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Be careful with your personal information

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    Originally posted by desert fox View Post
    With that.....I am a female stripper; dirt blonde in my 20s..that lives in Montana....I love basket weaving as well and scrap books

    I would like for her to talk a little dirty to me... You can lie, it's okay... ;-))

    CO Constitution A18/S14:

    Formerly HB1284: E2?Open&file=1284_enr.pdf


      like the old saying goes, loose lips sink ships.. stay safe..
      See no evil, heard no evil, speak no evil..

      1800 watt grow :


        dwt... dont wanna know. its a rule to live by


          Dwt= Don't Wanna Know lol Wouldn't that be Don't Wanna Know= DWK?


            If I am in a legal state w/ a legal grow should I get a VPN? Never had one just thought I would ask.




              I posted related stuff in a thread in Website Support.
              Never Under-estimate the Psychopathic-ness of a Politician

              who is in Save the Children Mode.


                If you have gmail, facebook, etc you are carrying those cookies in your browser. When you go back to say,, facebook they harvest them. So if you are Greenbudz on icmag and go back to Joe Smith on facebook you are linked.

                Are google, FB and other know to collaborate with the DEA and others ? Yes.

                1 Solution use 2 separate internet browsers one for Joe Smith and one for Greenbudz. or.. better yet, don't use facebook or gmail.

                IP Address
                Your ip address is like a phone number. If someone got the ip address associated with say,, grow pics. They could contact your internet service provided and get the address to your internet connection.

                1 Solution use proxies, VPNs, Beware of the cheapest proxies, the government does not need to turn a profit. If your proxy is owned by the government your internet traffic is owned.

                If big brother wants to track you on the internet they will(they own it). Will they track you down for 5 plants in NJ ? 105 plants in NJ ?

                The other day I was reading a grow thread on here and someone came on asking what kind of cars the OP had ? The OP proceeded to brag about two different cars. The tread had the small island the OP was on and two cars they owned. Yah, think a detective could put that one together ?

                I live in a legal state, Thankfully.. I work in the IT/internet industry so I know information gets harvested.


                  I am most worried about being stolen by others and pretending to be me to do something illegal.