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Love is.........Terence McKenna

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    'naughty librarian' is ashamed to admit that i have never read any Timothy Leary
    better get on that if i want any street cred around here...

    Do not give astonishment

    'so you take,
    let us assume,
    a 3rd toke,
    long.......and slow.
    you vapourize,
    and you take it in,
    and in,
    and in,
    and there is a sound,
    ah, like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper,
    or the crackling,
    or the crackling,
    and a tone,
    a tone................'

    'it sounds so crazy,
    is it dangerous?
    the answer is,
    only if you fear
    death by
    remember how you laughed
    when this possibility was raised,
    and a moment will come
    that will wipe the smile
    from your face.'

    'we are all on the cutting edge
    and nobody is ahead of anybody else.
    clearly we need to transform our language
    because our culture is created by our language
    and our culture is toxic,
    and on a downhill bummer.'


      Hate em or love em the man was a def the person responsible for the dialect most often used in circles talking of psychedelics. I have an entire library of McKenna and know his journeys to be very similar to my own. I can agree with his notions on most things but others are debatable. My thoughts, ...what's not to love? I'm grateful.
      ~walk more, talk less~



        i dont hate him or love him but i do have respect for the fact that he was not scared to talk about things that for some reason seem to be tabu subjects.
        he didn't seem to care what people thought of his mental adventures and that is pretty rare even today-more than a decade after his death.