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    Last edited by StrainHunter; 06-30-2010, 06:43. Reason: ...because it doesn't really matter.

    Something every grower "on the grid" should be aware of:

    Smart Meters - a few common misconceptions cleared up here.


      My 17 yr old son just got arrested for ' cyberstalking' because he emailed an old girlfriend that had told him to go away...her mom called the cops and away he went. In this day and age the laws give victims a way to get those who would harrass someone, either online or otherwise. If you are so passionate about someone elses reactions and whatever, take a deep look at yourself and ask why you get so angry over nonsense that has no real importance in life.

      And recall that you can get hooked up if you go too far.


        When it comes to bashing someone or seeking some kind of sick revenge on another soul that is when the line has been tugged beyond "normalcy". In mho anyone that would use a keyboard and monitor to seek and inflict their revenge is an absolute coward and liar. That means they themselves have to try and get to sleep with that on their minds and in their hearts.


          Absolutely noone should come to a site like this seeking revenge. This isn't the place for that. We are all here on Peaceful Helping missions I would certainly hope.


            Yes He who is without Sin be the First to Cast the Stone.

            Fact is Some People know how to really Piss you off. Now i dont know how you take that but turning the other cheek is Not always easy.

            The Only thing worse then a Coward is a Thief.


              Every time ive -K'd someone it was returned with a multitude viscous personal attacks, the last one today.

              Each time i had a reasonable identifiable objection to the post. I dont know what the -k is there for honestly....
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                I dont care what anyone says cannabis growers are by far the coolest people....Mannerly, helpful, funny...Its all good...Im proud you guys are able to call a spade a spade and learn and go forward...I am new but happy to be onboard...
                mentally disabled and a chronic liar. Everything I say is total fabrication, fantasy and wishful thinking.



                  Recently Cyberbullying has been a topic between friends and I.

                  IMHO the reason is a often sick society on one side and on the other one the rather weak ones who have not learned how to handle a bully/bullying.

                  To me if it's just words and/or written stuff - forget it.

                  If they hit you - defend yourself. (you taught your kids how to, right?)

                  If it's a more graphic form of Cyberbullying (such as digitally edited pictures) - this happens rather seldom within kids/teens. And if it does the ones doing the bullying prey on the victims vulnerability - don't be vulnerable!

                  I know the next thing is gonna piss off some but to me today's cyberbullying mostly is a product of negligence from the parents side.

                  When I was a kid there were not computers but there were other forms of bullying instead.
                  The deal was if someone bullied you you met @ 3pm @ the swing set on the playground.

                  These days mentally and emotionally strong kids know how to deal with any form of bullying - because they were taught how to do so.

                  Unfortunately nowadays many (not all!) parents see it as more important to let their kids get mentally corrupted by video games and TV and disciplining them is considered a form of abuse.

                  Done ranting.


                  Something every grower "on the grid" should be aware of:

                  Smart Meters - a few common misconceptions cleared up here.


                    anyone who has a life doesnt give a shit whats said online ...... no matter who they are or whats said i mean serious why would anyone give a shit really.... i know myself i could careless what ppl on the net say to me ... if they dont like me or i dont like them i use that lil button called ignore i dont waste mods time or admins time i just click ignore and never see another post/pm/or anything else from them again its that simple forums have this messengers have this networking sites have this USE IT on top of that i got a wife 4 kids 2 dogs 5 turtles 20 gerbils a nice roof over my head a car that gets me from point a to point b and i have money in my pockets to support us im set .... why would i let the net bring me down even better why would anyone let the net bring them down99.9% of the ppl on the net u will never meet or know ....get over it


                      cyber bullies LOL bring it. jeese now you can get beat up on the net. superman dont play that.


                        so we are not friends,s not so difficult ells..
                        good weed-hm.

                        smoke it-before your neighbours smokes it.

                        The "key" 2 a life,with succes. is-live a life-there is memorable to live.
                        Bruce lee..agree...and shame on us..But good Spain !! your the best..hmmmm..


                          if your a guy getting bullied on the net . you might wanna reach down and make sure you got a pair still. referr all wanna be bullies to superman.i love wannna be toughguys.


                            There are now ways to deal with Cyberbullies. I've had two recently harass me thru email (from another website). One even made several physical threats (all cause his spam post advertising his new book, got deleted, LOL!) I simply pointed out to them that cyberbullying was now illegal (in the US, Canada and I think UK), and that they could get into a lot of trouble.

                            I never heard from either of them again!

                            Emails are solid proof of bullying as are public posts on forums. Plus an email can be tracked back to the poster much easier than forum posts.

                            So if you EVER get cyberbullied, just remind them that their acts are illegal and they could be prosecuted for bullying, even if you're an adult. This isn't just about kids. It's about making the Internet a more congenial, safe place for everyone.

                            Great thread Gypsy and DG!


                              I don't like either ..mountain dew rules....cyber bullying haha ...cyber annoyance at best....for some reason no one tries to bully me..i feel left out
                              SML..iff mi spellin and centances suk and yoo don't lyke itt too fukkin bad;/?.....I once was asked what I would say upon getting to the gates of heaven??? m/r is a visitors badge an option??? I would like a few drinks at the bar... for real legalization not sum the weed or kiss my wont be getting my tax money..



                                Ronan Hughes was found dead on Friday after the 17-year-old took his own life following reports he had uploaded images of himself to the internet.

                                According to the Northern Irish teen's head teacher, the death was more than just a case of online bullying.

                                Geraldine Donnelly, principal of St Joseph's school in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, said: "This is something different and even more sinister than online or cyber bullying and I think it's important that message gets out to young people and gets out to parents and gets out to teachers," she said.

                                "What we're possibly looking at is some international element, of Ronan having been targeted from abroad purely to extort and blackmail him for money."

                                Investigating officers have admitted blackmailing is "a definite line of inquiry".

                                VIEW GALLERY 

                                At his funeral this morning, Fr Benny Fee slammed those responsible as mourners shed tears over the death of the young man.

                                Fr Fee said: "Ronan did not take his own life but his life was taken from him, and somewhere in the world, maybe far, far away from Clonoe, is a man, a woman or a gang who are guilty of a heinous crime.

                                "People took advantage of his youth and his beauty. They exploited him and they broke him. And if they could do it to him, they could do it to anyone. May God forgive them."

                                It is understood the young man had told his parents about being a victim of cyber-bullying and had made a complaint to police.

                                Superintendent Mike Baird, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said: "Our enquiries into this tragedy are continuing, however, it is understood the schoolboy took his own life after he had been tricked into posting images on a social networking site."

                                Parish priest Fr Fee said the close-knit rural community had been left stunned and blamed "faceless individuals" for intimidating the teenager.

                                Fr Fee said: "It is a total and absolute tragedy but it is a different kind of tragedy because there is an element of cyber-crime involved.

                                "It would frighten any of us how children can be the victim of these faceless individuals.

                                "These people had something that they were using as a lever to frighten the child.

                                "But he had told his parents and they went to the police. It is just so tragic that these faceless people have robbed a family and community of a much loved child."

                                Meanwhile, police have issued a warning for young people to stay safe online.

                                Superintendent Baird said: "Police are continuing to liaise with a number of statutory bodies and community representatives.

                                "Officers have spoken to pupils at a school in the area and offered advice regarding safe internet use and any type of virtual interaction including social media sites, chatrooms and through interactive games.

                                "If anyone has experienced anything of a similar nature or has received any inappropriate images or links, it is important that they contact police or tell a trusted adult.

                                "By doing this you will be helping prevent further such incidents. You will not get into trouble.

                                "We all deserve to be able to use the internet to learn, explore and connect with each other. But all of us need to be aware of the risks involved in doing so, especially on social media."
                                Definitely becoming more of a problem as kids spend an increasing amount of their lives "online".

                                Very sad story.