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RE-ENERGIZE IC with guineapig.....

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    wheek Wheek WHEEK!


      Good Vibes are always with me...
      Thanks GP, what a nice attitude to spread!
      Some day I too will be able to post pictures..soon as I get the camera figured out.


        )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))
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        Wish I never Deleted my Account :pointlaug

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          (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((

          gp is the best :smile::smile::smile:
          RIP Hillie


            I'm always around to be positive and helpful like you guys.


              hey gp,hows it going man,sounds like agood idea to me man.i may not be the nicest,but ill make a hard effort to help as much as i can,that seed auction does sound nice,if everything goes right ill put some up as well this year.hey gp,ive always wondered,do you have part in the wonder pets show.sorry if it was wrong of me to call it out in this forum,as it has nothing to do with it,if it was,give me a p.m.Like others i agree to update my thread as well,finally some growth has occured and i will post some tomorrow.take care everyone,peace....its been a couple days,some1 please post so i dont feel like i ruined gp's thread
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                We need some more love man... I came here knowing the potential of this site and I got kind of the depression bug as well because I'v realized a lot of members are just fighting and bickering and not getting in with the spirit of the site... I'v been trying to do my thing by starting grow threads and going to be getting some exciting guerlla grows going... as well as I'm going to start working on my own strain soon... Lets RE-ENERGIZE!!!!!

                Edit- On a side note I have been thinking more about this today and I came to the conclusion that ICmag is actually a very striving and steadily growing community. There are the bad seeds that don't germinate or cause problems and mutate but we still have a very good germination rate of members that go on to be "mother plants." in a sense. Strive on ICmag....and thinking about the overview of the community is never a bad thing.
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                in neutral mode at the moment...current conditions have stalled my plans.


                  great post GP


                    gp i love your outlook and attitute, you are truely a GreaT person, would love to see more cooperation and spirit of getting along on here, so many great minds you have become like a family. much love, Dime
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                    RIP buckeye-Leaf , you will be missed, but not forgotten! and live on in our memories, cheers brotha


                      I'm not an original IC Mag'er but I'm glad this thread was bumped. The only thing that gets me "heated" is when I see people complain about thier FREEbies from SB. Afterall, they are FREE.

                      Anyway, I support a positive movement!!
                      K+ to u GP!
                      STAY HIGH since forever til forever...
                      I always knew I could make $$ with weed, just never thought it would b thru the stock market!!!
                      FREE THE WEED & GYPSY TOO!!!!!


                        we agree! lets keep it civil . . . and on track


                          Originally posted by 420KushMaster
                          San Fransico Is Americas AmsterDam
                          I thought it was New Orleans...

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                            *lighting up the peace pipe... and passing it around to all IC members*
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                              Although i am amongst the age group im about to talk about, i feel im on the fence and am just included because of my age.

                              Many younger people believe in new technologies and feel like old technques are useless and obsolite. Younger people also harder to give advice, they feel like the store is the only way to get something (Lights, Soil, Nutrients, Cabinets)

                              Many are just plain lazy, there is so much information out there yet being so lazy clogs forums by adding new threads and posting useless posts where knowledge is necessary. Im a huge fan of the stickies on every site, and always direct people towards them, along with answering their question to the best of my ability (if i have a feasable answer) Yet with all the information waiting for them and more, some feel that waiting for people to answer their question the 20th time this year is more sufficient than to read the many many other posts and find questions to 10 of their questions in the time it takes for a reasonable response.

                              I do question how many times the questions can be answered before those with the real knowledge abandon these forums and how many will be left waiting when it happens.

                              And they said ignorance was bliss... Knowldge about growing is bliss!
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                                Originally posted by Rosy Cheeks
                                I thought it was New Orleans...

                                looks more like Venice!