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    "when i run outta weed, i smoke match sticks...
    that first hit is FIRE!!!"

    "I'm not always a dick...but when I am, I drink cheap beer".


      Gypsy, you are RIGHT ON TARGET. Everything you posted is truth. Furthermore, this is little known info, even within "conspiracy theorist" circles.

      All the world's conspiracies, all of the various evil plots, are tied together, originating from one place: the Catholic Church. I say this with respect to most Catholics because most don't really have any sort of awareness of what's really going on in the world. Rome (where the Vatican is and always has been located!) began to lose control over the world's peoples in the 1400s with the invention of the printing press, which itself resulted in the schism of Protestants from the Catholic church. They have been seeking ever since to regain their former absolute power and control over us. The "counter-Reformation" did not end, but is ongoing even today!

      The largest conspiracy in the world, which religious people know as "Satan", i.e. a cabal of those who worship "Lucifer", is in control of all world governments. They are controlling and directing all events in the world. Their end goal is this: to bring the entire world under the rule of a One World Government and a One World Religion.

      The more learned among you may have heard of a document called "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion." This document was supposedly authored by Jews over a century ago, outlining their plan for world domination. The plan is real, and that document explains it all, but it's authorship has been faked! Do not be deceived. The Jews are being used as scapegoats. The real enemy of the world's free peoples are Luciferians; always have been, and always will be. And today they are 100% in control of the Catholic Church and all other religious institutions. They plan to bring about their One World Government and Religion by first destroying all of the world's existing religions and government.

      World Wars 1 and 2 were a part of their plan. Three great wars were planned, in total. Those first two World Wars went a long way towards breaking the power of continental Europe with its existing governments and institutions. Adolf Hitler was a plant, an actor playing a role; he knew all along who he was working for and why--to destroy Germany, the seat of continental European power. After the war he lived out the remainder of his years in a palatial mansion in the wilderness of Argentina, as reward for his service.

      The last bastion of free thinkers in the world is the United States of America. In the next war, which is on our doorstep it is our turn to be destroyed.

      Prepare accordingly.


        Whether this Kalergi plan was put together by one force of power or a conglomerate of dark forces, it is obvious that it is actually going on.

        With this Schengen agreement the borders between most all European countries within the EEC came down making it easy not only for Europeans to travel to and between other European countries, but also millions of migrants to head to and thru these nations, to get to the ones of their choosing, the ones with the best benefits.

        Some were fleeing wars propagated by the elites, many others not, with a mass exodus of mainly young men, leaving their Mothers, wives and daughters behind, with money in their pockets to pay for people smugglers and load for their smart-phones, food and train/bus tickets before they could get to a Western nation that would buy that they were really refugees, and not just economic migrants, and pay their way.

        I remember all the celebrities that came out to say that they would take so many refugees into their own homes to help. But none of them did once we all realized that there was something fishy about this obviously forced integration exposed now in the Kalergi plan, and us knowing about it isn't going to change the fact that it is happening and will continue to happen.
        'It can all start from a seed'


          PESCO is formed and accepted yesteday.
          Lot of jihadist in eurounion will come from isis.
          Muslims grow very fast,every nonhybridized nation in europa
          is in demografic deficit.
          Kalergi plan is just"Brave New word" contoled by white elitist.


            Geopolitical door for islam is albania,Kosovo and macedonia.
            From bosnia one tousand citizens fight for isis,400 killed,300 is back and 300 is still down in eurounion 5600 fighters is back.
            Lot of them is jailed,but prisons born new fenomen,lot of radicalisam,and newborn terorist.
            Central EU (poland,czec,slovakia and hungary)is xenofobic area.


              They will not have problems to radical others cause domestic EU politicians
              work against its own people,so even domestic people could become terrorists
              cause of inner governmental malnutrition and bad treatment,no jobs,no help..

              here people dont have job and need to go out of country to found job
              while politicians accept refugies,housing them,get a job,etc..

              so domestic folks look in these and are pissed hard cause they cant get
              nothing from their own country while some aliens get everything with arrival..

              expect a unexpected.. people will boil after some time.. its like a huge pool of gas
              right next to fireworks festival.. somewhere will blow up..

              Maybe Bosnia will be again in fire,its not far away from these..


                Kalegri plan is univeral cristian nation on eurosoil,selected and categoryzed.
                Our domestic shit is just shit.
                Angela give flowers and candy to first refugges train,like some heroes come.
                Now,she need to wait few generation!


                  Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler's daughter.


                  Compare them.
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                    You've heard of "Picture of the Month"?

                    How about picture of the Century?

                    Let's take a trip deep down the rabbit hole.

                    Here is a picture that was taken in 1938, somewhere in the Bavarian Alps. This is quite possibly the most explosive and damning picture ever released. You'll see why, shortly.
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                      Here the colors have been adjusted, and each of the adults have been identified.

                      Josef Mengele, infamous "evil doctor" of Auschwitz.

                      Martin Bormann, chancellor of the Third Reich.

                      Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's personal bodyguard/commando/assassin.

                      Reinhard Gehlen, chief of the Wehrmacht.

                      ......As well as some other names you've never heard before.....the Scherfs.

                      Look in the second picture, which was taken a few years earlier I think, to compare their faces.

                      (Note how young they all are. They were best of friends from a young age, and somehow went on to become key players in the Third Reich. How many of you, who have gone on to achieve much success in life, did so with all of the exact same people you were always hanging out with from an early age? It's usual for schoolmates and such to drift apart as the years pass, with some going on to achieve success and others not so much. Not these guys. They were together from the beginning to end.)
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                        Here's a picture of the exact same people--many of whom supposedly died years earlier--pictured in the wedding of Gehlen's son!

                        Compare their faces. It's the same people!

                        The second picture was taken October 1998, and guess what, they're all still alive and well!
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                          Here's some pictures of Skorzeny. Notice his rather obvious dueling scar, which was removed. He had a facelift, just as all of the others did! For those of you in California for instance who've seen a lot of people who've had plastic surgery: look very carefully. Can you tell they've all had facelifts? There are subtle clues, though you can tell the job has been expertly done.
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                            Alois Brunner and Martin Bormann, in their golden years, alive and well. Look up Brunner on Wikipedia and you will see the wrong picture, put there purposely to mislead, because he has such a recognizable face that no amount of surgery in the world could hide him. It's claimed that he died in squalor in Syria decades ago. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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                              .....But what about those Scherfs though? Who are they?

                              Here is a comparison picture, where their faces have been cropped out and placed side by side with another photo taken 11 years later.

                              Study this picture closely. Are these the same people?
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