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    Bigsmoke, you can't trust nobody because people don't respect you.


      Woah! This thread is really hot!

      Not too long ago I Purchased Breeder's Choice "Pure Haze". I was also trying to get Ace's Old Timer's Haze to see how they would compare( but are currently sold out) to start my own preservation line with the Haze's. Based on the plants descriptions, Both Ace and Breeder's Choice sound really appealing and similar. I'll just have to wait until I get my hands on Ace's Haze. Once acquired, I might have to wait on it a tad bit as I have my hands full right now with Rez's stuff, Dj Short's BB and F-13 and other strains, not to mention a bunch of freebies and My first accidental cross. I hope after the smoke clears(or should I say the Haze clears ) we can all get back to preserving the Green/Purple Haze lines. Peace to everyone!
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        Originally posted by C21H30O2
        anyone else rush to seedbay when they saw the title of this thread??
        LOL me too.


          heres a response from OT1, which i'm posting more so to clear Dubi from any bullshit said about him,

          A brief history, In the eighties I sought out breeders who lived in areas where there was real sun there was little interest in long flowering sats, indicas were the word of the day. What I had were haze seeds, I sent out to lots of people in the eighties and then again in the early nineties via contacts I made on the net, the idea was that they grow them, rogue and reselect and bulk them up, then return some for my cold store archive, time was running out on the stocks I held. One of the last I sent to was someone called LadyJ from SoCal. Many promised but no one fulfilled what I asked, I thought thats it they are gone.

          Yes I used to exchange a few PM’s with Cheesy later called Queijo as I do with lots of members, [currently about 500 PM’s a month] he was an interesting young man who was just learning to grow cannabis, I did not know him in fact I never met him in real life, in 04 he gave me a link to a topic at CW asking if I was the Ot1 being mentioned. I looked and there was a member called Gant saying he had a small number of Ot1 seeds that a friend called wolfman had made, apparently LadyJ had passed the seeds I sent asking him to take on the task I asked to be done.

          I contacted Gant, he asked me to prove who I was, I put him in touch with ~RC~ the owner of CW and OG who verified who I was. Gant was going to split the seeds between several breeders to continue the task, the Spanish brothers were one of them, I had talked to Dubi from time to time in the past at OG so I suggested my share go to them, also southern Spain was close to the latitude where the lines were first made.

          I don’t believe that people should own genetics, my normal analogy is if you pay for a bit of land, its yours to use, make a living from, you should care for it maybe improve it, your children may inherit its use but I don’t feel you ever own it. With plants if someone works at breeding a seed line they should get a return for their work.

          Summer 05 both dubi and kaiki contacted me keeping me updated, finally in late august they wanted to send me cuts of the most likely lines, for me to say what I thought I said I was not in a position to receive cuttings. kaiki got back to me saying its ok Queijo was going to receive them for me and that they had sent both cuttings and seeds for me, I left it for a week or so then contacted Queijo asking him if I had got right what kaiki had said, he replied sep the 1st 05 saying yes I have haze cuts for you, I’m going to root them and veg them for you, a week or so later he contacted me saying don’t worry the cuttings and seeds are safe with me, I won’t abuse them or your trust. I thought weird but replied no problem I’m in no hurry.

          Thats the last I heard from Queijo for some while, The day before the second hemp expo early November dubi and kaiki who Queijo had told them he would collect from the airport and that he had hotel rooms booked for them as his guests.

          Literally a couple of hours before they were due to board their flight Queijo contacted them saying he had an emergency to deal with in Holland and it was all off. Both kaiki and dubi contacted both Jools and myself telling us about it, if we had had a little time we would have organised the things Queijo had promised. kaiki decided not to come and lost the cost of his return fair, but dubi had old friends in north London, they had a place for him to stay, so he came. Dubi was a nice young man we did our best to make him welcome, I gave him a lift to his friends as it was not far from me, the way they had been treated, made me ashamed of being English, the most interesting thing was that both kaiki and dubi were shocked that I had never met Queijo and had, had no more contact with him than they had. They were also shocked that I never received the cuttings and seeds they sent for me.

          As soon as the hemp expo was over I contacted Queijo telling him how disgusted I was with him the way he had treated kaiki and dubi. He never replied, I refused to talk to him after that.

          Jan/Feb 06 put Ot1 haze seeds for sale in their online shop.

          Early this year Gant asked Queijo to make restitution and send me what was my due, he sent me copies of the exchanges, I told Gant no threats please, I don’t believe in violence. The stories were interesting, like Ot won’t answer my emails, I did not know where to send them, [even though I had told Queijo and he knew exactly where they should go] Gant was patent and arranged for a third party destination who Queijo knew and who I trusted, it all came to nothing just more fairy stories and broken promises.

          I swore this was something I would never put in the public domain, I drew a line, let it go! But I can’t stand by while dubi is being libelled, he should not be defamed for speaking out. dubi and kaiki are both people that I have found honourable and true to their word! Gypsy and Old Pink you know me in real life, you should not allow this defamation of dubi’s character stand.

          I know nothing of what deals Queijo had with either dubi or kaiki, I can only say how I was treated and saw how you treated dubi and kaiki! Queijo you asked me to get you the chemical to make STS, I got them for you, you know I'm poor with little money, 3 yrars is a long time and I'm still waiting to be paid, so much for your respect for me.

          Yours Ot1.



            i wont waste more than 5 min answering to a person like you. We have only received lies, manipulation and problems from your part.

            What it makes more sad it's that you are trying to make people believe that charlie/kaiki is not working with me and that i havent got Oldtimer's respect to work with his line.

            Charlie is like a father for me and it an important part of ACE Seeds team. He's a calm person and hates this kind fights and confrontations, but you should remember he also has been stolen, manipulated and abused by you. He's more polite dealing with you but his opinion is not better than mine.

            You have never met in person Oldtimer or charlie .... your attitude is so evil and unrespectful. It makes me so sad and distracts me from work and other more iimportant positive things.

            I hope Oldtimer's answer is enough to put some light.
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              I hope Oldtimer's answer is enough to put some light.
              Im sure it will mate!
              Quiejo is a lying, cheating, thieving conman, and everybody should be made aware of this fact!



                i remeber this whole haze thing from cw



                  the truth comes out. I have been following this for quite some time and was trying to figure out how q was gonna get away with this. Maybe finally people will see the light and recognize q for what he is. But then again, there are alot of people out there who could care less about what he has done, as long as they get some beans they think may be good.


                    Hi sirs, with permission of room and site moderators,

                    My deepest respects to Oldtimer and to Dubi above any other question and although Dubi is more passionated than me when talking l can never allow these insults to him or to ACE as I am part of it as well and Dubi has been always honest and sincere to death, maybe too sincere if so about some real facts happened in the past. I have been insulted as well as you know by another different person who spreaded poison among both collectives in last months. I know this fact didnt help us at all in our relations or to know each other better but is not an excuse and is not that hard to change things and work for peace if you want. But even with all these facts Ive waited for more steps from your side to solution things with Dubi. I havent seen any... understand that peace will never come alone if you dont work for it. Not only with me and I cant do much more than what I did. Its your responsible again if you dont work to solution this.

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                      Originally posted by brookie
                      the truth comes out. I have been following this for quite some time and was trying to figure out how q was gonna get away with this. Maybe finally people will see the light and recognize q for what he is. But then again, there are alot of people out there who could care less about what he has done, as long as they get some beans they think may be good.
                      Wise words brookie !

                      At the end, people that read different forums (planeteganja, bridbay, ***** and so on...) added to icmag will make their own opinion on this. And for those that only want to get beans, well, karma is here hopefully. After all, if someone want to pay 100 or 200$ for a strain that may be available for free, what the fuck ?

                      Who the cap fits, let them wear it :wink:

                      You can not ask to have a perfect flower power world when you're dealing with money, having concurrents and all this sort of things...At the end, only quality will make justice

                      Charlie, Dubi, much respect for you, proof is in the pudding and many of your puddings have been eaten and approved. I'm confident in the fact that your qualities will allways overgrow the bad vibes !
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                        So does this mean that Breeders Choice Haze lines comes from Ot1's work that were sent to Queijo and never returned to Ot1?
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                          Hopefully deleting my post once again will help create some degree of civility. lets see
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                            zamilato, firstly i am not a part of ACE, or anyone representing them, i am merely a humble grower with a keane interest of the canna industries politics, and my user id on ***** is 1888bhoy if you want to verify that,
                            i only used this id cos it was an account i created last year for my own reasons,

                            secondly, your word on HHF and breeders choice issues is worthless to those in the know in this business, and that pile of shit you just wrote speaks volumes for your own moral standards in this community, and you say charlie garcia has personally said he is considering stopping involvement with ACE, why dont you scroll up and see exactly how much respect he has for ACE,
                            bit of a no brainer really eh,

                            the simple fact is, you guys have been rumbled for what you are, profiteering rip off merchants with only your own SELF PRESERVATION at the forefront of your concerns,

                            and those that matter will come to the common sensical belief that, that is in fact all you guys are, money before anything else,

                            and how can you sit there spouting that bollocks, knowing that ACE are one of the most respected collective in this industry,

                            words fail me for people like you, and as i said earlier in this thread, karma will sure as hell come back to shit on your face.

                            and to add, £40 is almost equivilant to $100 in todays exchange rates.
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                              this went off topic at post # 8

                              so thanks for hijacking the thread

                              do it somewhere else
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                                i thought nothing outlasted the energizer bunny.........
                                apparently this war of words does.

                                i think by this point everybody can draw their own conclusions about the integrity or lack thereof of hhf/ Q.

                                both stories have been told, and really, all i see through the continuation of this thread is a negative vibe slowly pushing through the community.

                                would it be at all possible to argue through PM's at this point?

                                who the hell is benefiting from the continuation of this thread besides egos on either side of this little war?

                                leave it and lock it so people can see what was written, but end it here.

                                just MHO.....