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    [QUOTE=enter sandman;9121889]
    Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana View Post
    - Good link sandman - talks about a Guardian columnist who got fired for writing about US military aid to Israel - he got cancelled for criticizing those who will not be criticized - or you don't work - ya get 'Cancelled' - Joe Biden's cabinet is 73% Zionist/Jewish - (doesn't that look odd to you?) -

    The Tribe always call every nefarious thing that they do a 'Trope' or 'Conspiracy Theory'. They always use these same tactics and the gullible masses buy it hook, line and sinker. Since they essentially own and control ALL media...every opponent and individual who exposes them will be labelled a conspiracy theorist, anti-semite, Nazi and so forth. And you can prove the Trope or conspiracy theory to be true with irrefutable facts and evidence but (((they))) never admit or waver in their stoic determination and deception.

    It is odd and in another way it's not...because the Zionists have always been there behind the curtain but have become more emboldened in the last decade or so. If you have studied this subject for many years, you will notice that they do things 'slowly' and incrementally over time so as to not arouse suspicion. Like The Frog in the Boiling Water analogy. They have slowly showed their hand step by step.
    They are all malignant narcissists (with a touch of schizophrenia) and often play their hands too soon, become too boastful, arrogant and sometimes rush things...confident in the fact that they have it all wrapped up (the particular nation they have sunk their parasitic tentacles into).

    And this is why - many times - they were expelled from the nations they inhabited in the past...over 109 nations they were forcibly expelled from since 250 AD.

    Adam Green of Know More News does a helluva job breaking down the agenda, psychology and religion of these people. Go back and watch many of his older videos and the complete collection can be found on his Bitchute channel. They admit what they are doing demographically replacing White Europeans worldwide and destroying Christianity. It is in their religion and it's something they believe they must do in order for their Jewish messiah 'Moshiach' to appear.

    Very sneakily they have been introducing their Noahide Laws little by little to be implemented and made into law...especially here in the USA. These Noahide Laws are what will be observed in the coming centuries after all of humanity has been blended into one boring, brown and confused race with no roots or identity. This future race of humans will have lower IQ and will be much easier to control and rule over and that is the overall plan in a nutshell. I would also read Kevin MacDonald on this subject...his book 'The Culture of Critique' goes into great detail about The Tribe. I even think he has done one or more interviews with Adam Green on Know More News.

    These Noahide laws will have to be observed by the Goyim in the future - or else.
    Between university of vermont hyper racist jews and skidmore college in upper NY state the idiocy and lunacy is pervasive.......I served with an african american from biloxi mississippi...he came up for a holiday awhile back.....sees all these wealthy white (85% jewish) in the neighborhoods w BLM signs on their lawns........shakes his head.......clueless he said. Those idiots ain't doing black folks any favors! This is a political campaign not a social statement my dudes


      Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana View Post
      - Good link sandman - talks about a Guardian columnist who got fired for writing about US military aid to Israel - he got cancelled for criticizing those who will not be criticized - or you don't work - ya get 'Cancelled' - Joe Biden's cabinet is 73% Zionist/Jewish - (doesn't that look odd to you?) -

      ... and they don't hesitate for a second in taking down a plane/planes if a target just happens to be onboard. Swissair Flight 111, Sept '98
      Harlequin & Acapulco Gold manifold grow

      “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
      but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

      May the fleas of a thousand camels infest
      the crotch of the person who screws up your day and,
      may their arms be too short to scratch.


        I see the force is strong in this one


          Originally posted by RoyalFlush View Post
          Good to see that we're able to criticize the elephant in the room (Zionist) with out getting banned or censored in this forum.

          Like Sandman said... they have been emboldened and because there is no way in stopping that machine, they are more open about it. That being said, not much leaks out of the Bilderberg discussions...

          Long term planning does take place but the monster's head is revealed about every 10 yrs.
          Harlequin & Acapulco Gold manifold grow

          “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
          but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

          May the fleas of a thousand camels infest
          the crotch of the person who screws up your day and,
          may their arms be too short to scratch.


            - Thankyou all for your contributions above gentlemen/ladies - now let us move on a bit - and see if we can find more of a relationship between Zionism and Fascism - as Albert Einstein had so eloquently pointed out to us in his letter to The New York Times - in 1948 - displayed and linked earlier in this thread - so by googling - 'is Zionism Fascist?' - I come up with this from wiki :

            - Revisionist Maximalism -

            Revisionist Maximalism was a short-lived movement and Jewish fascist ideology which was part of the Brit HaBirionim faction of the Zionist Revisionist Movement (ZRM) created by Abba Ahimeir.

            - Abba Ahimeir, the founder of Revisionist Maximalism. -

            The ideology and political faction of Revisionist Maximalism was officially created in 1930 by Abba Ahimeir, a Jewish historian, journalist, and politician. He called for the Zionist Revisionist Movement (ZRM) to adopt the fascist principles of the regime of Benito Mussolini in Italy to create an integralist "pure nationalism" amongst Jews.

            Ahimeir was originally a member of the Jewish Labour Movement who supported the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, and called for Jews to have their "own 1917" and spoke of the need for an October Revolution in Zionism. However Ahimeir grew disillusioned with Russian Bolshevism which he began to see as a Russian nationalist movement rather than a movement to promote international class struggle.

            Having become disillusioned with communism, Ahimeir grew nationalistic after the Arab-Jewish violence occurred in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1928 to 1929.

            - Revisionist Maximalism rejects communism, humanism, internationalism, liberalism, pacifism and socialism; condemned liberal Zionists for only working for middle-class Jews rather than the Jewish nation as a whole. - After the rise of anti-Jewish violence in the British Mandate of Palestine one year prior, support for the Brit HaBirionim faction of the ZRM soared, Brit HaBirionim quickly became the largest faction within the ZRM in 1930.

            - In 1930, Brit HaBirionim under Ahimeir's leadership publicly declared their desire to form a fascist state at the conference of the ZRM, saying:

            - "It is not the masses whom we need ... but the minorities ... We want to educate people for the 'Great Day of God' (war or world revolution), so that they will be ready to follow the leader blindly into the greatest danger ... Not a party but an Orden, a group of private [people], devoting themselves and sacrificing themselves for the great goal. They are united in all, but their private lives and their livelihood are the matter of the Orden. Iron discipline; cult of the leader (on the model of the fascists); dictatorship." Abba Achimeir, 1930 -

            Ahimeir claimed that the Jewish people would outlast Arab rule in the region of Palestine, saying:

            "We fought the Egyptian Pharaoh, the Roman emperors, the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian tsars. They 'defeated' us. But where are they today? Can we not cope with a few despicable muftis or sheiks? ... For us, the forefathers, the prophets, the zealots were not mythological concepts..." Abba Achimeir, 1930. -

            - Revisionist Maximalism and the Brit HaBirionim movement were fierce opponents of pacifism, while promoting militarism and demonstrated in 1932 against Norman Bentwich's inaugural lecture on peace to which Ahimeir saying that "It is not a cathedral to international peace in the name of Bentwich that we need, but a military academy in the name of Ze'ev Jabotinsky" and said "we can defend the honour of Israel ... not by filling our bellies with lectures on peace ... but rather by learning the doctrine of Jabotinsky".

            - Brit HaBirionim demonstrators outside handed out leaflets declaring that peace studies were "the work of Satan" and were "an anti-Zionist measure, a stab in the back of Zionism.".

            Ahimeir believed that his ideology would constitute a "neo-Revisionism" within the Zionist movement that he criticized, and advocated it at a meeting of the Hatzohar movement in Vienna in 1932, saying:

            Zionism is imbued with the ghetto and pronouncements. The path to Jewish sovereignty has to cross a bridge of steel, not a bridge of paper. ... I bring to you a new form of social organization, one that is free of principles and parties ... I bring you Neo-Revisionism.

            In 1932, Brit HaBirionim pressed the ZRM to adopt their policies which were titled the "Ten Commandments of Maximalism" which were made "in the spirit of complete fascism". Moderate ZRM members refused to accept this and moderate ZRM member Yaacov Kahan pressured Brit HaBirionim to accept the democratic nature of the ZRM and not push for the party to adopt fascist dictatorial policies.


            Revisionist Maximalists strongly supported the Italian fascist regime of Benito Mussolini and wanted the creation of a Jewish state based on fascist principles.

            The Revisionist Maximalists became the largest faction in the ZRM in 1930 but collapsed in support in 1933 after Ahimeir's controversial decision to support Nazi Germany due to its fascist and anti-communist stances, while opposing their antisemitic policies. After facing outrage, Ahimeir reversed his position shortly afterwards, with Revisionist Maximalists attacking German consulates, but support for Ahimeir did not recover and the Revisionist Maximalists collapsed until they were recreated in 1938 under new leadership.

            The label of "fascist" has nevertheless to be regarded with reserves because in that period as later it was used often abusively in the disputes between opposed political non-fascist factions, as in the 1930s even the Social Democrat parties were accused by Stalin and the communists of being "fascists" or "social-fascists". In the same way in Palestine Revisionist

            - Zionists themselves were often qualified in the 1930s as "fascists" by the Labor Zionist leaders and the Revisionists attacked the social democratic dominated General Confederation of Labor (Histadrut) and Ben Gurion by use of terms like "Red Swastika" and comparisons with fascism and Hitler.


            * note ABBA AHIMEIR - is displayed as a Fascist -

            ** - DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH? -
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            'It can all start from a seed'


              - During my recent web-wandering on this topic - I came across this very interesting book by Lenni Brenner - called :

              - Zionism in the Age of the Dictators -
              A Reappraisal

              “Our official good will go with them”

              ''By 1934 the SS had become the most pro-Zionist element in the Nazi Party. Other Nazis were even calling them “soft” on the Jews. Baron von Mildenstein had returned from his six-month visit to Palestine as an ardent Zionist sympathiser. Now as the head of the Jewish Department of the SS’s Security Service, he started studying Hebrew and collecting Hebrew records; when his former companion and guide, Kurt Tuchler, visited his office in 1934, he was greeted by the strains of familiar Jewish folk tunes. [16] There were maps on the walls showing the rapidly increasing strength of Zionism inside Germany. [17] Von Mildenstein was as good as his word: he not only wrote favourably about what he saw in the Zionist colonies in Palestine; he also persuaded Goebbels to run the report as a massive twelve-part series in his own Der Angriff (The Assault), the leading Nazi propaganda organ (26 September to 9 October 1934). His stay among the Zionists had shown the SS man “the way to curing a centuries-long wound on the body of the world: the Jewish question”. It was really amazing how some good Jewish boden under his feet could enliven the Jew: “The soil has reformed him and his kind in a decade. This new Jew will be a new people.” [18] To commemorate the Baron’s expedition, Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star. [19]

              In May 1935 Reinhardt Heydrich, who was then the chief of the SS Security Service, later the infamous “Protector” of the Czech lands incorporated into the Reich, wrote an article, The Visible Enemy, for Das Schwarze Korps, the official organ of the SS. In it Heydrich assessed the various tendencies among the Jews, comparing the assimilationists quite invidiously with the Zionists. His partiality towards Zionism could not have been expressed in more unmistakable terms:

              After the Nazi seizure of power our racial laws did in fact curtail considerably the immediate influence of Jews. But ... the question as he sees it is still: How can we win back our old position ... We must separate Jewry into two categories... the Zionists and those who favor being assimilated. The Zionists adhere to a strict racial position and by emigrating to Palestine they are helping to build their own Jewish state.

              Heydrich wished them a fond farewell: “The time cannot be far distant when Palestine will again be able to accept its sons who have been lost to it for over a thousand years. Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them.”


              ''Gustav Krojanker, an editor at the Jüdischer Verlag, the oldest Zionist publishing house in Europe, also saw the two movements’ common roots in volkist irrationalism, and drew the conclusion that Zionists should look positively at the nationalist aspects of Nazism. A benign approach toward their fellow volkists, he naively reasoned, would perhaps bring forth an equivalent benevolence toward Zionism on the part of the Nazis. [18] As far as Krojanker and many other Zionists were concerned, democracy’s day was over. Harry Sacher, a Briton, one of the leaders of the WZO in the period, explained Krojanker’s theories in a review of Krojanker’s book, Zum Problem des Neuen Deutschen Nationalismus:''

              For Zionists, Liberalism is the enemy; it is also the enemy for Nazism; ergo, Zionism should have much sympathy and understanding for Nazism, of which anti-Semitism is probably a fleeting accident.

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              'It can all start from a seed'


                Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana View Post
                - Back on the plan - there does seem to be rather a lot out there - on Coudenhove-Kalergi and his plans - must have spiked much interest from when I initially started researching this very interesting character - some years ago - I would say he was a KEY player in the formation of the European Union - and to many his plans resonated - and still do -

                View Image

                View Image

                * 5 of my kids are of mixed race - and show much hybrid vigour because of it - but for sure - enforced mass immigration like we have seen and still are seeing - creating cultural ethnocide in many areas - is not right/fair - where one invasive ethnicity/cultural group is imposed upon another en masse - and does not integrate with the local culture - they do not even respect local laws - but try to dominate the society with their own - crime and attacks committed against the locals increases - because the invasive culture/religion does not respect local people - laws and customs - because they are 'unbelievers ' - in the religion - laws - and customs - of a supremacist - totalitarian ideology -

                - Most indigenous people will just move away from the invaded territory - for a quite life - if they can afford to - so breaking up their once vibrant communities - and fractionating what was once good and whole - those who leave hoping to find a sense of community with strangers - where ever they may go -

                ''Moreover, as I’ve noted on several occasions, the point of jihad is to spread sharia, the Islamic legal system whose installation is the necessary precondition to creating an Islamic society. That need not be done by violent means. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most influential Islamist organization, maintains that America and Europe will be “conquered” not by violence but by dawa* – the proselytism of Islam by non-violent (or, more accurate, pre-violent) means, such as infiltration of our institutions. Spencer calls this phenomenon “stealth jihad.”

                Consequently, one can be an Islamist without engaging in violent jihad, which is precisely the case with the vast majority of Islamists. The fact that they are not terrorists does not mean — as we wish it would mean — that they are not extremists. While they abstain from the use of force (particularly against other Muslims), staggering majorities of Muslims throughout the world favor the implementation and strict application of sharia. Andrew Bostom’s essay demonstrates this, citing polling done in 2009 by World Public Opinion in conjunction with the University of Maryland.

                Back in 1954, Lewis recalled “the political history of Islam” as “one of almost unrelieved autocracy” that was “authoritarian, often arbitrary, [and] sometimes tyrannical.” Besides this, the most interesting part of his essay is its focus on “certain uncomfortable resemblances” between “the Ulama of Islam” and “the Communist Party.” Though “very different” in some ways, the two, he stated, “profess a totalitarian doctrine, with complete and final answers to all questions on heaven and earth.”''


                Why not talk about Prince Charles' role in supporting and sponsoring Hitler and that being the reason that only the civilian sectors of Germany and England were hit with aerial bombardments and not the industrial centers where their $ was invested?

                Or the British/Protestant relationship with jewish-Sephardim bankers and Mohammadan soldiers starting in the 1300s and carrying on through modern times?

       -here is just ONE example of hundreds of thousands-

                Therefore solidifying the

                Look at how England(Episcopalian/Protestant) and Portugal(Jesuit - current pope) go about colluding with each other to employ Semites (arabs and jews are the same bloodline genetically) against the Holy Roman Empire. I mean take a look at the Americas, France use to hold Louisianna to Quebec, Spain owned California down through north Brazil/Chile from 1520-1844, New York was originally Gotham (Dutch), parts of Indiana were called New Sweden. What languages are spoken now? How about flag colors? How about last names of people dead in the battles of WWI and WWII, where do they derive from?

                England owned HongKong and Portugal owned Formosa. Who owns the Falkland Islands? Who are the policy makers after the Sykes-Picot agreements? Which Empire signed the Balfour declaration?

                It was the British Empire (renamed Commonwealth) that imported all the Hindus and Paki's to the Island, not the Jews. All to keep the ethnic scot-irish laborers destabilized and having to quarrel over artificially unavailable resources. Look how a "teenie weenie small k" khan is mayor of London and is now giving natives a touch of the Irish treatment. Do as you are told heathens!

                why not name some other fascists, such as....

                The Aga Khan of the "black-hand franz ferdinand acclaim". He gets a 21 gun salute when he comes to England while the military veteran gets a jackboot to the nuts when he talks about his uneasiness with his view of the future for his children.

                The Aga Khan who prohibits gambling and drinking amongst his followers, owns hundreds of gambling centers throughout England and drinks at the lavish "philanthropic" events he attends. British secret police and members of the foreign service arrange kidnappings of mostly Irish, ethnic Russian, Swedish, Danish, Belgian, German, Ukrainian, and Polish girls and sell them to the khanate for his haram in the British Virgin Islands.

                Great Britain sponsored his warlording over Nigeria in the 90s and 2000s and the rape of hundreds of thousands of indigenous women by his jihadis. How come Julian -the british double agent- Assange didn't lament on that and holds the United Nations in such high-esteem?

                It was the Great Britain via Canada who sold grain to Lenin and Trotskyites while those 40+million ethnic Eukranians and Russians starved to death during the Holodomor. Same as they sold grain to Mao Zhedong. It was the british who concentration camped the dutch in south africa. It was the british king who denied the Romanov's refuge and actually paid the Bolsheviks and Menscheviks via Kuhn Loeb and Co via their agents in America to slaughter them. Revenge for helping the USA during the civil war and being so extremely jealous of the wealth of the tzar.

                My next post will show Winston Churchill being responsible for the perpetuation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.


                  you can find this yourselves online. but here is the real winston churchill.

                  The Churchill Society

                  THE MAIN INDEX

                  Search the web site.

                  Contact the society.

                  Something to astonish you!

                  Mr Winston Churchill speaking in Zurich
                  I9th September 1946.

                  I WISH TO SPEAK TO YOU TODAY about the tragedy of Europe.
                  This noble continent, comprising on the whole the fairest and the most cultivated regions of the earth; enjoying a temperate and equable climate, is the home of all the great parent races of the western world. It is the fountain of Christian faith and Christian ethics. It is the origin of most of the culture, arts, philosophy and science both of ancient and modem times.

                  If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, to the prosperity and glory which its three or four hundred million people would enjoy. Yet it is from Europe that have sprung that series of frightful nationalistic quarrels, originated by the Teutonic nations, which we have seen even in this twentieth century and in our own lifetime, wreck the peace and mar the prospects of all mankind.

                  And what is the plight to which Europe has been reduced?

                  Some of the smaller States have indeed made a good recovery, but over wide areas a vast quivering mass of tormented, hungry, care-worn and bewildered human beings gape at the ruins of their cities and homes, and scan the dark horizons for the approach of some new peril, tyranny or terror.

                  Among the victors there is a babel of jarring voices; among the vanquished the sullen silence of despair.

                  That is all that Europeans, grouped in so many ancient States and nations, that is all that the Germanic Powers have got by tearing each other to pieces and spreading havoc far and wide.

                  Indeed, but for the fact that the great Republic across the Atlantic Ocean has at length realised that the ruin or enslavement of Europe would involve their own fate as well, and has stretched out hands of succour and guidance, the Dark Ages would have returned in all their cruelty and squalor.

                  They may still return.

                  Yet all the while there is a remedy which, if it were generally and spontaneously adopted, would as if by a miracle transform the whole scene, and would in a few years make all Europe, or the greater part of it, as free and as happy as Switzerland is today.

                  What is this sovereign remedy?

                  It is to re-create the European Family, or as much of it as we can, and provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom.

                  We must build a kind of United States of Europe.

                  In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the simple joys and hopes which make life worth living.

                  The process is simple.

                  All that is needed is the resolve of hundreds of millions of men and women to do right instead of wrong, and gain as their reward, blessing instead of cursing.

                  Much work has been done upon this task by the exertions of the Pan-European Union which owes so much to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi and which commanded the services of the famous French patriot and statesman, Aristide Briand.

                  There is also that immense body of doctrine and procedure, which was brought into being amid high hopes after the First World War, as the League of Nations.

                  The League of Nations did not fail because of its principles or conceptions. It failed because these principles were deserted by those States who had brought it into being. It failed because the Governments of those days feared to face the facts and act while time remained. This disaster must not be repeated. There is, therefore, much knowledge and material with which to build; and also bitter dear-bought experience.

                  I was very glad to read in the newspapers two days ago that my friend President Truman had expressed his interest and sympathy with this great design.

                  There is no reason why a regional organisation of Europe should in any way conflict with the world organisation of the United Nations. On the contrary, I believe that the larger synthesis will only survive if it is founded upon coherent natural groupings.

                  There is already a natural grouping in the Western Hemisphere. We British have our own Commonwealth of Nations. These do not weaken, on the contrary they strengthen, the world organisation. They are in fact its main support.

                  And why should there not be a European group which could give a sense of enlarged patriotism and common citizenship to the distracted peoples of this turbulent and mighty continent and why should it not take its rightful place with other great groupings in shaping the destinies of men?

                  In order that this should be accomplished, there must be an act of faith in which millions of families speaking many languages must consciously take part.

                  We all know that the two world wars through which we have passed arose out of the vain passion of a newly united Germany to play the dominating part in the world.

                  In this last struggle crimes and massacres have been committed for which there is no parallel since the invasions of the Mongols in the fourteenth century and no equal at any time in human history.

                  The guilty must be punished. Germany must be deprived of the power to rearm and make another aggressive war.

                  But when all this has been done, as it will be done, as it is being done, there must be an end to retribution. There must be what Mr Gladstone many years ago called 'a blessed act of oblivion'.

                  We must all turn our backs upon the horrors of the past. We must look to the future. We cannot afford to drag forward across the years that are to come the hatreds and revenges which have sprung from the injuries of the past.

                  If Europe is to be saved from infinite misery, and indeed from final doom, there must be an act of faith in the European family and an act of oblivion against all the crimes and follies of the past.

                  Can the free peoples of Europe rise to the height of these resolves of the soul and instincts of the spirit of man?

                  If they can, the wrongs and injuries which have been inflicted will have been washed away on all sides by the miseries which have been endured.

                  Is there any need for further floods of agony?

                  Is it the only lesson of history that mankind is unteachable?

                  Let there be justice, mercy and freedom.

                  The peoples have only to will it, and all will achieve their hearts' desire.

                  I am now going to say something that will astonish you.

                  The first step in the re-creation of the European family must be a partnership between France and Germany.

                  In this way only can France recover the moral leadership of Europe.

                  There can be no revival of Europe without a spiritually great France and a spiritually great Germany.

                  The structure of the United States of Europe, if well and truly built, will be such as to make the material strength of a single state less important. Small nations will count as much as large ones and gain their honour by their contribution to the common cause.

                  The ancient states and principalities of Germany, freely joined together for mutual convenience in a federal system, might each take their individual place among the United States of Europe. I shall not try to make a detailed programme for hundreds of millions of people who want to be happy and free, prosperous and safe, who wish to enjoy the four freedoms of which the great President Roosevelt spoke, and live in accordance with the principles embodied in the Atlantic Charter. If this is their wish, they have only to say so, and means can certainly be found, and machinery erected, to carry that wish into full fruition.

                  But I must give you warning. Time may be short.

                  At present there is a breathing-space. The cannon have ceased firing. The fighting has stopped; but the dangers have not stopped.

                  If we are to form the United States of Europe or whatever name or form it may take, we must begin now.

                  In these present days we dwell strangely and precariously under the shield and protection of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is still only in the hands of a State and nation which we know will never use it except in the cause of right and freedom. But it may well be that in a few years this awful agency of destruction will be widespread and the catastrophe following from its use by several warring nations will not only bring to an end all that we call civilisation, but may possibly disintegrate the globe itself.

                  I must now sum up the propositions which are before you.

                  Our constant aim must be to build and fortify the strength of the United Nations Organisation.

                  Under and within that world concept, we must re-create the European family in a regional structure called, it may be, the United States of Europe.

                  The first step is to form a Council of Europe.

                  If at first all the States of Europe are not willing or able to join the Union, we must nevertheless proceed to assemble and combine those who will and those who can.

                  The salvation of the common people of every race and of every land from war or servitude must be established on solid foundations and must be guarded by the readiness of all men and women to die rather than submit to tyranny.

                  In all this urgent work, France and Germany must take the lead together.

                  Great Britain, the British Commonwealth of Nations, mighty America, and I trust Soviet Russia - for then indeed all would be well - must be the friends and sponsors of the new Europe and must champion its right to live and shine.


                    The useful idiots of today don't even know what words like "marxism", "socialism", "fascism", "anti-facist", "nazi", "racist", "white supremacist", mean, but have been told how to use these terms to shill for their corporate masters against their enemies, ie. all those who resist.

                    They haven't read anything on the subjects.

                    They are sheep who are literally brainwashed and damaged beyond repair. Literally NPCs in a video game.

                    It would take a whole bottle of red pills to wake them up.

                    The beauty of today is, the rulers don't even hide it anymore, and people STILL suck their dick. Truth is stranger than fiction
                    Some fight for the glories of this world,
                    Some sigh for prophet's paradise to come.
                    Ah, take the cash and let the promise go!
                    Nor heed the rumble of a distant drum!


                      When I hear terms like "sheep", "NPC", and "Red Pill" I know that person's education came from one of the Chan's or Kun websites.

                      One of my degrees is in psychology. I couldn't imagine sitting in a university psychology class and the professor using those terms. People who use those terms may think they sound smart but really they sound like a child pointing to the moon and saying moon over and over as the child is surrounded by astronomers looking at the constellations.

                      People who use the terms "Red Pill", "Sheep", or "NPC" are the same types who stormed the capitol in herd formation on Jan 6th. I don't see anything from those types as being critical thinkers.

                      I guess these people are the new "Valley Boyz" with their own speech gagging on the "Red Pill".


                        Some say the Matrix is not a action movie, but an documentary. Just saying.


                          Originally posted by Absolem View Post
                          When I hear terms like "sheep", "NPC", and "Red Pill" I know that person's education came from one of the Chan's or Kun websites.

                          One of my degrees is in psychology. I couldn't imagine sitting in a university psychology class and the professor using those terms. People who use those terms may think they sound smart but really they sound like a child pointing to the moon and saying moon over and over as the child is surrounded by astronomers looking at the constellations.

                          People who use the terms "Red Pill", "Sheep", or "NPC" are the same types who stormed the capitol in herd formation on Jan 6th. I don't see anything from those types as being critical thinkers.

                          I guess these people are the new "Valley Boyz" with their own speech gagging on the "Red Pill".
                          - If you do have a degree in psychology - then perhaps you have heard of Jordan Peterson Absolem? - he makes a good argument - that sorta supports my hypothesis - by stating how relatively intelligent Ashkenazi Jews are - compared to other ethnicities - so that gets me thinking that perhaps the Jewish people have selectively inbred for intelligence for hundreds of years (even thousands) - by putting together the smartest members of their communities via arranged marriages - for breeding purposes - intelligence is mostly hereditary - then these bright Jewish kids are given very good educations - so that's why we see so many succeed and do so very well globally from that ethnicity - and its not beyond the imagination that they could well have a much more advanced eugenics programme functioning today - since - Intelligence+Education+Finance = Power - (usually)

                          Below are the words of Jordan Peterson:

                          On the so-called “Jewish Question”

                          The players of identity politics on the far right continue ever-so-pathologically to beat the anti-Semitic drum, pointing to the over-representation of Jews in positions of authority, competence and influence (including revolutionary movements). I’m called upon–sometimes publicly, sometimes on social media platforms–to comment on such matters, and criticized when I hesitate to do so (although God only knows why I would hesitate

                          So let’s take apart the far-right claims:

                          First, psychologically speaking: why do the reactionary conspiracy theorists even bother? This is a straightforward matter. If you’re misguided enough to play identity politics, whether on the left or the right, then you require a victim (in the right-wing case, European culture or some variant) and a perpetrator (Jews). Otherwise you can’t play the game (a YouTube video I made explicating the rules can be found here). Once you determine to play, however, you benefit in a number of ways. You can claim responsibility for the accomplishments of your group you feel racially/ethnically akin to without actually having to accomplish anything yourself. That’s convenient. You can identify with the hypothetical victimization of that group and feel sorry for yourself and pleased at your compassion simultaneously. Another unearned victory. You simplify your world radically, as well. All the problems you face now have a cause, and a single one, so you can dispense with the unpleasant difficulty of thinking things through in detail. Bonus. Furthermore, and most reprehensibly: you now have someone to hate (and, what’s worse, with a good conscience) so your unrecognized resentment and cowardly and incompetent failure to deal with the world forthrightly can find a target, and you can feel morally superior in your consequent persecution (see Germany, Nazi for further evidence and information).

                          Second, in what manner (if any) are such claims true? Well, Jews are genuinely over-represented in positions of authority, competence and influence. New York Jews, in particular, snap up a disproportionate number of Nobel prizes (see this Times of Israel article), and Jews are disproportionately eligible for admission at elite universities, where they, along with Asians, tend to be discriminated against (see this Newsweek article). It’s possible that we should be happy about this, rather than annoyed: is the fact that smart people are working hard for our mutual advancement really something to feel upset? What, exactly, is the preferable alternative? In any case, the radical/identity-politics right wingers regard such accomplishment as evidence of a conspiracy. It hardly needs to be said that although conspiracies do occasionally occur, conspiracy theories are the lowest form of intellectual enterprise. Is there another, more credible explanation? Yes. Three well-documented factors in fact appear to be at play:

                          a) The significantly higher than average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews (see this article in the Economist for a credible layman’s analysis; for a scientific take (one of many) see Gregory Cochran’s work: abstract and full paper). Consider that IQ is the most powerful single determinant of long-term socioeconomic success and influence (my lab has published on this issue). Consider also that the effect of a mean or average difference in IQ is dramatically increased at the tails of the distribution, so that a 10-15 point difference produces increasingly large inequalities in group representation in proportion to the degree that a given job requires higher general cognitive ability. This means that proportional Jewish over-representation increases as the demand for IQ increases. Simply put: if a very complex job or role requires an IQ of 145, three standard deviations above the mean and characteristic of less than one percent of the general population, then a group with a higher average IQ will be exceptionally over-represented in such enterprises.

                          b) The relationship between IQ and Big Five trait Openness to Experience. Openness to Experience is one of the five cardinal personality traits (Wikipedia will fill you in rapidly if you need more info). Openness to Experience has often been considered the reflection of general cognitive ability or intelligence in personality. It’s what you are referring to when you describe someone as thoughtful, smart, artistic or philosophical. People with high IQs tend overwhelmingly to be higher in trait Openness to Experience (particularly in the Openness to Experience aspect of Intellect (Dr. Colin DeYoung’s lab spearheaded a paper on this issue).

                          c) The relationship between Openness to Experience and political liberalism: Political affiliation is importantly associated with personality. Conservatives/right-wingers tend to be high in Conscientiousness (particularly in the Conscientiousness aspect of Orderliness) and low in Openness to Experience while liberals/left-wingers tend to have the reverse pattern (low Conscientiousness (particularly aspect Orderliness) and high Openness to Experience. The story is somewhat more complicated than that (which we also reviewed), but that covers the basics.

                          So, what’s the story? No conspiracy. Get it? No conspiracy. Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ. The effect of this group difference (approximately the difference between the typical high school student and the typical state college student) is magnified for occupations/interests that require high general cognitive ability. Equal over-representation may also occur in political movements associated with the left, because high IQ is associated with Openness to Experience, which is in turn associated with liberal/left-leaning political proclivities.

                          There is no evidence whatsoever that Ashkenazi Jews are over-represented in any occupations/interests for reasons other than intelligence and the associated effects of intelligence on personality and political belief. Thus, no conspiratorial claims based on ethnic identity need to be given credence.

                          Readers interested in such issues may also be interested in a broader recent critique of the idea of Jewish conspiracy: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy: A Critical Analysis of Kevin MacDonald’s Theory

                          Update April 24 2018: A recent critic attempted to take my argument apart arithmetically:

                          He stated: Different ethnic groups act in a nepotistic manner at differing levels. Some do so more than others.

                          Your argument is essentially that identity politics does matter not. But it does to Jews, who’s religion and ethnic identity are especially important to them. They even base their whole identity around their victimization in the past by gentiles (Romen Empire, Christians, the Holocaust). Yet, you’re trying to tell us those who play into identity politics are losers? That’s the first problem I’m seeing because even Jews don’t believe that.

                          Second, if Jews are high IQ, and that means they are more likely to be in positions of power, that would explain their prevalence. Yet, there are VASTLY more white gentiles that have equal or higher IQs than your average Jews. We can do simple math to prove this. If there are 6 million Jews in the United States with an average IQ of 115 (so 3 million are 115+) and there are 200+ million white gentiles with an average IQ of 105 IQ (so roughly 30% are 115+ IQ). So 200 million x .30 gives us 60,000,000 whites with an IQ of 115+. So, we would think, if all things being equal, then that whites would proportionally represented in positions of power commensurate with their IQ and numbers. Jews should, according to the idea that IQ leads to representation in positions of power, should be 5% or so of millionaires (3 million Jews / 60 million gentiles at 115+). But this is not the case. Jews make up a disproportionate number of millionaires and billionaires (40% according to Forbes) according to the IQ theory Jordan B. Peterson is utilizing.

                          What explains this? Ethnic nepotism, i.e. identity politics. Jews priviliege others Jews with access to power, money, and positions to perpetuate Jewish influence in America.

                          Yet, Jordan Peterson is telling us there is no idea of Jewish power in America. That’s simply not true when we all know the world runs on money, and no one knows this better than the Jews. That’s why our foreign policy has been about securing Israel’s security. That’s why our politicians get money from AIPAC. Why we send billions to Isarel every year. Why our relationship with the Muslim world has declined because of this one-sided affair.

                          Here’s my response:

                          Your cut-off for high IQ is far too low. Try 145 (the figure I cite for serious intellectual advantage) and see how that works. That’s three standard deviations above the general population of mean of 100, not the 115 (one standard deviation) you used. One standard deviation above the average is helpful — it puts you in college — but it’s nothing compared to three standard deviations (in part because of the operation of the Pareto principle).

                          Three standard deviations advantage for the general population puts an individual at 99.9%. That’s .001 of the population, so .001 X 200,000,000 (using your figures) = 200,000 “white gentiles” with an IQ of 145 or more.

                          Two standard deviations advantage for the Jewish population (with an estimated mean IQ of 115) means an IQ above 97.7% of the Jewish population. That’s .023 of the population, so .023 X 6.000,000 = 138,000

                          138,000/(200,000+138,000) = 138,000/338,000 = 40.8% of the 145+ IQ population is Jewish. And you said “40% of millionaires and billionaires are Jewish.”

                          Isn’t it something how those figures dovetail?

                          'It can all start from a seed'


                            Originally posted by Veggia farmer View Post
                            Some say the Matrix is not a action movie, but an documentary. Just saying.
                            But what is being said in this thread is far more serious than that. The "cospiracy" part is just a superficial dressing-up in which to wrap (so that it is not "so obvious", heh) the background of incitement to fear and hatred.


                              Im sorry, but how in the friggin way can it be far more serious than that? IF you actuallly took my words and heard after, or wait, LISTENED

                              I got not hate, expect for the fascism in ALL of it forms. Fears? Yeah, sure, Im afraid that "it" would someday would come to hyperinflation, losing farm, jail time other than that and someother things I would guess Im OK. Is it that you think of? Isnt the only thing to fear is fear itself? Cause if you mean to other cultures and colored skins? Naaah, I like diversity... I still remember the first time I tasted chili, LOVED IT. Thanks world(!) for diversity so I got more than dear and elk meat and so forth. Fear for what again? I cant talk for other people, but no hate and fear against other cultures here, rather much love



                                Originally posted by Gypsy Nirvana View Post
                                - If you do have a degree in psychology - then perhaps you have heard of Jordan Peterson Absolem? - he makes a good argument - that sorta supports my hypothesis - by stating how relatively intelligent Ashkenazi Jews are - compared to other ethnicities - so that gets me thinking that perhaps the Jewish people have selectively inbred for intelligence for hundreds of years (even thousands) - by putting together the smartest members of their communities via arranged marriages - for breeding purposes - intelligence is mostly hereditary - then these bright Jewish kids are given very good educations - so that's why we see so many succeed and do so very well globally from that ethnicity - and its not beyond the imagination that they could well have a much more advanced eugenics programme functioning today - since - Intelligence+Education+Finance = Power - (usually)
                                My psychology degree comes from Grand Valley State University in Michigan.

                                I went to a private catholic school. The school would advertise it's students had higher then average test scores and higher IQ scores on average. It was true. But misleading. The public schools in the states we were compared to have to take every kid. The catholic school I went didn't deal with all the rift raft public schools got. The catholic school got students whose parents paid a lot of money to go there, not many divorced parents, stable house holds, and the ability to kick students out for very little reason.

                                The Jewish community is much the same. Their kids go to private schools, the divorce rate is low, the families get together once a week for mass. Overall it's a tight community. Saying somehow these kids are more intelligent is nonsense. There is zero scientific data to back any of this up. When you take the top 5% of kids in schools and compare them there is little difference in intelligence.

                                Jordan Peterson was a nobody in the psychology community until he started catering to the alt right. His big claim to fame is mocking "identity" politics. The funny part of it is his entire schtick is based on identity politics as he blames the Jewish people for being behind the scenes of world control.

                                Look who his biggest followers are. Alt Right and white supremist. Besides looking at the man it's always good to see the people who support him. He doesn't receive accolades from his peers. It comes from people who watch his Youtube videos as he "owns" the libs. He caters to the disenfranchised white male who feels like they are losing their heritage and feel forgotten.

                                His fan base is very rabid. Much like the Jan 6th rioters.


                                "When Cathy Newman, a journalist for the UK’s Channel 4, challenged Peterson’s arguments in a televised interview, she received so many death threats that she had to get help from the police. “There were literally thousands of abusive tweets — it was a semi-organized campaign,” she recalled in an interview. “ It ranged from the usual ‘****, bitch, dumb blonde’ to ‘I’m going to find out where you live and execute you.’”"

                                Peterson isn't a very stable person.


                                "Jordan Peterson has been forced to pursue “emergency” drug detox treatment in Russia after getting hooked on highly addictive psychoactive anti-anxiety drugs, his daughter has said.

                                The Canadian psychologist, who has attracted a substantial far-right following, has withdrawn from the public eye due to his spiralling addiction to benzodiazepines.

                                Withdrawal symptoms of benzodiazepines, which include Valium, Xanex and others, include acute anxiety, panic attacks, vomiting, insomnia, muscle twitches, headaches, paranoia, memory loss and in the most extreme instances seizures which can cause death."