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S.A. Meeting Hall - Doors Are Always Open (Seeds Anonymous) Share Your Relapses

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    S.A. Meeting Hall - Doors Are Always Open (Seeds Anonymous) Share Your Relapses

    I decided to claim this room, hang up a few 12 step posters and throw some ash trays on these tables surrounded by some worn out chairs. There is hot coffee. Smoking is encouraged.

    I hope this can be a place where we can all come and feel comfortable to discuss our addiction to buying, swapping, stalking, worshipping and drooling after seeds.

    For recovery it is very important that we must be honest with each other. It is of upmost importance that we freely discuss our relapses in regards to this most heinous and debilitating disease.

    For example,

    I must admit, just a few short weeks ago I received a shipment of beans. I had been clean for 6 years before that day. My package included some Serious AK47, Nirvana Misty and Nirvana Maui-Waui. The Boo being what it is, further fed my disease by giving me some Lucky Dip freebies.

    I felt instant relief after pulling the trigger and then anxiety as I eagerly awaited my seeds. When they arrived, I coddled them, took pictures, examined and praised them. My HIGH was powerful and euphoria filled.

    Unfortunately, this HIGH was short lived. Within a week, I no longer felt euphoria. In fact, anxiety and depression started to set in and I knew I needed a fix. I feverishly cruised the Boo and Bay, while comparing my findings to my little (rather large) wish list. As I fought the hot flashes and anxiety, I felt the slight sting and then relief as I hit 'Buy Now' on Colombian X.

    While awaiting my fix I was excited and overly nervous. I had great anticipation, until in my hands I had my Colombian Gold x OT1 Pure Haze. My addicitive personality was pleasently surprised to see the Bay was also enabling my disease by giving me some Sam the Skunkmans Mixed Seeds X Haze/Skunk#1 freebies... I was instantly gratified, almost like an orgasm. No better than an orgasm. This disease is sick and it has a hold of me. I want to stop adding to my list and stop buying, I just can't do it by myself.

    I went clean again for a short time, only to fall off the wagon again... another relapse and dreams of relapses...

    That is all I can share right now. I will share with you all my most recent stumbles soon...

    I am GP73 and I am a Seed Addict !!!

    Who else would like to share?

    i had up to 85 packs of different seeds and i cant possibly grow them out indoors plus the seeds ive made and the gifted seeds i got .haha if my kids decides to grow some day he wont even be able to grow them out hahahaha


    jack & jill went up the hill to score a bag of grass jack was swift & rolled a spliff now he's gettin some ASS

    i'm never alone even when i'm by myself


      ok, it's new day and i've wandered back into the S.A. Hall here to confess to you all again a recent relapse i had.

      you see the colombian x and sam's mixed only got me off for a while and then i was chasing that HIGH again. i documented, stared at, examined and oogled those new seeds, but soon I found myself online looking at the BAY and the BOO. I was all in the strains and hybrids forum and then into different seed forums !!! Such a rush, the chase is almost as good as the kill

      So as my disease would have it, I obsess over this and over that. This strains pro's, reputation, pics against that one... Decisions, decisions... My disease is tough on me :(

      So after some serious anticipating, debating and calculating, I hit 'Buy Now' on some Server Fund seeds on the bay. THC123 made some F2's of Manitoba Medicine, an indica with a sweet piney taste and smell. A sudden rush of adrenaline rushes through my body as I anticipate smelling, growing and tasting/smoking some Manitoba Medicine.

      So I am addicted, but HIGH after my recent purchase. But like the addicts we are all I can think of is pushing that HIGH up some more. I haven't felt as HIGH as when I pulled the trigger on the AK47. This disease is sick for people like us. We keep chasing and chasing, never satisfied, and slave to the lifestyle.

      Needing more, I surf over to the Boo where I have had my eyes all over the Pakistani Chitral Kush (PCK) since finding some threads on the strain. I login and 'add to cart' the PCK. My heart relaxes and my bpm go down to a reasonable level. i'm getting higher and higher.

      Calmed considerably but wanting to push just a bit more I cruise through the Nirvana Seeds looking for a little extra bump. Oh SHIT !!! Northern Lights is BACK IN STOCK !!!
      'ADD TO CART'.

      HEART RATE ACCELERATING NOW ~!~!~!~ I wasn't expecting that last bump to be that good. I follow through by purchasing the seeds, printing the form and sending in my payment.

      I'm HIGH for the whole next couple days... What a RUSH !!! This disease is strong. It hits you when you aren't expecting it and it makes you lose control. But the HIGHS are so GOOD !!! That's why we keep going back for more.

      After my HIGH subsides, I am still up beat thinking about sprinkling AK47 pollen on PCK or PCK pollen on Blue Moonshine or NL pollen on some MM. Those day dreams carry me for several days and then my attitude and outlook seem to decline some as i check online daily to see if my funds have arrived and when my new seeds are in the post...

      During this time I have become increasingly agitated and irritable. I find myself looking at my wish list more often and prioritize my purchases and grows in my mind. i even stay updated on what the bay and boo are doing all the time. check the last 24 hours on the bay, new seeds at the boo, new threads at ICMAG. i am sick and this disease picks you up to new heights just to drop you and leaving you chasing again.

      Well I have decided on my future relapses, as if I should be announcing them before they happen, but we are here to be honest. Once the money is ready, I will chase that HIGH again, but for now I have expected deliveries...

      Both the bay and boo confirmed i paid, shipping just moments away. a up lift in my disease, but now i have the agony of waiting next week until i can get to the where the handling of the seeds for the first time is a head rush immediately.

      that's all i got today... trying to stay clean, it's hard

      who's next?



        Binned this by mistake but now we're back so... BUMP!

        FreezerBoy's Destroyer Diary-Completed...... FreezerBoy's Thunk Diary-Completed...... Beginners Links


          i been an addict for like 20 years atleast. i keep seeds forever or atleast till germ rates are unacceptable then the birds get em. i never have enough seeds


            Hi im Choc and i am a seed Addict...

            there i said it...

            I know im not as bad as many on here but my problem is i never grow them out as i run with cuts and the seeds are not reliable until tested and my last lot i actually germinated 5 SourD 5 StrawberryD and 5 CDxSD i had to kill due to serious security issues....

            i acquired a $1000 worth of seeds in my last order and have still not popped one


              supermanlives and choc, welcome...

              the first step to help is admitting you have a problem.

              whether we are feeding birds or trying to germinate 20 year old seeds we bought new, we are sick and need help.

              keep coming back fella's...


                oops, double dipping by accident...


                  well here i am, back at the SA Hall, in need of telling a story... a story of my disease that continues to afflict me...

                  while coming down off of my PCK, NL and MM HIGH, I was already thinking about my next RUSH !!!

                  it all started harmlessly enough, perusing ICMAG with the occasional TAB change on my browser to check some thing on the Boo and/or the Bay... however, in my mind, way over in the dark corner, was the flicker of relapse in the planning stages...

                  So while over on the Boo, I check up on my most recent order finding it has been paid, packaged and dispatched I feel the adrenaline rush of another step in the process that gets me HIGH...

                  While experiencing the 'dispatched' HIGH I begin thinking about DJ Shorts Blueberry, a strain I have always wanted. I've wanted it for over 10 years, way back to when I first grew. It's been on my list for sometime !!! So I clicked into the DJS selections.

                  Much to dismay I find Blueberry 'OUT OF STOCK'. My heart sinks, my HIGH subsides, my stomach wrenches and my mind races !!! okay, okay, get a grip, True Blueberry is in stock...

                  Ok, tabbed into ICMAG again, still shaky, but determined to read up (again) on True Blueberry. I find plenty of info on True vs Original, mostly that True is more Sativa. I feel like I should just get the TB but some desire is churning inside me that's outta control !!!!

                  So as I am about to click 'Add to Cart' I suddenly think of the Bay... Sure I tell myself, why didn't I think of this sooner.... Quickly I change TABS again, to the BAY !!! Browse, DJS, YES !!!!! DJS Blueberry is AVAILABLE !!!! I'm suddenly higher than a kite !!! The chase was challenging and almost threw me off, but I prevailed and hit the 'Buy Now' button. HELLS YEAH !!!

                  I'm gonna have Blueberry genetics

                  As I print out my order form, I consider the price and the denominations of bills required to meet the payment and shipping. Always considering the weight of my envelope and not wanting to exceed 1 oz (probably don't need to worry, but i think of things like that) i decide 2-$100 bills would weigh less than 1-$100, 1-$50 and 1-$10. YES, MY DISEASE HAS BIT ME AGAIN, WHILE HIGH !!!

                  I realize I need a $35 or $40 order to add to my Blueberry Easy to solve, I click to my FAVS and look down the list. i have several decent options, but have decided I want to add some landrace genetics to my collection (for future breeding ). So within seconds really, I am hitting 'Buy Now' on some Delta 9 - Mekong Haze (Cambodian).

                  Whoa, that Mekong Haze didn't get me any higher. Usually a second or third bump will extend the HIGH to a new level. I think I'm building up a tolerance

                  I am extremely excited about the BB and MH I just secured, but don't understand the ceiling I seem to have reached in regards to my disease... I wanna purchase a third pack of seeds to see if it's true, but i resist. <-- I'm high and was able to resist, is this progress?

                  i dunno , I feel ashamed of my relapses and yet at the same time I am stuck in the never ending cycle of seed collection/addiction.

                  Woohoo, some nice strains coming my way !!!

                  my name is GP73 and I'm an addict !!!!

                  coffee anyone?


                    So here I am back in the Seeds Anonymous Meeting Hall to admit to my further lapses in sanity

                    so, it's about 30 hours or so after i purchase some Blueberry and Mekong Haze that i see the Mosca Seeds Holiday Special thread, uh, oh... my heart starts racing... and yes, i should stay the hell out of certain forums... who can pass up that thread title, i can't...

                    i click to open the thread and my head begins spinning as i am reading the strains to be offered... i getting dizzy in my chair. my mind is telling me you just bought a killer, legendary strain and a landrace sativa !!! but my heart is reading a list of strains that may or may not be there 1 hour after they are posted for sale

                    my heart races and settles as i read the following...

                    Originally posted by mosca negra
                    Greeting Fellow IC Mag Members!

                    The Flys have Arrived! here is what is on tap to be released tomorrow, Friday, October 28, 2pm U.K. Time:

                    OT Purple Urkle
                    Blue Iguana
                    Blue Fin
                    Blue Moon
                    OT Arcata TW
                    OT Bubba Kush
                    Pure OTM
                    Grapefruit Fly
                    C99 Bx
                    Mosca's Sweetooth (Freebie)*

                    *When you buy any two packs of Mosca Seeds, you will receive a 5 Pack of Mosca's Sweet Tooth! There are limited quantities of the Mosca's Sweet Tooth so it is while the Freebies last.

                    This is Fair warning of when the drop will happen Tomorrow.



                    well immediately i notice a very nice head rush as i read OT Purple Urkle. my head spins as i think about crossing it with the PCK i just got. my head almost explodes as i keep thinking about the PU x OT cross !!!

                    i literally have a difficult time reading the rest of the list.

                    finally something kicks in again when i read sweet tooth FREEBIES if i buy two packs... Oh shit, must concentrate... my seed addiction has my head spinning, plus i'm high as fuck anyway... i re-read the sweet tooth offer.

                    ok, back to the list, i re-read everything one by one. my head still has trouble concentrating, but i spot the OT Bubba Kush. i open several search tabs as i search for purple urkle, otm, bubba kush... my head is delighted and my disease is now in full blossom !!! i have reached a point in my high where my thought process has become limited

                    well i research as much as i can find and then re-read the list without being at such at high level... my mind and heart have slowed, i am now concentrating on what my local time will be when these seeds go up, i will have the bay and boo up and running to strike first where i see them... so as i read this time suddenly PURE Old Time Moonshine smacks me in the FACE !!! my heart jumps and races... WTF??? where did that come from? i want that instead of the OT Bubba Kush... Sure the OT BK is probably bad ass and would be welcome in my collection and grow room anytime, but Pure OTM...

                    so i finish the rest of my day and evening debating what to do... i am no longer HIGH. The newness of the offer has worn off and i can think clearly now. i really should pass this time, these strains will be offered again. get them when you haven't just placed an order i keep telling myself.... my disease kicks me as my mind struggles. i tell myself, just 1 strain... then i think, but damn, the sweet tooth... so i am back to two strains and the freebies... NO, DON'T DO IT RIGHT NOW !!!

                    so after a tormented night i get online when i wake up, fully realizing i am now treading in quicksand just before the seeds are to go online, i notice activity in the thread and then boom, right on time, the BAY offers are up... i am scrambling suddenly, still mostly convinced to pass, at least to pass on two strains...

                    so i have to go through many pages to fine the OT PU but i find it and hit 'Buy Now' even though they are bit more pricey than i was hoping for... the disease has NO REGARD FOR MONEY. that is not even a topic for discussion with the disease...

                    Hell YEA !!! i got me a killer cross that i can't wait to grow out and sample

                    while enjoying a nice head buzz from my purchase i start reading the updates in the thread, what people are buying, etc... i also check the boo and see that the seeds are being offered there as well now... and then suddenly, as if i was possessed, my hand moved my mouse back to the seedbay tab, sought out Pure OTM and hit the 'Buy Now' button. i completely blacked out and do not remember this. my disease apparently disabled me mentally momentarily while taking control of my motor skills. during this time of black out the Pure OTM was selected, confirmed and order form printed. when i returned from my blackout my printer was barking for paper, which i fed it, only to realize in a complete moment of drunken, delightful, addicted, stupor'd blackout i had purchased the needed second pack of seeds required for the SWEET TOOTH freebies...

                    i almost giggled and rolled around on the floor... i was high for hours, before i could come down enough to start thinking about paying for them

                    so i have relapsed quickly and further in depth lately...

                    MUST STAY AWAY FROM STRAIN THREADS !!!

                    i'm GP and i'm addicted


                      I've been told I have a problem. Lol I dont see it that way

                      Im not a hoarder im a herder!!
                      "There's right and wrong, and life in between. " family guy.

                      Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up


                        well cody, the first step is admitting you have a problem, so clearly you are okay

                        i have an idea who told you that... do their opinions count? lol !!!

                        a herder, of course


                          but wait, there's more...

                          so i hung out at friends house this weekend. i checked my po box on the way over friday fully expecting to see my PCK, NL, MM and freebies from the boo and bay...

                          my anxiety always builds as i am pulling into the post office parking lot. it's always a rush to see that package from the UK and walking back out to the parking lot is like walking on air, a few inches above the ground

                          well much to my dismay, i have nothing in my box oh well, off to my friends to hang and drink a few brewski's. my thoughts are quick to overcome, i do not think about the seeds the rest of the night.

                          however, the next afternoon i head off to the post office again, to repeat, the steps listed above. my heart sinks again as i have no packages awaiting me i am bummed as i won't be able to get back to my po box for a week. oh well, life goes on, but it's hard for an addict with no fix

                          well as fate would have it, my plans changed slightly and was able to make a monday afternoon pass to the po box again and low and behold, tada....

                          two packages!!! i refrain from getting a SHIT EATING grin on my face grab my mail, lock up my box and float to the parking lot

                          what a rush. i wait til i get to the house for reading my mail. Again, it's wash, rinse, repeat, etc... as i open, coddle, fondle, examine, photograph, count, document and store each strain my high maintains it's steady course.

                          in fact, i have to admit, i am here at the hall still a little HIGH (from my mail) as my relapse has not completely receded....

                          so i've done it again...

                          i'll keep trying to stay on the wagon, thanks for listening

                          EDIT: See how scatter brained I am, still HIGH from my pickup !!! I FORGOT TO MENTION the Lucky Dip freebies I got from the Bou and some NOS SWEET TOOTH #3 - SOL Genetics from the BAY!!! Ah, HELL YEA !!! I couldn't believe my eyes, 10 beauties waiting for life !!! Anyway, I am a lucky addict and could not be happier right now !!!
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                            I share your disease,bro...

                            ..GP73LPC....cunning and strikingly erudite description of the disease and addiction process...The description of the HIGH is so so accurate..I suffer similarly and need a link on long term storage of seeds...Best


                              Originally posted by perismoke View Post
                              ..GP73LPC....cunning and strikingly erudite description of the disease and addiction process...The description of the HIGH is so so accurate..I suffer similarly and need a link on long term storage of seeds...Best
                              ha, ha, thanks perismoke...

                              here's a good link for you


                              the consensus seems to be:

                              Dry and dark place

                              1-3 years refridgerate

                              3-6 years freeze them

                              airtight containers, mason jars, vacuum sealed, etc...

                              Sam the Skunkman does not use Silica Dessicant due to cracked seeds he believed were over dried.... some people use it, others use rice.

                              personally i don't use it or rice...