributed to Professor Hook is ridiculous and reckless. He did not make a statement advocating anything like what was suggested. In fact, he said that the statement in question was "crazy."
    Professor Hook also said that the provocateur who used this example was wrong in suggesting any such radical action. The words being circulated were simply lifted out of context to distort the actual comments. Saying that Professor Hook called for anything like the words in question is false.
    Duquesne University is a Catholic institution that condemns any suggestion that suicide is to be advocated or endorsed in any form.
    Professor Hook's presentation was part of an invited online talk Professor Hook gave to Baltimore-based American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW), an international association for psychoanalytic social workers. It happened in June. While some of the content in the recording certainly contained troubling elements if taken alone, the full discussion only references the work of another person (Terblanche Delport, as the slides indicate) and the extreme proposition in the context of post-Apartheid South Africa.
    Professor Hook did not advocate taking the extreme measures Delport described. Professor Hook is not advocating, nor does he advocate, violence. His effort to understand how extreme thought is developed is the point of the presentation.
    Professor's Hook's expertise is in psychoanalysis, and his work considers psychoanalytic dimensions of racism in America and South Africa. He is a highly respected expert, and it is disappointing that his efforts to understand and challenge ideas that are admittedly extreme are being shared out of context to falsely illustrate advocacy for extreme behavior.

    Fact Check-Duquesne University professor did not endorse suicide in lecture
    By Reuters Fact Check
    4 Min Read

    A brief video clip of part of a lecture by a professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh has sparked online debate, with some claiming the professor said, “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act”. However, Derek Hook was discussing the commentary of another academic in his lecture and he has told Reuters the statement does not reflect his beliefs at all.

    Social media posts refer to a one and a half minute-long clip that was part of an online presentation given in June by Hook, a scholar and a practitioner of psychoanalysis (here), as part of the series “Deconstructing Whiteness Toward an Anti-Racist Clinical Practice” (here).

    During his lecture, Hook quoted a presentation given by Terblanche Delport (here) in March 2016 at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

    “He made the assertion white people should commit suicide as an ethical act,” Hook said in his lecture, before going on to examine the statement from a psychoanalytic standpoint.

    In an email to Reuters, Hook said, “The video snippet was part of a much longer talk and I was quoting another person’s words.

    “The suggestion that “whites should commit suicide as an ethical act” is absurd and immoral and does not at all reflect my beliefs. Some white South Africans have faced challenges to their sense of self in adapting to no longer having the same cultural prominence and related identity that they once had. Sometimes facing such a significant change in identity and position can feel like an end, like a “death”.

    “My lecture focused on the questions people face in those situations, especially if there are such extreme comments and ideas being stated around them. I did not call for harm to anyone. To the contrary, my entire career has been dedicated to understanding how to help other people face challenges, and I do not condone suicide in any way.”

    Duquesne University, Hook’s employer, published a statement (here) saying that the excerpt circulating on social media had been “lifted out of context to distort the actual comments” by Hook.

    “He did not make a statement advocating anything like what was suggested. In fact, he said that the statement in question was ‘crazy,’” the university wrote.

    In chapter four of the 2020 book “Anxious Joburg: The inner lives of a global South city” (here), Hook refers to this same commentary by Delport and remarked that there seemed to be a "degree of wilful misunderstanding at work" in the reaction to Delport's words.

    Hook wrote, “Delport emphasised that his was a provocation, a rhetorical act, an ethical gesture rather than - as one would imagine was quite obvious - a literal suggestion.”

    Delport could not immediately be reached for comment to Reuters.
    Missing context. Derek Hook, a professor from Duquesne University, did not say that “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act”; he was discussing the comments by another scholar in psychoanalytic terms.
    You will politely, yet firmly say:
    Context is everything.

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  • h.h.
    Originally posted by nice fella View Post
    Click image for larger version Name:	suicide.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	17941424

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  • nice fella
    Click image for larger version  Name:	suicide.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	17941424
    Last edited by nice fella; 09-12-2021, 16:33. Reason: A slimy College Professor for Duquesne University by the name of Derek Hook thinks it's "ethical" for White people to kill themselves. This is a Catholic school, mind you, where the idea of

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  • nice fella
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Name:	september 11.jpg
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  • mojave green
    Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana View Post
    *Another interesting ditty on this is that I have a German friend who says he can't access much if any stuff about the Coudenhove - Kalergi plan in Germany on-line. He says that information on this has been blocked by the state. If anyone is in Germany right now, can you confirm or deny this for us please?
    Help the German’s and post it here!

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  • h.h.
    Another failed sticky.

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  • Veggia farmer
    How the West Was Won - YouTube

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  • Gypsy Nirvana
    Originally posted by audiohi View Post
    Do I remember something about a "pork pie pedophile?"

    He sure did a bunch of diddling over there in Britain. That was before the muslims came, though.


    Yes - Douglas Slade spent a few months in Bicutan - but after our first skirmish - the guards thought it better to keep us separated - all nonces were fair game to be picked on - for obvious reasons - since anyone that interferes with children sexually does need eradicating -

    - Muslims have been in England for a very long time - long before Slade was born -
    - The Shah Jahan Mosque (also known as Woking Mosque) in Oriental Road, Woking, England, is the first purpose-built mosque in the United Kingdom. Built in 1889, it is located 30 miles (50 km) southwest of London -
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