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Hash Bash 2006 - Ann Arbor, MI

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    Hash Bash 2006 - Ann Arbor, MI

    2006 Hash Bash, Ann Arbor, MI

    Anyone else attending? See ya on the quad at noon, dancing in the streets afterwards in the Monroe Street Market & Fair. Chelsea Park for supper on the BBQ! See ya there, or be square!

    Don't forget to check out the Blind Pig for bash special and jazz & blues bands.

    Peace - off to the rally. See ya in chat tonight, rolled a couple Trainwreck, SAGE and Sweet Tooth #3 for the roadtrip, and packed cuts for members. Snooze, you lose - trainwreck cuts will be growing in Ann Arbor this year!

    you rock!!

    rock on brother 1toke ,, you da man!! you da man!!! lol sounds like fun!


      is that today, i was thinkin may1

      edit: damn just looked it up, to bad i'm at work

      ya'll have fun smoke one for me

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        Just got back, afer the rally everyone strolled off campus to the Monroe Street Market & Fair to mill around listening to the bands. A few were lighting up, more were busy looking around for LEO.

        br26 musta got lost (stoner) on his way, missed the rally but met up with us at the fair. After intros and small talk, Mrs.Toke had to head for the car with an earache from the cold wind. So we strolled down the street, I passed out joints, and we all lit up and started coughing, choking and laughing all the way to the corner. We toked and talked back to the fair and I went to the car to check on the missus and lost the others!

        So I lit a joint of sage and enjoyed the ride home as she drove. Every year the crowd seems to thin, I must be gettin old.


          The Detroit Project huh...thats what their calling it these days?


            Glad that you went, 1toke.

            I last went in '95 when I went down to the lower 48 to bury my brother's ashes in N. Indiana.

            Seemed at that time that the old HB was already a thing of the past; felt like one cop:one attendee, and one K-9 Unit to every half-dozen cars.

            Gave me the willies back then, but then I don't do crowded social events much, and rarely ones where Johnny Law has more friends present than I do.

            I spent 12 years, as a kid, roughly 100 miles west by northwest from there.

            Got friends from GR that attend about every year, and, quite seriously, I think I see one of the balding old farts in the front of the crowd in one of your pics. Thanks!! I've still got way more hair than he does!!

            Glad that you had a good time and were successful.


            moose eater
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              Rock ON, A-Squared!

              Thanks for the pix, 1Toke! I've missed every HB since moving to Cali in '71... Oh well, OTOH I've got my reg paid up for the SF NORML con in 3 weeks to console myself!

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                yea i live about few hours from there and never made it but wanted too... but i dont think it would be good if i ever wanted a law (lawyer not cop) or political career...


                  wasn't it the other day? if not im at 42 degrees replacing some equipment.


                    I didn't even know about it. Will try to go next year!


                      Wish I would have known about this before, I would have gone, it's only 60 miles away. Instead I went to mississippi...and had a crappy time there...


                        I wasnt up in time to make it. lol. Maybe next year.

                        the crowds seem to be less and less each year though.


                          Very cool, 1toke.
                          I went to the Hash Bash once. in 1989. And yeah, I can see by your photos that the crowd REALLY isn't what it used to be. When I went, it was double that.
                          Damn shame. Sounds like you had a good time, and made your voice heard. Right on!
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                            damn everyone here figure the biggest stoner bash in the midwest...and we FORGET....hahahahha...fuckin stoners. Im 30 mins away and i still forgot.


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