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GN originals stash boxes.. a blast from the past...

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    Originally posted by exploziv View Post
    I'm still using mine almost everyday. They were very nicely made.
    definitely! it was not cheap gear but great quality...
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      Actually, for the quality, it wasn't that bad of a price. Any wooden box thats crafted so good and of similar high quality materials is and probably ever was just about same price or more expensive. I mean look at jewlery boxes or humidors..
      Also the lacqueor layers on this are probably thick enaugh so that it could be buffed one or 2 times, bringing it back to near perfect mirror finish. Even if I wasn't too careful with mine, it has no dents, just minor microscratches that you get even from cleaning it with a cloth, anyway. Nothing that can't be buffed out to former glory. But I can only see them in the light, when it reflects on it the right way, and even then it's ok cause it just shows has been used. They were made to last, and ofc price was matching the quality. But not expensive if you know to apreciate nice quality and craftsmanship.
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        I was just searching for humidor's and boxes on Etsy last night because of this thread but nothing came close.

        BRING BACK THE BOXES, I wanna buy one for myself for Christmas, I've been a very good girl and I deserve one. It's only fair.